Golden Kamuy 152

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Was a nice chapter even if we didnt see any of the lead roles so there isnt so much to discuss.


Is that the guy who was in the fortuneteller chapter?

It doesn't help that Hijikata's crew are the most boring.

Hijikata's old busted and Nagakura's only character trait is going along with whatever he says with no input.


Ushiyama is one of my favorites.

>just read the manga on the last 2 days
>see this today
I feel blessed by some Kamuy.

He's funny but devoid of depth. Normally not a problem, but it sure as hell becomes one when he's stuck with the character equivalents of wallpaper and glue.

Hijikata is great, his crew could be better but the man himself is good. It was better when they cooperated with Sugimoto's.

What did you think of the manga user?

Liked it a lot. I was told there was a bit of homolust around so i was wary but there are few far between scenes I would describe like that and much more badass men being badass. It feels like an old cowboy set in Japan. I also like how there are different factions with the same goal working with and against each other.
One thing I don't like too much is that despite all the blood none of the important characters has died besides Asirpa's father, which seems a bit far fetched to me given the kind of story this is.
I can just hope this to be preparation for a bloodbath at the finale in a three way battle for the gold.

Sugimoto, Ogata, Kiroranke, Tsurumi and Hijikata are marked for death, so that I'm not worried about.

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I have a feeling Ogata is going to die soon. Kiroranke might get off the hook because he has a semi-sympathetic motive though (and he didn't intend to injure Sugimoto if I recall correctly).

Young hijikata is meh I much prefer the sliver fox version.

The Yojimbo homage arc with Hijikata as the MC is one of my favorite arcs in the series. The rest of his arcs are a bit blander though, yeah.

I dunno. He's too involved in everyone's business to die first.

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I hope this arc will be short so we can get back to team traitor.

Fuck, this guy might be my new favourite character.

>It doesn't help that Hijikata's crew are the most boring.

The bedwetter?

I hope this series doesn't go the way of Dorohedoro by splitting up the main characters amongst the dullest ones in the cast for ages. Tsukishima ended up being surprisingly alright but Kiroranke always been the dull one in the group and only horny fujos like Ogata.

Personally I want to see more Asirpa and Shiraishi.

Oh, cool effect, but he is so senile that I doubt he will stay alive for long.

I'm a brainlet, someone explain to me what this digitized effect is supposed to signify?

Maybe Youichiro regaining his lucidity and his memories for a moment.

I guess ?

Prolly signs of dementia.

You shit-talking foxy grandpa ?

Hijikata vs Ogata is the best arc in the series desu. Not boring at all

Yes. I have no time for that suicidal old man.

>It doesn't help that Hijikata's crew are the most boring.
>the character equivalents of wallpaper and glue
You won the shittiest taste of the day award!

Hijikata's cool but I've been waiting for him and Tsurumi to butt heads all series.

Left is what he's seeing, right is reality. He's rewriting what he sees as scenes from the past.

I hope they die brutally at the same time.

Same. They're perfect for each other.

Wrong. It's the fake Ainu arc.

He perceived any danger to him as if they're from his past.

>Hijikata's crew
>old busted
Fucking shit taste, worse than fujos

I want them to hold hands

The moment they met after Hijikata took his sword back was quite epic, it would be nice to see them clash again.

Still wanting the Ezo Republic in 1906/7 is the definition of old busted.

This is a christian board for under 18s, cut that horny shit out.

When I look at Ogata I'm overwhelmed with deep feelings of nurturing affection. This filled me with a burning desire to drape a warm blanket over him and brush his hair out of his face.

I think I'm dying.

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But a blanket on his face and suffocate the bastard.

There's straight-up no way I can see him living
He seems like the kinda guy who will silently welcome his death

Like a sick cat, maybe he just would hide inside a dead tree and die, his body never recovered.

He's gonna say hinna hinna when Asirpa stabs him.

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His senility is causing him to blur past memories with his present. I'm not sure if dementia really works that way though

what's his motive for the gold anyway?

We don't know.

He's stuck in the Bakumatsu and his eyesight ain't great.

What's it like having shit taste?

I never realized that Hijikata had fans.

>not learning to lucid dream so you can see Ogata every night
Get on my level user.

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His motives are complex

You can like characters without being a fan.

You can like characters without them being paragons of righteousness.

You can like characters without them being a deep study of human condition.

He's a cool old guy
It's a good trope

He is cool and based, why woundn’t he have an army of loyal fags?

Leaks today?