Violet Evergarden

Two episodes left.
Are you ready for endless pain and suffering?

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No. I wanted to see Violet cry for the first 4 episodes, but this is too much. Enough is enough, I just want her tears to stop now.

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Last thread was a wild ride.

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Nevermind, just read the filename. Just realized it was Saber.

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Is that hitori bocchi?

British parliament.

bully this retard!!!!

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Flop of the season?
Flop of the season.

Yes, It got an anime. Check the catalogue

Is that edgelord from the last thread in here I wonder?

Oh, he will be.

I'm gonna bully you instead you cunt.

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It's so cheap how this anime tries to make its audience care for random characters of the week. It's honestly annoying and makes me wonder if someone can unironically empathise with "generic sob story no. x" every week.

So does anime Violet believe shousa to be dead? Will Dietfried drop a bombshell on her? How hard will the bullying be?

Yeah, I saw. Can't wait to bully her.

KyoAnus are some of the most soulless people in the industry, just look at Koe no Katachi and how they missed the point of the manga COMPLETELY and turned it into one of those japanese insect people stories where it's your fault for being bullied to suicide.

Maybe if you watched it you would understand.

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Chink edgelord.
Indo rageposter.
Pedro shitposter.
Hyoukafag turbo elitist.
Pedantic faggot.

Truly the best cabal on Sup Forums.

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Antivegfags seething

To think we only have 2 weeks of them being together left.

I watched every episode and I still didn't like how they managed their emotional messages. I like the visuals though and 1 episode per week is bearable, even it's not a master piece.

Why do people like to draw the two of them together?

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I'm just noticing how badly drawn her left arm is, it doesn't make any sense

It looks way better in motion.
The problem with that frame is that it looks like her arm has a new joint

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It's the rare kyoani QUALITY.

Damn, I wish a got a hug like that from Violet. That nigga doesn't know how good he has it.

What do you think it's like getting a hug from her?

>t. asphyxiationfag

So now that another project has been announced do you think we'll get out Gilbert reveal this season, or in the next project?

Next episode will probably be the reveal.

Asspull screams incoming.

Hopefully just a very very subtle hint that he might be alive and that's it.

Probably like being squeezed by an anaconda. She'd crush your bones using her superhuman strength and slowly put your lights out then devour your from head to toe.

Hot. I want Violet to CQC me.

Oh god that's hot

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Come on guys, he's fucking dead, it's been obvious since the very first episode.

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He's MIA, which is a code-word for "ready to reappear at the most convenient juncture." He'll resurface right when Violet is in the most need of that dick.

Not even Shirase got her mother back, VEG can't be so much less serious than Antarctica as to allow such an asspull.

Wait, you haven't heard?

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Except her situation was completely different.

You just know they're doing it every night.
Just look at how she looks at him, just fucking look at it.

Okay, now I have absolutely no regrets about dropping it.

>babby's first no body found

Can't wait for them vanilla doujins. Shit's gonna be so fucking nice.

How many children can Violet's body handle?

sadly doujins will only be about violet getting fucked by a gang of ugly bastards

Just caught up with episode 11. I thought when people said it would be a slow burn, they were just trying to justify KyoAni making a boring but beautiful anime. The last 3 episodes however have been fantastic though and I think it is mostly because of the slow build up.

LN Gilbert is so handsome, I don't know what the fuck went wrong in the anime.

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Free! designs.

If she can survive getting both her arms blown off, she can probably handle any number of kids. Not to mention her pussy game is probably out of this world thanks to her superhuman strength.

I, for one, am quite enjoying the feels trip. Can't wait for the next episode.

Hodgins, Benedict, and Dietfried looks alright to me but something looks off with Gilbert.

It all falls apart from here.

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So I've heard people saying that Kyoani is going to keep Gilbert dead. Do you believe they have the balls to?

Changes they make to the original for their adaptations usually leads to a better overall experience.

That doesn't answer his question.

Does anyone have a webm of the montage of the girl and her mom from episode 10?

>mfw Gilbert gets that ass and all Leon can hope for is a firm hand-shake

One day though, right?

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I hope so. I feel like the message is weakened if he's brought back.

If they did, I want violet to face her death. But considering the projects they have lined up, I don't think it'll happen.

Why do you think Kyoani has been toning her interactions with other men down from the LN? They are keeping her pure for her husbando's big return.

There's nothing stopping them from killing her off as she successfully prevents WW2 from happening and then making a movie about her origins or about how some characters are living after her death.

Sadly the chances of this happening are next to nil.

I do think that they got the stones for it, but I don't believe they'll actually go through with it. Him being declared missing is just too conspicuous. One could say it was just a set-up for Violet's visit of the ruins of the castle, but I wouldn't agree.

wait, what she do in LN?

Not that guy, but from what I remember she just gets crept on by a dude and then actually obliges Aiden when he gets delirious.

Who Violet? It's implied she kissed the dying soldier on his lips. It's left up to interpretation if she actually did it or if he was hallucinating. Also generally she was a lot closer to Leon and Oscar.