Are we really fine that she got away scot free? like no punishment on her whatsoever...

are we really fine that she got away scot free? like no punishment on her whatsoever? is this just another example of women can do no wrong?

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My wife did nothing wrong.

This is how reality works, get used to it.

2D girls are a miracle of the universe and thus are perfect and can do no wrong

But this 2D girl is better

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Stop pretending women are your equals, they are a tier below dogs and those feelings will go away.
They are scummy and opportunistic.

Will fatties ever stop crying?

And they have to be because they stop being attractive at 25, nature is harsh on women.

She's gonna die

Her being together with Futoshi was punishment enough, user.

She's gonna get stoned by the dinosaurs.



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that a fucking deathflag for one of them.

Oh, sisisisi.

She'll be gangbanged and enjoy it

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I've scientifically calculated 22 is the best age for 3D women. However, expiry dates vary with many lasting into their 40's or even early 50's.

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tfw it was fatoshi who saved both of them, they would have been squashed by the dino

Obviously, Kokoro will have actual real sex with him, become pregnant, Mitsuru dies, Futoshi will take care of Kokoro and their child.

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[screams internally]

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There's still 13 episodes left, calm down. She either redeems herself or dies together with the milkboy due to him breaking down mid-combat as usual.

They both die.

>fat guy creeps on miku
>asks her to be his partner forever
>she freaks out and tells him to get lost
>he cries like a baby but gets over her eventually
>doesn't lead him on like a bitch
Miku is best girl.

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I hope she gets some kind of punishment. She was a bitch she didn't explained anything to no one. She ignored orders and almost thrown her and Mitsuru lifes away.

Yeah, someone in the last thread talked about how Mitsuru had an emotional moment while fatso cried all the time, and yet Mitsuru had his breakdown in the worst possible moment while fatso persevered despite crying like a bitch.

Kokoro wanted to become a mother.
She may be selfish but she wanted to pick the man who would put a child in her belly and she wants it to be Mitsuru.
It's just nature and Motherly instinct. Getting upset over it and wishing revenge on her is redundant.

Best Girl

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Literally discount Asuka

yea but the way she did it was stupid. I have no qualms about that, but the execution was poor.

I'll gladly await whatever shit happens to her. Her leaving fatty isn't even anything I'm mad about, it's about her shitty promise and breaking said promise the same fucking day. Jesus Christ.

I want /r9k/ to leave or at least contain themselves in one thread

And what is it that she deserves? Because maybe the people who scream death shouldn't be moralizing anyone.

>Fuck off you fucking creep
>Have you ever looked you in a mirror?
>Disgusting pig
>Just some minutes more and I will be with Mitsuru-kun
>I wonder if he is thinking about me right now
>How does he look with his hair down I wonder.

user, stop self inserting as Futoshi and creating imaginary scenarios in your head.

Since the promise was shitty, she should break it up as soon as possible. By breaking it up in the very same day, she actually lessened the damage to an absolute minimum.

she never had to agreed to it in the first place. also at least fatty isn't a shitty pilot.

Going on retard Stampede threating her and Mitsuru life was Motherly instinct ?

You just like used goods because you are a pussy, shame on this raised by single mothers generation

Or just don't make the promise in the first place. But no, she chose to be a cunt instead. Good job.

Remember when we talked about 02?Good times.

Who let the MGTOW lose?

I bet you'd all leave a fat chick any chance you get, please stop being hypocrites.

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I'm honestly just watching this show now to hope to see shit hit the fan and hopefully half the cast or more die. Nearly none of them have any redeeming qualities what so ever.

And both of them didn't even care.

No it wasn't.
She completely accepts that she hurt Futoshi and is aware of what actions she is taking. She doesn't care if people hate her for it because she's sick of wearing the "nice girl" mask.
She made the promise to Futoshi because she believed that the partnerships had to remain the same. She switched because she cares about Mitsuru. He was going to be pruned if she didn't step in.

Mitsuru actually threatened her life first by flying her into the Klaxosaur. He wasn't going to connect as we suicidal at that point so she took the necessary, albeit extreme, measure.

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According to EVA.


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I feel so bad for her, Mitsuru won't beable to fuck her without him thinking of Hiro

Kokoro is more interesting than 02 and has much more depth than her after this episode.

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Why? she did nothing wrong.

