Is there?

Is there?

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It’s still nice to know that someone thinks your hot.

Imagine being stuck in a arranged marriage/partnership with fucking Fatoshi

Imagine that fat fuck asking you to say with him forever

Imagine never being given the option of switching partners

She should just tell him to eat less. He’s so beta I bet he would actually do it.

Hanabi was actually speaking about how she imagines sensei would feel about her confession.

Also she did get "raped" so I guess maybe she was right about betas

No one I didn't like was ever attracted in me, so I dont know.

But if it's like the very clingy and friend that you hate, but that always tries to come with you everywhere, joke with you even if you don't want to talk him or can stand his jokes, I can fully understand.

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She's right. I know from personal experience.

How would I know, the only person who has ever showed affection to me is my mom.

Now imagine if that "friend" is also a possessive fat autistic pig. Now you see why she did what she did.

Why don’t you just tell him you hate him you prick

It's awful when people crushing on you act like you are going to be their knight in shining armor. They talk about their shitty depression or whatever to try to get some pity points. It's revolting. They fantasize that I will be the one that swoops in and does all the tough and scary things in life for them. They don't even stop to think about your struggles and that you might be the one that needs help, because all they think about is themselves and a version of you that they made up in their heads. Then, they have the audacity to think that they were betrayed/wronged when you left them in the dirt.

Did I step into the normalfag club?


Same. Just because I am nice to everyone disabled people think I like them or something.

Yea but you don't lie and string them along like a whore would do

I usually kick people out of their wheelchairs so they don't get attached to me

Maybe because you font want to hurt him? Like he is trying his best, is failing but is trying, is dificult to just cut someone like that, also you know that when you do it is going to be a fucking show

Because it's dangerous to be honest to possessive fat autists. Just look at Fatoshi who instantly responded with violence.

Well said. I know exactly that type of person, it hit so close that it could've been me writing your post.

Sup Forums is girl general now.

oh fuck off child

nobody likes fatties

The amount of fat autistic sperglords that got angry at this episode is amazing.

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But user, Sup Forums has always been a girl general

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He would try (although he might wait until January 1st to try, NYR and all) and then give up in less than a month, just like every other fat cunt out here.

user, please put some more effort in your edits

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I'd just feel inadequate and sorry for him.