Mitsuboshi Colors

Later, Colors!

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Fuck the colors.

I did.

I'll rather Nono

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I wish

Friendly reminder that the show is over and this is nothing but a fake thread at this point. Season 2 when?

Thank you for everything lolicon staff.

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I sure hope you guys are buying the blu-rays

I want to gently caress Yui's thighs.

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I definitely am.


Stay banned, you.


This is an impressive collection

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We're going to need an /fa/ collage of all their outfits.

>Colors ends
>Bocchi begins

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>Bocchi begins
It's gonna take a while ain't it?

BDs when?


That's Saito.

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>**1,275位/**1,668位 (***,520 pt) [*,**5予約] 2018/03/28 三ツ星カラーズ Vol.1(イベントチケット優先販売申券) [Blu-ray]
Please buy one.

Guess what? It's over! :D



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But I'm not banned??? Hmm...

>a loli will never steal your bicycle

Think about it, virgin: if I were really banned I wouldn't be able to post right?

So season 2 is confirmed?

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Lost all hope pls

Yes. Obviously.

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Did they assault an innocent depressed salaryman?

Colors are eternal.

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Maybe if you buy the manga/Blu-Ray.

Of course.

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Stop typing like a retard.

I'll fuck sat chan's mom'ass so hard.

No, it will never happen and you should feel sad!

I'm not going to change cause some pig says so.

Apparently anal sex only makes constipation worse though.

That's kinda cute with the old style.

Colors Blue is very cute

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I want to eat Tenshi's peach so bad.

That's not what Starless told me.

Stop feeding the troll.

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I would if I could

What are you, the boss of these thread?


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Well, I'm the goddness, loser.

I legit thought the evaluation meeting would end up being Yui announcing S2, given how she said there wouldn't be one this week.

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this series was disappointing, dropped after episode 5, might pick back up but it's really just a po' man's ichigo mashimaro

What was the joke here?

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Your life is disappointing.

Fuck off and kill yourself, disgusting feels-cancer.

It's really that bad? I was thinking about continuing to watch it from the second episode.


You need to read the manga to better understand the joke

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Do the Colors even actually like each other? It's obvious Kotoha hates everyone. Yui seems to have worked the Colors because wants to be the leader of something and has no friends but hates it when the others don't agree with her. Sacchan is only in it for the ride and because the others actually willing to put up with her.

What happened to the fucking budget for this show?

Is this the 4th Colors member?

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Question: do you have any friends?

God what a fantastic finale. AOTS without a doubt.

Lol nah

It all went here

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I still don't get it.

Yui is ugly

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Scatchan and her constipated mom are normal and not cute at all.


5th since colonel is the 4th.

They're flattering each other to an extremely excessive degree. It's even more obnoxious considering they are mother/daughter. It's not that hard to understand.

Can't believe all the perfect chapters got into the last episode.

I want to cuddle with Kotoha.

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Red is jealous of yellows good looks.

She's a cartoon and a child, not your wife

Mom issues. Maybe? I don't know.

If that's it then I got it. I thought there was something more to it.

I wish that was me.

You dense motherfucker.

Don't overthink everything so much

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That was a great way to end it.
I'm going to miss the little shits.

This scene had so many shots you could post and say "this looks like the start of a doujin"

i need to make nono into a mommy

I can't believe they died.

Nigga be like

>the fuck these bitches sayin

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>they took the unemployed guy's last 500 yen

are the colors... dare I say it... evil?

Their bad deeds had to catch up to them at some point.

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Was this really necessary?

But that's not possible for you.

Evil is good and fun

I would gladly pay my last 500 yen for this to happen to me.

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Red always disagrees with Yellow being cute and Yellow and her mom play acting like that made her feel dead inside

Is chapter 30 translated?
i don't see it on the Goddess.

Sacchan's laugh was really good this episode.

Sacchan's butt was really good this episode.

>you will never see sacchan's butt again

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Is that the halloween chapter because if it is I think an user translated it in one of these threads a few weeks back.


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