Scanlation thread

What are you working on, Sup Forums?

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Mangamura is going premium

Is no one doing Melancholia? I expected Elemhunter or someone to be on it already.

Fucking A.

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What's the best way to clean morie off color pages?
Pic related is my best attempt, but it's more blurry than I would like.

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Shitty raws will continue being free though

Oh, so they lock the better raws behind a paywall?

share your way of doing it first senpai

I've been thinking of picking up Ishiguro's new work, but I wonder if I should wait for the tankoubon later into the year or not.

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Scan pages at 1200 dpi
Neat image auto profile the darkest part of the page.
Run Sattva descreen filter.
Unsharpen 40/2.5/0
Downscale from 1200dpi to 300dpi.

Google translate says pro users won't have view limit and will be able to download HQ raws without watermarks as zip files

Of course this is still shitty but we can hope someone buys pro and rip all the shit these cunts are hoarding

>You now get to pay someone else to get you raws instead of just buying the raws directly
I know that it's probably cheaper, but that sucks cock.

Where can I download hq raw Weekly Shonen Jump (1400px)?

Does anyone actually care about older manga or does everyone just want new virgin-tier manga?

Spriggin was never translated. If you want to do something older do that.

Most people would prefer the new shiny things everyone is talking about, but who cares? Granted, I haven't read much stuff from pre-2000 myself.

im working on this, nothing anime related


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Seems pretty dead, post works that get you diamonds.

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I just watched the movie the other day. Has it really not been translated yet? You'd think it would be.

At any rate, I've got plenty in my queue to do at the moment,so I really can't take anything else on.

The first two or three volumes were translated (with heavy changes) by Viz but that's it. I heard that there's a full English translation done by a company in Singapore but if they exist they're impossible to find physically, let alone scans of them.

Anybody working/has worked with Affinity Designer?
I might want to switch from my half-working of Photoshop CS6 (for some reason, the filter gallery doesn't work, probably because of no updates or whatever) and I don't mind paying for it.

Older stuff is harder to find complete raws.

Physically, yeah, but not on the internet for the most part.

A shame.

What series

Any TL around? I need help recognizing the kanji at top left.
I understand all the rest, it's just that one I can't decipher and my shitty vision/crap raws sure don't help either.
The one at this line ラストキスシーンは全乙女が X でしたよね

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I'll give you a hint, that you should really already know if you're TL'ing.
That kanji is symmetrical.

No it isn't you fucking retard.

Anyone interested in helping translate some shonenshit? There's some stuff I'd like to keep working on it but if I have to do both the translation and editing myself I'll just keep finding excuses to put it off.

No matter the method, it amounts to just blurring the image a bit and hoping for the best. Nothing can really be done about moire.

You have the stroke count off, look closer.

I'm working on a different Dowman thing. I don't really want to scan Melancholia until the last volume is out, because who knows how long that'll be. I presume it'll be sometime next year. Still waiting to see how long Babylon will be as well.

Melancholia is going to be two volumes long, the chapter titles are going in alphabetical order and the first volumes gets to M.
I'd translate some of it but I just don't like some chapters as much as others and I don't want to plow through them just to get to the ones I like.

Working on procuring an EBJ ripper, it's not going too well.

I'm aware, that's why I said "sometime next year."

Ooooh I've been waiting for someone to work on that since forever. Maybe when I clear up my plate I'll start looking for a TL.

Yeah, a bunch of really good old series haven't been translated but people would rather chase the flavor of the month... You'll always find people that do actually care, however. Especially if the old series is considered a classic.

usual blur+denoise, even PS's builtin one will do
You can do pure topaz denoise to keep screentones from printing intact but thats in the realm of pure autism by me.

Its not like anyone but you will actually view it at 400x zoom anyway..

Do you think you'll be doing what you're doing 5-10 years from now?

You can see moire without zooming in at all.
And none of photoshop's built in filters can remove all those small little circles effectively.

I absolutely do not. It also makes complete sense with what's in the rest of the bubble. What's your oh so great interpretation, smartass?

Translating for fun? I've been doing it for 20 years and probably won't stop as long as there are works that strike my fancy that don't get localized.

