Slow Start

Is Eiko actually 20?

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If she was, Enami would have fucked her already.

She's actually married to Enami already. They just like to roleplay teacher and student very in-depth.


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I want to receive naizuri from Tama.

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I want to do lewd things to tama butt and finish on her chest

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I'm interested to see how their relationship develops.

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Eiko really is going for that harem end.

That's not how you get girls pregnant

No, Sachi's just trying to rape her.

more screenshots please

Is this normal behavior for a 17 year old girl?

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Well yeah, sure. But it's not like she doesn't realize what's happening.

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No, but Hana isn't normal.

W-whats wrong with her?

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Wow, at this point, sensei is clearly baiting Eiko right?

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It checks out. all the other girls look up to the 20 year old as their onee-sama but likewise she looks up to a christmas cake sensei as her onee-sama. this is the chain of yuri onee-samas.

Blood for the yuri goddess.

This monster needs to be stopped.

That navel was made for my mouth.

She's a bundle of cuteness.

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A bundle of shit.

There's no need to be so rude. She just needs some corrective anal fisting.

Did they have to push Eiko x Teacher so much.

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Since they wanted to adapt the actual story, yes.

Its part of the actual story

they're just adapting the manga to the fullest Ledouch

They didn't push it enough.

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They didn't even adapt the best bits you waste of oxygen.

I'd call the apartment chapter one of the best bits.

Yes, why didn't you like it?

Age gape yuri is best best kind of yuri.

Huh, didn't notice that Sensei is using Eiko's first name here. Guess this really is Eiko's wet dream after all.

I think by the end Kamu might have become my favorite character. Everything she says is funny

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>Slow Start is over
This is not genki

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Is there enough material for a potential season 2?

Maybe two or three episodes, four at most.

OVA when?

Tama-chan is literally a miracle.

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I want Shion-chan to smother me with her canons.

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Me on the right


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