Now that the dust has settled, who is your girl of the season?

Now that the dust has settled, who is your girl of the season?

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Violet's arms.

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This delicate beauty.

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You posted her

You know what they say about girls with big eyebrows.



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loli Violet that needs to be nurtured and protected> all

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>tfw ywn be Gilberto shousa


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But if you are gilbert, you'd have to fear for your life 24/7 from Violet's attacks.

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Too hard to pick from the Blanket Society.

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Either Saberface or Nero.


She's the weakest and most shallow of her own show.

>thinly veiled VEG thread

Is it really a contest?

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Do fusions count?

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That's cheating.

>Ugly as shit
>Generic and shallow personality

I wish you were joking but there are people that actually like this lazy waifubait

>aoi chan

>Ugly as shit
>Generic and shallow personality
Hopefully they will give her some actual characterization in the next episodes, otherwise I can agree with that.

Where do you think you are right now? Also, Fuck that violet trash

>literal slut
>NTR enabler
Absolutely disgusting.

Futoshi, get off Sup Forums and workout fatty

Huh? Did you think I was referring to someone other than 02? 02 is literally the most faithful girl on the show and she's done nothing to encourage NTR among the other couples.

Fatoshi pls


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OMG it's yuru camp x franxx


>Ugly as shit
>Generic and shallow personality
For a minute I thought you were describing Violet. Close call.

Did this have a beach episode?

Violet isn't overdesigned, she's a copied design. Get it right.

Fucking saving that


Maybe she's both?

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It was called D-day


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Mina is CUTE

Ann is very cute

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What, for real?
oh. Almost picked up

Sayaka ´perflat sayaka

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Good taste senpaitachi

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>major choccy its down i repeat choccy its down.

smile protected

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What about Kokoro-chan?

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>had previous partners
>wouldn't give a shit if he died
>rode with some other faggot because he asked anyway
Grade A slut.


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cheeky cunt

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I want to punch the bun out of her!

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Pic Related

Sincerely, Worried Strawberry

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Fan artists aren't even trying anymore, look at how low-res that violet is.