>Going on retard Stampede threating her and Mitsuru life was Motherly instinct ?
I think we need to talk about this. What should she have done? Because 1)who ever said Mitsuru would die? 2)It is more likely they would die if she did nothing. 3)she believed Mitsuru would fight with her but was ready to fight alone. It's more probable it would save him and isn't even a fact she couldn't survive.


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this but unironically

she is no way indebted to fatty and the only "mistake" was promising him something to satiate him

Every other character except for Hiro is more interesting than her so this is what naturally happens once they finally start getting focus.

She didn't explained anything. Mitsuru said she fucked up because now Fatso hates him and if this was out of pity. She said no and alarm interrupted any further explaination. So he had no idea what she was thinking or she could still be lying as she easly lied to Fatso right before shitting on him. In addition to her "betreyal" Mitsuru said himself he trusts no one.

Mitsuru for the genes, Futoshi for the raising. It´s not that difficult.

you shouldn't be making promises you can't keep, if you were doing that then you'd be a jew.

I'm just glad people finally stopped bullying Ichigo

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Remember when Zero 2 wasn’t a background character? Good times.

Jesus christ, cant wait for the next episode to see some 02xHiro shit so we can move on from this NTR cuck shit.
No, I don't sympathize Fatoshi, but neither Kokoro or that fucking Milkygay. I'm just tired already of these threads
At least waifu wars involve parts that love something, these threads are just a race on who hates the fat shitter, the whore or the faggot the most.

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Yeah it a little annoying. I hope they will move on with this retarded drama and show us something more of her.

She didn't know better, made a stupid promise that she shouldn't uphold, and then ended it as quickly as possible.
That was the right thing to do.

>so we can move on from this NTR cuck shit
>watching Franxx
Pick one

>so we can move on from this NTR cuck shit
>he doesn't know

>Cucks Hiro
>Cuck futoshi
Someone needs to cuck milk to show him how it feels


mommy pistil best pistil

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Your waifu is shit, sorry.

Having little zero two now will make you appreciate the episodes where she is the main character even more


Episode 3 with 02 and Mitsuru together made the show even more awesome.
It started the NTR meme.

>wanting weak constitution genes
Honestly all the pilots would be shit tier fathers for her child. Her best bet is that buzz cut guy in mission control.

Her punishment is trying to make babies with Mitsuru only to realize APE sterilized them.

>it's okay, she didn't know she was a lying cunt!

>She completely accepts that she hurt Futoshi and is aware of what actions she is taking.
Did she ever address or speak to Futoshi directly after the "split"?
The only thing I remember specifically is her saying "Thanks" after he steps in to save her during the battle. Even when Futoshi punched Mitsuru, she just stood behind and observed while holding him.
I'm assuming their "reconciliation" to at least friendly terms will happen offscreen and by next week.
Or since she knows that Futoshi doesn't even blame her, will she even broach the subject?

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It's true

Maybe someone will. Maybe this girl is going to bounce from guy to guy until she gets killed somehow. No real long term commitment or loyalty. Like an anti-jian.

Maybe if her girl wasn't so obssesed with him. She would rather kill herself than not being with him.

Who let crossboarders and reddit into Sup Forums? Oh right, it was Hiro.

No wonder everyone hates 02fags

And you can keep my lesbian partner. We all win!

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But that's not good bait material.

Doesn't help that Kartrashian changed her hair to be like 02's

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>Did she ever address or speak to Futoshi directly after the "split"?
no, not really
the only time she really acknowledged him across the show, as far as I can remember, was when she fed him honey. After that, he kinda creeped her out. A lot.

Wow, what a brilliant storytelling technique! Bravo Trigger.

Reminder that Kokoro literally asked for a sewing kit on Papamas just so she could sew a doll and pretend to be a mommy.
Truly the best girl

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Honestly saying Mitsuru has shit health he had to take some dangerous drug to be able to pilot. I am not sure if his genes are that good.

Had she known about the pilot swapping, she wouldn't have made the promise in the first place, and then just be immediately with Mitsuru.
You know it to be true.
>wait a minute
>I'm allowed to divorce?
Based Brits inventing a church so that people can divorce each another. It's one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind.

Thank you, England.

Does this mean that Ikuno is a cat-mom?

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God I love her


Reminder to write SLUT in every Kokoro picture.

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All the parasite kids have yellow bloodcells in them. They're all genetic freaks nows.

Reminder that the only people who are upset with Kokoro are beta fatties who self insert futoshi

>there are 10 Franxx threads and every one of them has fatty or Kokoro in the OP
>fatties are THIS mad
This is hilarious