Dragon Ball Super

So the only eps I watched of DBS were the last 4 but I almost feel like I was there for the entire thing. It was a good ending, and 17 is based.

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>master Ultra instinct
>forget how to use it afterwards
What does it mean?

same here but it was the last 3 All the Goku Blanco shitposting was too alluring

More Transformations
More Toys
More money for Toei

Fuck off, poser.


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How do we rank Dragon Ball's main sagas main villains/antagonists?

Id it's solely as villains/antagonists in their respective saga of course. I say:

Cell > Freiza > Zamasu > King Piccolo > Jiren > Omega Shenron > Vageta > Baby > Buu > Beerus > Piccolo Jr. > Super 17 > Tien Shinhan > Golden Freiza > Jackie Chun > Hit > Commander Red > Pilaf

I think we can all agree on this...

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Wasn't mastered, only pushed into it's full activation.

desu OP you saved yourself by not watching the rest. Especially the first half.

>mfw everything before the Zamasu Saga

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But I thought they literally said that he mastered it

FUNimation dub when?

>cute thread

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It dosn't matter, UI triggers only when you are pushed to your limit in an extreme way, like you know, fiight or run response, but in this case is fight or fight even more response. After all the threats goku pass trough during the tournament a simple sparring with vegeta will never activate it.

>Android 17 has done more for the omniverse in 48 minutes than Gohan has done in his entire life

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Literally the one (1) and only good thing about Super was getting Brian Drummond back as Vegeta

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>Rabbits do not ovulate on a regular cycle and don't need to go into heat as a result. Mating itself causes the rabbit to produce the eggs for fertilization. The doe will accept the buck at any time every 11 out of 12 days.

>When breeding, always take the doe to the males cage as the doe may get too aggressive with the male otherwise. It isn't unusual for the doe to mount the buck at times. When the doe is accepts the buck she will lift her hind end and the connection will happen, often for an hour at a time.

>The doe will be willing to accept the buck again only 4 hours after ovulation

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So there's already an English dub? All these years, I had been holding out on watching Super until it gets dubbed

>jiren I want to see you again
does he not remember jiren trying to kill all his friends

It's a survival technique, he can't just pull it out of his ass as a transformation and that's a lot better, honestly. We don't want to give the protagonist an 'I win' button.

What was her fucking problem?
>Why did you save all the universes instead of asking for a fucking boat

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It's only up to the Black arc. Gonna be a while yet before they're done.

I really hope Toriyama or Toyotaro find a way to make the concept of El Hermano canon.

I want a Pride Troopers spinoff

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Like Piccolo, Vegeta, Freeza, 17, 18 and Buu?

I'm so glad 17 protected that smile.

Why does this faggot push out "reviews" of the episodes as soon as they're finished airing in japan when you just know he hasn't had time to read the translations or rewatch certain scenes to get a better grasp of what he's talking about.

She just worries about him; he got into this contest wanting one thing, fought hard for that thing, and at the very end threw it all away to do something selfless. It seems like a mundane wish but it can't be underestimated since its what he was fighting for all this time.

Then you have Autism in the most literal sense.

>17 is based

Chad king champion of the Omniverse

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How long until this threads just die?

I miss super

What do we do now? Even the manga threads wont be fun because we know who is winning at the end

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kek, fucking pathetic

Well autism seems fun from my perspective.

1° Frieza >>>> Cell/Buu >>>>> The others GT and Super villains wanna be.

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It didn't win and now it exists solely as a "pull it out of his ass to do a short flashy sequence and ultimately fail" button.

I went back and watched a clip of Bleach when Ichigo used Mugetsu on Aizen. Anyone else feel like last week's episode kinda borrowed elements from Bleach, including when Goku lost MUI, fell and screamed in pain?

It put Goku into a state in which he could beat full power Jiren who is still the strongest mortal as of 131. It will beat anyone weaker than Jiren.

Post el primo

It means that, for some reasons, that Ultra Instinct was easier for Goku to reach and achieve during the tournament of power.

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>20 million to throw the world title for Mr Satan

She is just a greedy whore

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How many hundreds of episodes of Dragon Ball "X" will it take for you to realize there will never be another villain in the future who is weaker than Jiren?


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La hermana de Jiren > El Hermano

I think what I liked best about the ending is that it wasn't some kind of super overpowered form that decided the final result. It wasn't really about power levels in the end, as everybody had already fully exhausted their power. Goku struggled to even go Super Saiyan, Jiren's invincibility had been shattered, Frieza couldn't even stay in Golden form and Android 17 could barely even fight. In the end, it boiled down to the fact that Universe 7 had fought better throughout the tournament and had the numbers necessary to risk a 2 for 1 exchange so that their remaining fighter could take the prize. They also trusted each other enough by the finale to go for such a strategy, and that was one hell of an obstacle to overcome seeing as it required Goku and Frieza to trust each other.

