What's Sup Forums's opinion on ryona?

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Makes me hard.

gives me a sadboner

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Ryona is shit, real men prefer snuff or guro.

Depends on the girl, I liked when Liliruca has her shit kicked in on Danmachi, even if she was my favorite.

Or that loli Sakura screaming when getting cut on Crime Edge.


didnt know I was into it until i saw the DeadTube raws for ch 40


sword gai

It needs better lighting.

It's wrong. Well, the only time I like seeing it is battle damage on a girl who's a tough fighter.

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good shit

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erza was made for ryona

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>that's what psychopaths actually believe

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Real men don't hit women


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He carries you through pretty much every game he appears in.
Oh wait.

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I wish it'd stop popping up when I just want to find fighting game videos

she sure is

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Makes me feel all tingly and wet down there and my hips start moving on their own.

Ryona is great when it's between two girls of similar stature and bodytype.


Blade of the Immortal.
Fuck that character.