Kengan Ashua

Put your faith in this fine-bearded fellow.

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He will job hard.

is it really jobbing when you go against the big bad of kengan matches?

When will based Gensai get a volume cover?

If Gensai isn´t the final boss of the tournament I´m gonna get mad

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>got to the semifinals
Jobbing doesn't mean losing, illiterate faggot.

You can start now, Sandrovich won't stray from his path of getting Ohma to the finals.

I not done reading kengan yet.. but when does this cutie appear?

He should be, he's way more dangerous to fight than Fang

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The real jobber was Sen.

She's from the other manga by Sandrovich Yabako set in the same universe. Something about girls lifting, with dumbbells in the title, I think.

How will cowboy muttonchops man react when Gensai wins!

That was a sad sight to see. Especially when he was being hyped up before the fight.

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To be fair, he revealed both his finishers in the previous matches so the fang had prepared for them.

Yeah, I wanted to see a more even fight with him since his first two were such curbstomps. It was more of a showing for Fang, since if he can take care of somebody like that easily, there is nothing he can't own.

It's a bit of a recurring theme.For example Sasuke would have most likely beat Gensai, had Gensai not seen his charge attack in the previous match.

I am curious. What is the release schedule for the raw manga? For whatever strange reason, the Kongs have yet to scanlate the raws of the latest chapter, despite having had an enormous amount of time to do so. Is the manga on break for a week or something?

I need to know when the Kongs put out the raws so that I can get them and translate them before they're swapped out, in case something important is said.

Every Wednesday I think. I'm not sure why they're taking this long to translate but they do that from time to time.

>That second Sekibayashi match

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>I'm not sure why they're taking this long to translate but they do that from time to time
Well, I'm grateful, at least. It gave me time to get the raws. Nothing much interesting was said, but there's something about Gensai seeing something in Agito/Agito's technique right as/after Gensai gets hit here.

"He did not miss 'that moment'."

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That's pretty cool, so we could suppose Gensai odds have improved?
Also, thanks for that translation, user.

i bet that strike missed somehow or fang will grab the stabbing arm and will break it. Remember Fang almost lost to best husbando fighter Gaoran.

this need be scanlated faster, i read this thing in vietnamese.

The second sekibayashi match is awesome.