It was a good ending. I was pretty down on the rest of the series, but the final episode was one of the best.

>What do we do now? Even the manga threads wont be fun because we know who is winning at the end

You act like we didn't know who was winning a year ago

>huehue if Bulma doesnt give me 10m zeny i wont participate to save the universe
>lol why didnt you take the boat xD
Is this vapid whore the worst in the whole series?

What villain so far has been stronger than Beerus?

>Toei actually thought this line was fine
Jesus christ, japan.

No, but that's only because Tien sucks so hard

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Happy keru is best keru.

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If I watch any DB related youtuber it's MasakoX. He's a fag but not a fag that takes himself seriously.

>Jiren ripping Freeza's tail
Nice touch, almost didn't notice

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It reminded me of how Goku, Krillin, Gohan, and Yajirobe beat Vegeta.

You say that, but you have to realize that thanks to Super Frieza is now the strongest of the three main Z villains. Jiren may get a comparable power-up if he's popular enough.

Cutegang is back!

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Geekdom is based af

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"Mastered" Ultra Instinct was just a fan-name

There is only:
Ultra Instinct -Omen-
> Incomplete form
> Black hair/silver eyes

Ultra Instinct
> Complete form
> Silver hair/silver eyes

It was never "mastered"

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>sperging out over someone threatening you on the internet
What a fucking manbaby.

>it was a good ending
Go back to plebbit

How on earth do we stop this man?

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How does this shit still air

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>yfw Omen was effectively False Super Saiyan

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because 18 would have wished an entire universe for herself and let others worry about the deleted universes like a fucking cunt.
>duh it was my chance
not evil just selfish.

Become friends with him

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>He's a mutt

She's happiest when she's being molested by her ane-san

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She's your typical American woman user. Could you imagine the amount of marriages that wouldn't have fallen through if people didn't care about how much money their spouse has?

What an interesting wish. It also implies that aside from the 11 universes in the tournament of power; the following universes were also restored into existence:

1. The 6 Universes previously mentioned to have been destroyed by Zeno-sama.
2. The Zamas-Goku black future timeline
3. The Dragonball GT Universes (heh)
3. Any other universes that were destroyed... anywhere, or at anytime.

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But the narrator literally said he mastered ultra instinct.

>2. The Zamas-Goku black future timeline

Don't joke nigga

That’s retarded

i hope ribrianne turns into a hot titty woman and slaps the greedy whore after timeskip.

There is no cuter

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The narator said a lot of shit, like "there are 4 minutes left in the ToP" when there was an hour of footage still

Whis only said he "completed" it

Based Chadroid wishing for another Dragonball series

Can Beerus really be counted as a villain? Besides that, Goku and Jiren are arguably at his power level already.

That's what I mean. The power scaling only goes up, never down. Frieza and the androids got plot boosts to bring them up to SSB levels because the power scaling demanded it. UI Goku didn't win its fight, and it will never win any fight against a hypothetical weaker opponent because no one less than the current power scaling marker (Jiren) will coax it out. Likewise it will never win a fight against a stronger opponent, because it failed to win the fight that DID coax it out (still Jiren).
It's like Vegito - an awesome super amazing power that will neither win nor lose anything; it will only be there for hyped flashy five-minute duels before timing out and something else takes the win.

to her credit, she did selflessly sacrifice herself to save 17.

checked and keked

Dragon ball super doesn’t need that level of analysis you fucking wetback

Toppo is literally the only interesting Pride Trooper though. Jiren was a massive disappointment, Dyspo a jobber and the rest doesn't matter.

yes it is but the alternative is "goku can beat literally anybody now"

>Frieza gets revived
>he's on permanent parole
>Goku shows up for unannounced inspections all the fucking time because he has nobody to fight

Slice of Life just got good


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>Merged Zamasu universe comes back
>Zeno from that multiverse isn't there anymore so he doesn't give a shit
>Zamasu is stuck being a universe without a body
>mortals start growing inside of him

>complains about video getting dislikes
What did they mean by this?

Jiren is stronger faggot

Vegeta > Androids > Frieza > Cell > Buu > Tien > Piccolo > Hit > Black/Zamasu > Beerus > Pilaf > RR Army > Bebi > Omega Shenron > Jackie Chun > Jiren > Super 17

Plague, no.

No, she's top tier loyal waifu who wouldn't trade Krillin and daughter for anything, but she's still likes money a lot.

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Thanks to whichever user I stole this joke from

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That’s what it is now tho

Damn, 18.

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>Can Beerus really be counted as a villain?
The way he was characterized in both the anime and the manga, he was super fucking ominous and ambivalent about mortal life and destroying planets.

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