Why was there so much homoerotic subtext between them?

Why was there so much homoerotic subtext between them?

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I don't know what you're talking about.

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why does he wear the kite?

god I love CLAMP

because they are very close friends


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If I pulled on your string, would you fly?

This. I sit on my best friend's cock all the time.

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>26th in Japan
>Site still hasn't updated with the new Lancelot & Guren chapter

Its not fair. This month was a Kallen Side chapter.

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Found this gem in very old files

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whoa suzaku has a nice butt

There wasn't enough

There are two options here OP.

1. They acted like homos because they were homos.

2. You're a repressed faggot and projected your twisted desires onto a perfectly innocuous show about two good friends.

Believe whichever is more comfortable for you.

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>Code Geass
>perfectly innocuous show

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Serious point:
They should really have replaced the last episode with Mao (very stupid episode) with a flash back episode where we could have seen the friendship bewteen Lelouch/Nunnally and Suzaku.
Add some scene where Suzaku's Father say he'll sacrifice every Japanese people to oppose the Britannians if he has too etc.. and the story would have been even better.

If season 3 doesn't have an extremely detailed, vigorous and sweaty sex scene between CC and Lelouche I'm going to file a complaint.

I don't remember this ever happening in the show. Suzaku is just too serious to pull that off

Why's he so skinny

That's from Lost Colors, that game where Lelouch puts you in a coma if you try to Geass Suzaku into joining the Black Knights.

Suzaku did crossdress in a picture drama tho. He was a little too much into it.

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influenced by clamp shit


Placate the fujos.

This. I want a 100%, no ambiguity, relationship in s3. Will never happen ho

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Tell me Sup Forums, is CLAMP the original fujos?

R3 will give us more subtext, mostly because it sells, and because Lelouch and Suzaku are now supposed to be allies and all.

But yeah, they'll never kiss and shit other than in Sound Episodes

>He was a little too much into it.

Sometimes I love this series.

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>Why was there so much homoerotic subtext between them?

Every single manga/anime with a male lead and a male rival/antagonist will have this.

Lame photoshop of Suzaku's head on a girl''s body.

The Code Geass S1 sound episodes and picture dramas have a fair amount of that, I believe, and there's also a prequel light novel which has Suzaku's father scheming and so on.

he's right!

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It was the late 2000s man, it was a different time.

Because they want the fujoshi audience. Still, the text itself is going to push C.C. x Lelouch in S3 judging by what they've produced lately.

I'd destroy that butt. Not even gay

>'I did it for talent show once in the army!'
Suzaku being a slut is apparently canon.

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Gentlemen, stop with this gay propaganda.
Instead admire perfection.
ccreayus can stop drawing, she won't make something better than that.

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If they haven't had children yet I'm gonna drop it.

>not liking both CC's and Suzaku's asses
what are you, gay?

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Damn. So this is what love feels like.

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>so much homoerotic subtext

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That look of disgust on his face makes me laugh every time.

ccreayus is a woman?

But he's looking at (you)

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I'm 99% sure of it.

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My new desktop background.

>He sees your ass

We all know who Lelouch was REALLY going for

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You know Charles tapped that.

He obviously had MFFs at the palace.

Because they were gay, user.

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suzaku is the cutest

It's necessary for the plot

>He was a little too much into it.
wow, I'd never seen these before, this is truly wild.

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Thats it. This is what pushing me over to learn moonrunes and play this game.

I remember seeing a scene in which the MC overhears dialogue coming from a classroom and it sounds like Lelouch is legit fucking Suzaku.

Not gonna lie, I'd like to get some more context for it.

>there are people in this thread who didn't watch all the picture dramas and listen to all the sound dramas

You guys are missing out on some amazing stuff.

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I'm doing it now, stop shaming me!

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If Loyalty's sister is not in R3, I say we riot.

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Utena would have been better if they had gotten more focus

The more important question is: why were you so aware of it?

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Don't worry about it.

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Remember how that one sound drama revealed that Clovis only went to Japan in the first place because he wanted to honor Lelouch?

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Poor mans L and Light

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Lelouch and Suzuka >>>>> Light and L

Please, nobody watched code geass for suzaku, nobody liked that faggot.


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Suzaku did nothing wrong.

nice try.

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I think you mean: poor man's Char and Amuro.

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>nobody liked that faggot.
Only brainlets hated Suzaku, he was actually the best boy all along.

>best boy
>all he does is talk while he fails to back it up time and time again

Every time.

It's amazing how no one really cares about Nunnally.

that's the second poster. There's a pic with another poster with way more points on it.
But I can't find it.

>make a perfect ending
>ruin it for a cash grab sequel like a decade later
Literally why? Sunrise isn't broke. They don't need to do this shit. Why does every piece of media resort to shit like this now?

nvm found it.
Suzaku is not first

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>Lelouch being so awesome he's on page 2

I'm still surprised anyone cares about Clovis

>implying you won't watch it
OK user

What Suzaku did right?

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The foreign dictator who ordered the massacre of thousands of japanese just to cover his shit is more popular than all the japanese soldiers.
Really makes you think

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We waited for him.

It's because he's handsome.

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But he was literally only alive for 1 episode.

All the more poignant, user.

Will Slavezaku user be back for R3?

>not fucking both
pft, what are you a homosexual?

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The best kind of eleven is a dead one.

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why was she so racist?

That's the happiest Suzaku face I've seen in quite some time. Maybe all he needed was Lelouch's dick after all.

If the balls touch, you will be

Suzaku topping Lelouch is better than the other way around, fite me.

Because elevens are inferior.

>fujoshit debate

No thanks.

Also they'd definitely switch.

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To be honest, I ended up liking Rolo more than Nunnally.