Why are people mad at her again?

Why are people mad at her again?

Do you not understand what an uncomfortable situation looks like? She isn't leading him on, she's clearly looking for an escape and she got one with the suggestion of partner-swapping. If she wanted the Milk so badly, I'd be more upset at her not going for it.

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Why is nobody talking about how fucking stupid mitsuru story is

>waahhh when I was fucking 4 a friend forgot a promise so Im an asshole now

Thats not how humans being work you hack writers

Are you fucking retarded? He went through an operation with very little chance of success yet his friend didn't give a single fuck. People who shit on Mitsuru and Kokoro are fucking retards I swear.

Wow you are actually defending the horrible writing
Kids dont feel that way as kids they betray and the next day they forget
Were you never a kid?

>Looking for an escape

Yes that means she is leading him on. Are you retarded?

>defending futoshi when she's clearly just saying things to appease him
yeah, how dare she not want him in the first place

>His friend didn't give a single fuck

His friend was 4 and going through shit too and he carried it for YEARS after the fact, never-mind the fucking thing that BOYS CAN'T PILOT WITH BOYS.

Love Hina says otherwise.

>children don't hold grudges

This show is pure shit the hamfisted hurr durr dystopian future that makes no sense because humans dont work that way really pissed me off
Mitsuru past story is shit and kokoro is a whore
See you assholes next week

actually, that was never tested

Stay fat

Its funny how you cant see that he was made a fat character on purpose so that people like you wouldnt feel bad

It's funny how you assume I would feel bad for him if he wasn't fat.

There is nothing to test because boys cannot be the robot fundamentally.

The Doctor basically affirms this in the first episode when Hiro and 02 start piloting. The 13th squad is an experiment if being more "human" would produce higher quality pilots. The rest of society is cold and had emotions drilled out of them so the 13th squad is unique in almost every aspect.

That might be the case when you grow up, but they never actually did grow.

Did you forget the whole dystopian society keeping kids in cells and enclosed spaces for their whole lives thing? It'd still be a big deal for him

She triggered fat beta virgins who project NTR. Although to be fair, she did betray the fatso.

wow all these Franxx threads are getting really annoying. Look they both made their mistakes futoshi really cares about Kokoro but is to pushy and Kokoro doesn't feel the same way for him which is sad for him but understandable. Her mistake was that she was to shy to tell him her true feelings and played along with with him. They both aren't demons for making understandable mistakes. All this memein "Kokoro is a slut", "Fatoshi is a fat beta" is honestly just stupid.

Slut sympathizing normalfags pls go.

all she had to do was be honest with lardass instead of literally promising to be his forever and than breaking the promise 5 minutes later

Isn't there a containment board for neckbeards like you?

her selfish shyness caused Fatoshi to be hurt more than he deserved.

Thanks for posting this scene.
If she, here and there said she wanted to try piloting with Mitsuru, it wouldn't be that bad.
Instead she chooses agree with Futoshi while her mind is already made up on switching partners. She understands what horrible person she is being and has to look at the ground with shame.


> I just blame it on bad writing.

I see this as her realizing that while Fatoshi likes her, she is a partner to him and nothing more. Milkman is more of her type and that was a choice she made. It worked out for Milkman.

I just hope that Ikuno's story gets resolved as this latest episode served as both Milkman and Cow's development.

> godiloveanimegirlswithglasses.jpeg

>Futoshi was too selfless
>Kokoro was too selfish
who was in the wrong?

Kokoro got her man and a fat shield. She got her cake and was able to it. Ergo, she was right.

Everyone involved in this is a shit character.
Futoshi for being a pushy crybaby bitch rather than asking questions, punches people with literally no answers.
Kokoro for chasing gay dick and and abruptly deciding to become a slut to make a melodramatic NTR episode.
Mitsuru for being probably gay as fuck for Hiro dick but remaining in the closet while he makes Futoshi feel like he's truly smashing his hole by playing it cool and composed and with his ambiguous line at the end.
And then there's the dyke cunt whose by default the worst character in the show, but who cares because she's a fucking ugly slag like most dykes.

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definately. Futoshi didn't deserve to be treated like this. On the other hand he was kinda selfish too. All his white knighting and genral attitude towards Kokoro seems like he didn't fully consider her feelings all that much. It was mainly about him expressing his love to his beloved person. It's the point of the Anime so far to show romantically inexperienced people interacting and learning by trial and error, how to properly express theri feelings.

She could have just suggested he eat less every so often. He'd probably listen to her.

both of them. It's not like there always is a right and a wrong side when people hurt each other's feelings.

