How do you feel about realism in anime?

how do you feel about realism in anime?

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man just imagine putting your dick in there

It’s too real for me

uncanny valley

Reality is awful. I watch cartoons to get away from it.

More than we get would be good, but how is this realism when there is no nose?


reality is a fucking disgusting vomit

Side mouths really ruin the experience for me in anime

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scary post

SHAFT finds a way

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>no chin
>no nose
>giant eyes with no pupils
>bubblegum tongue

I take it pic not related?

do people actually clean their teeth? i never did this

Post photo of your teeth. Please.

He can't he doesn't have any.

No cavities.

fuck you

i had two teeth removed couple of years ago and other 2 got patched, that's all

I enjoy realistic sexual features like lips.

>perfect teeth

If all her teeth aren't pointing in completely random direction it's not authentic.

>that vampire tooth

my fetish

>not posting realistic pinkish nails

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Yes, most civilized people do brush their teeth every day.

Not doing that is just disgusting.

good lord, post more realism screenshots

Sure user.

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Toenails are not cute. In fact, realize they are extremely weird appendages coming out of your foot.

everyone has those they're incisors

Footfags get out reeeee

you have to go back

t. vampire

Toenails are cute!

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It depends on its use, just like everything else.


It's not even that. I've been watching Chuunibyou recently and the characters having pinkish nails is strangely alluring.

Need more mouth pics.

evidence needed

Well no I'm definitely a footfag, but I'm saying regardless, the pink nails ARE extremely cute imo.

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Toenails are extremely cute.

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>two teeth removed
i hope youre over 50

30, why?

No shit. 2D toenails are cute though.

Reality includes your desires to escape it, your silly notion of reality and cartoons.

>perfect teeth

you are cancer

That would be extremely painful

shes a big girl

It's a big mouth