Would Sup Forums be a better place if he was still around ?


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am i

I'm turned on by this

No, moot was an enormous faggot.

I’m still here Sup Forumsnon.. I never left


We'll never know




>3/4 of the threads are still DBS and Franxx threads

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Don't hurt my feelings

the founder of 9gag, he died 10 years ago

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Sup Forums would be better if we still had only Sup Forums and Sup Forums

>Sup Forums
Sup Forums was never good

>Faggot can't even handle the banter.


Normal fags won

Neither was Sup Forums
Now stop making meta threads and go back to screaming that anyone that disagrees with you is a foreign invader

Noot made google

moot is a fag and he sold the site to normaflags and normalfags won

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No. He sold his soul to get a 3D waifu. He would likely have trouble resisting pressure to not corrupt this place. It is better off in the hands of a cold, unfeeling, Japanese man.

We bailed moot out and he sold us out.

the faggot was a faggot until the end he betrayed us all sold us off to a chink dataminer and then went to work for google along with his fat tumblr friends who probably hate him for creating Sup Forums

>the faggot was a faggot until the end
But he was OUR faggot
>he betrayed us all sold us off to a chink dataminer and then went to work for google along with his fat tumblr friends who probably hate him for creating Sup Forums
But i can't even argue against this, he chickened out and tried to distance himself from the reputation of Sup Forums to win favor with the normalfag crowd.
Too bad for him but i don't think that stink will ever be gone completely.

What did you expect him to do? Stay a neet forever? Guys working for google now, probably one of the best places he could ever land.
I say congratulations to him.

jesus christ that was the worst

never sing again Sup Forums

>implying thats a bad thing
You may not have noticed but all the new Anime are now tailored to pander to our elitist taste


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The fucker enabled all kinds of cancer ranging from touhou highjackers to shonen spic kids. In strict quality, modern Sup Forums is head and shoulders better than pre-2014 Sup Forums.

>enabled spics
>is better now

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>I’m still here Sup Forumsnon.. I never left

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If you would have done something to the Super fags I would say yes.

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The sidebitch of WTsnacks.

Sup Forums here, you've obviously never worked for google before.

If only Moot was still here

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Doesn't he work for Zuckerberg now? Mining data from normies must be more profitable than the weeb neet demographics.

>one of the best places he could ever land

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You, yourself, make this place better or worse (metathreads are always bad, go to /qa/ for that)
Don't let other people do the things you have to do.

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>go to /qa/
>go where literally nobody else on the board goes
>complain in the place where mods can ignore what you're saying

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why some faggots still love this faggot? this cunt never answered any Sup Forums's related questions in his last shitty q&a

It's the meta board. Meta threads are often moved there too.
If you want to talk about "Sup Forums" instead of "anime and manga" /qa/ is the perfect board.

>Hiro was the good guy after all

Because they don't want to touch Sup Forums. It's in a relatively good place for a board so large.

>founder of reddit
>works for google
nah he did alright given his history

except that hiroshimoot permitted one thread per board you filthy tripfag, ignorant mods pushing them to /qa/ is a problem on its own that needs to be tackled

The only real problem we have is all the shounen generals. Rangeban mexico when?

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Nice meme.
Go ahead and get yourself banned if you think that. Why do you need meta anyway, anime and manga should be enough.

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Go suck their dicks somewhere else, tripnigger.

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At least lolis weren't bannable back then.

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We need him now as much as ever.

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2chan blocks all non-japanese IP. I don't see why we can't ban all non-Americans

Then there would be no normal discussions here anymore.

>implying anything is discussed normally here now
>implying 'normal' is good
>not even defining normal

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The reason moot left was because he recognized that he outgrew the site. He left before he could do any damage to it.

He allowed Naruto on Sup Forums which was banned on sight before which opened the floodgates to even more underage retards. Fuck jewt.

No, he was the one who destroyed Sup Forums in the first place. He sold it after realizing it was too far gone, and his bank balance was too small.

I'm surprised this thread is still up. Mods must be asleep.

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Having the flu is "better" than having the plague. Something can still be bad but get worse over time.

Nah the damage was probably already done.


Does anyone even like the gook? Has he done anything good?