Fuck the fat cuck. Mitsuru deserves better.

I dislike her and Fatso, so I can say objectively she did lead him on and even made a promise. Of course being the desperate and crybaby that he is, he smothered her and put his reality above her own.

Fatoshi is just a pure boy who had no way of knowing that she was feeling oppressed by him, and yet she never once was open to him about it.
But with Mitsuru? She has a heart to heart as soon as they partner up once.

So Mitsuru is an asshole when he wants to switch his partner with 02 but Kokoro somehow isn't and "she was just looking for an escape" all along? Nice double standards white knights.

>he didn't fully consider her feelings all that much
no, he symbolically proposed to her.
he wasn't shouting
>Yeah! We're such a great team! We'll be together forever!
he asked her, and she said yes with a big fake smile.

That quote is more like "we will ride Franxx together" the way the boys are riding Franxx together now.
Fucking homo translator.

that doesn't make any sense. That's what they're doing and what they've been doing.

What doesn't make sense?
Milkfag is buttmad Hiro forgeting about the promise after he risked his life.

but that means what they promised was such a natural thing for Hiro that he fulfills it without the promise.
what's there to be assmad about if you're getting what you wanted

Why were people mad at him again?

Do you not understand what an uncomfortable situation looks like? He wasn't leading her on, he's clearly looking for an escape from the dyke and he got one with the suggestion of partner-swapping. If he wanted the 02 so badly, I'd be more upset at him not going for it.

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Because they're fat losers too

She could have been honest about her feelings, and talked to the guy. Instead she just publicly stabs him in the back out of nowhere. Total cunt move, but quite realistic to how roasties handle things irl.

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Ever wondered why fat fucks are MCs pretty much only in porn? Fat people are looked down upon in Japan since there aren't many. You can't be fat without being prodded every two seconds. Fatoshi wasn't made for self-inserts.

>there aren't many

>Fat people are looked down upon in Japan
Not only in Japan, but everywhere, Tom.

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It's quite obvious that you didn't even watch the episode at all.

I think the system is to a large degree at fault. I'm pretty sure she would have reacted differently if they were free at whatever time to exchange partners. But since at that point she thought they will have to stay forever together till they die or become adults she either accepted it and thought she would try her best at synchronising with him or she actually convinced herself that she does want to be with him seeing no other choice.
She did after he revealed his own secrets and how he was hurt once in a similar situation. That's kind of understandable.

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>From fat fedora tipper
>possibly homosexual soy boy

This was one of those episodes where nobody really wins.

>Why are people mad at her again?
Probably because she is a slut who broke her promise and ran off with the next best milkman at the first opportunity while completely disregarding her partner.

Kokoro is without doubt worst girl. An unfaithful slut that will leave you for the next best guy at the first opportunity.

Are you really being unfaithful if it was a government mandated relationship?

if you act like you love it, yes.


Fatoshi's feelings weren't complex or deep. She was a pretty, nice girl who was nice to him. Falling in love with that with no deeper connection is like loving and promising to protect your mommy.

He'll get over it. This isn't NTR or cuckoldry, this is just someone growing apart from someone else. Stop overreacting.

To expand upon this- Kokoro is very maternal. If Futoshi EVER KO'd in the pilot seat she was going to stampede and die, 100% of the time.

Mitsubishi's growth parallel and opposite to hers (she lets people depend on her too much, he doesn't want to depend on or be depended on by anyone) was the perfect way for both to come back down to earth. It could have been a knocked out Ikuno in the pilot's seat but 100% of the time she was going to stampede and die if it seemed like she could save their life by doing it.

Milkboy being there to go "hey what the fuck", especially coming from someone who'd previously been that cold about it, was the shock she needed to... you know, not stampede and fucking die.

You questionin' Papa?

Dr. Franxx does, and as the mad scientist who invents the FranXXs, he's allowed to do whatever he wants, for the betterment of mankind.


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>people actually taking this shit personally

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This user gets it.


I'm not , since Chlorophytum > Genista
Fatoshi is winning here

Everyone is winning thanks to Kokoro deciding to dump the Futoshi.

I'm mad at Fatoshi for being a beta

>Carried a group of like 20 kids hopes all childhood
>"What, I don't remember your dumb homo promise of piloting together when it's not possible? Sorry"
This show's retarded anyways

Well, i hoped Milkman grudge was something more serious for sure.
Also, im pretty sure they fucked with Hiro memories anyway, so he dindunuffin anyway.