You absolutely do. But, the fact you become so needlessly belligerent at literally the drop of a hat shows you're not a person who can be reasoned with or will actually listen to anyone but himself. So, enjoy having the last word, your fragile ego clearly needs it.

Topaz Clean perhaps.

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I'm willing to listen, but you haven't given me anything to listen to. What do you think it is?

Anyone have translations and raws they can’t find a cleaner/TSer for? I’ll do it.

Searching by radicals I ended up with what this user said, and it makes sense in this case if you interpret it as in奮 #kanji.
Which one are you talking about?

This is the rough TL I have for now
>By the way, did you read last month's Prince Kabedon, Uta-san...?
>That part where they go home sharing an umbrella was the best...!
>The psychological description of how much their distance has decreased was carefully illustrated...!
>And the last kiss scene will encourage all maidens, won't it...?

Am I wrong?

Probably 興奮.

Builtin denoise always works, it just fucks up colors at high strength. The way printing works simple blur should merge colors properly, then denoise/surface blur, you can use use different filters on different areas with masks if you are autistic enough.
I used TD5 but it absolutely destroys some colors, especially reds. If you want to keep quality it may take more time to fix colors than remove moire.

Most effective but most autistic method would be highpass, but its been some since i used it so i forgot all the tricks.
new layer>highpass>set threshold to fit the pattern size (0,4 or something here) > linear lightning mixing method > invert layer colors > gaussian blur at pattern size values (0,2-0,6) > builtin denoise at low strength, low intencity, full details, no sharpness, play with color noise until satisfied, at high strength will always fuck up colors.
This method's thrength is that you can remove whatever pattern you want, its weakness is the same - it will remove only patterns of with 'grain' of the same size. Sometimes it means that you have to select color>mask areas and apply different HP thresholds on areas with different colors.

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Or simple Topaz Clean, yeah. Many dislike it's result, though, and it often leaves artifacts on the edges and stuff.

>it often leaves artifacts on the edges and stuff
This is why you want to make borders surrounding your page before using TC.

Anyone have any idea what's up with raws of this month's Morning Two? I've been able to find up through last month's easy but this month's is nowhere. Not on the sites I usually check and not on Mangamura that I often see mentioned in these threads.

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The moire is still very clearly there on the bottom, and it turned out even more blurry. Especially in the darker areas like the ribbon.

maybe experiment with some of these:

You still here?

Hair drying some doujinshis. After unbinding 20 of them I still don't know how other people do it. I've ripped 4-5 pages and gotten glue everywhere. Tried placing the book on the table but i don't have another hand to hold the book down, tried using one hand to hold the books but I just completely bend the pages. Now I hold the hair drying between my knees and the book one hand with the page I'm ripping in another.

Use an iron or a hotplate.
Using a hair drying is pants on head levels of retarded.

I know those two method but I don't have them. Hairdryer and microwave is all I can afford.

Put it in the oven at 400f for 20 minutes. That's the standard for everything.

Well its a 10s-long work to make a sample in the first place. Here is another with weaker highpass and weak TD5 for color moire fix.

Anyway, it requires a lot of manual tweaking and thats why its an autistic method. But you can fix anything you want if you have time with this. You can make it less blurry, remove specific patterns completely while keeping 'grain' from printing, use TD to remove color moire after blurring patterns. HP layer strength can be adjusted with opacity.

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I see, thanks!

You can't afford 5$-12$ but you can still afford to buy manga and doujin that need to be debinded in the first place?,k:iron&qid=1522022627&sort=price-asc-rank

this could actually be a good thing as long as the sites that rip from there start ripping the HQ raws and not the shitty regular LQ ones they've been ripping

>frogs have the whole Karakuri Circus in their language at
>eops have their translator quit by voting Trump into presidency
God fucking damn it.

Not the first time you were told to learn french, fag.

>learning frog when you can try learning moon
Are you some kind of special kid?

>not learning both runes and frog for uncensored ero manga among other things
Just a native French speaker.

What's the best place to post stuff? I just finished mine, but I know left, and I'm still in the dark.


fakku rips are free and updated every month.

Is Moe Panda scans here?

Editing a chapter of a certain DB manga.