Legend of the Galactic Heroes

8 days left, lads. Are you ready?

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I am frustrated

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No, I'm frustrated.

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If someone missed new screenshots from earlier thread

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I didn't save the rest, but it was just more ugly CGI ships and buildings

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Just wake me up

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Yang looks so generic.

>Legend of the Galactic Semes

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To be fair, it's faithful to his novel description. He is supposed to have a pleasant but plain appearance that makes him strikingly different from dashingly handsome Rainhard

Am I a fujo or yurifag if I find this video strangely erotic?

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Then so is the original faithful as well. Yang looks like a jolly, ordinary fellow, but there is personality in his features, unlike in this new design where he looks like a generic pretty boy with sharp eyes.

Fuck is this?

Takarazuka's LoGH all-female stage play

Why's it all female

Never heard about Takarazuka before? They are huge in Japan.

fuck these kuroko no bastard samefaces with little to no expresion

Cazellnu is the worst. Everybody else is still somewhat recognizable.

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Have fun you pretentious LOGHfags.

He doesn't look as Kuroko-ish in this so I'm slightly more positive.

what the FUCK is up with Cazzelnu? he was the family guy, the bro
now he looks like a degenerate /r9k/ poster

He's also described as looking a bit younger than he actually is.

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Is this going to have +100 episodes as the old one?
Will it be like in one long cour or is it going to be seasonal and wait to not be cancelled from season to season?

I've been interested in LotGH for a while, but never knew where to watch it, and also from what I gather it's a bit scattered into various bits. Where should I start?

Ready for what?

>Ready for what?
Well, this is a good point to start then, it's a remake or something like that

Is this a sequel or a remake?

12 episodes in 2018, 3 movies (worth 4 episodes each) in 2019.

So we assume that it's taking the old 26-episode season 1 and condensing it into 24 episodes.


This is what's essential, everything else is optional. Download quickly, this link might stop working next week.

Remake of books 1 and 2, possibly more later.