Sperglordhow virgins can't the truth they're shit and no amount of cryinghow about how "unfair" the world is to them will change that. The loser is evil. Stop being a loser or accept being shit unworthy of love or respect.

For the milkman, it was serious. After all, he had like a 85% chance to die. Also, most likely no one knows about any possible mind tampering.

>For the milkman, it was serious. After all, he had like a 85% chance to die.
Fair point.

>But with Mitsuru? She has a heart to heart as soon as they partner up once.
He was broken though and needed her like no one else though. And she also wanted to be relied on by the guy she liked.

>So Mitsuru is an asshole when he wants to switch his partner with 02 but Kokoro somehow isn't and "she was just looking for an escape" all along? Nice double standards white knights.
Mitsuru wanted to hurt Hiro and was on an ego trip. Kokoro just wants to be with the guy she likes and help save him.

So it's like them gay chinese jian birds that the anime talks about and makes symbolism and images all the time.
That's poetric pottery.

I'm kinda worried how this will affect sales. Nips hate NTR (remember Kannagi or the VN's that feature NTR usually spell doom for heir game company). And it happened to the most otaku looking of them all, the fat fuck.

Can't you autists keep it in one fucking thread?
Stop polluting the catalog with this garbage

Tell Japan to stop pumping out garbage.

Its flopping so hard I think it might reach Nichijou levels

Nobody on Sup Forums cares about the sales of this show, user. It already got 24 episodes, and we all watch and pirate it here for free anyway.

They're taking it way better than the episode where Mitsuru rode with 02. No one cares about Futoshi, the nips self insert into Hiro.
Also Elf was a special case, they made the childhood friend route a surprise NTR fest.

Because she's cowardly and passive. She doesn't have the ovaries to tell Futoshi she doesn't feel the same way he does, nor take the initiative to suggest piloting with Mitsuru in the first place. She always takes the easy way out, paying lip service to Futoshi and taking Nana's suggestion. Ichigo piloted with Hiro and Mitsuru with 02, so it's not like there was no precedence for it. Mitsuru is a fucking asshat but he really wasn't at fault here. In the end, it would have been worse if she had kept up the act, but she should have never lied to begin with.

It's just a promise to some fat guy, though. So no real harm was done.

What do you expect from people that watch FranXX

It's textbook 3DPD behavior. Yes, it's realistic, but I don't want that shit in my escapism, fuck you abe.

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user, as long as you're not a fattie, your 2D waifu won't dump you for a better husbando.

I'm not upset at her for wanting to leave Futoshi; I'm upset at her for breaking her promise and not even being bothered by it. That shows weak moral character.

I like Mitsuru knowing he's gay for Hiro. That makes him more relatable and sympathetic.


Yes, kids hold grudges. If you think they don't, you're a fucking retard who doesn't remember what being a kid was like. It's not uncommon for people to still be bitter about things that happened when they were in elementary school.

And yes, the implication is that Mitsuru wanted to ride a Franxx with Hiro. It's not a mistranslation.

There are like 10 fucking threads up you people need to stop it.

>hundreds of people discussing the plot of this weeks episode as if it has any sort of depth

How far gone are you fucks? It was generic as fuck and does not require any analysis

I am sorry to break it to you user.
Most people aren't homosexual, especially growing boys.

>She isn't leading him
What a load of shit, she always lead him since ep 1.

user, it's mostly a back and forth about if fat people should be tenderly told to fuck off or not despite doing m'lady shit.

never trust women

irl breaking promises with a child repeatedly makes them develop trust issues.
considering these children weren't raised in normal circumstances, Mitsuru had a short life expectancy and Hiro was everyones Messiah(the most important person in everyones lives), then one broken promise was all it took for Mitsuru to become what he is.

Bullshit. It would've made sense for to be uncomfortable given how fatty was acting but she really wasn't.
She would've done exactly the same if Fatoshi had done nothing wrong.

Stop projecting. I am so sick of it.

>Women only dump men if they are fat.

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I just watched the episode. DESU Kokoro is such a bland and boring character. I'm more angry that Ikuno was the one who lost hard this episode but everyone was more concerned about how Kokoro felt.

Not surprised here. Japan has a boner for childhood friend promises. And they are always retarded.

Can't blame fatso because not only they are just kids but she was very good at faking enjoying being with Futoshi.
And it also wasn't the first case of partner switching, if she was as uncomfortable like you suggest then she could have asked for a switch earlier without pretending to be into Fatoshi.

She was, indeed, leading him on. And that was vile and the biggest reason why this episode got such a negative reaction out of so many people.