GuP Das Finale


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What exactly was her plan here?

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To mash some potatoes. Don't forget, she's a loader, she can probably beat your head in with that thing.

Blowing herself up for Allah

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The question is WHERE was she hiding that??

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In her hair.

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The question is where WASN'T she.

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Is this legit?

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Use Ohys and take the subs from the archive that's what I did.

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Subs here

*Pumped Up Kicks starts playing*

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What do you think?

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Am I the only one who feels this first episode was just more of the same?

Have you praised your Duce's name today?

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Up her top with the handle in her skirt

[onion intensifies]

>Yukari carries live grenades around
I'm starting to question her sanity

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While we can endlessly argue about the Franco-German enmity all day, lets just agree to disagree and fucking blame Serbia.

Will there be an episode solely about the other schools versus each other, such as Continuation versus Pravda?

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au pas au pas au pas

1) In 1871 the Germans occupied half of France until all reparations were paid (despite the entire war taking place in France and Germany having no damages to "repair"). The French paid them back in full and ahead of time.

In 1918 the French and Anglos decided to go easy on the Germans and not occupy them. So naturally the Germans didn't pay the reparations they owed. So after continuous refusal to pay, the French used a clause of the treaty and legally occupied a small portion of German territory. But then they took pity on the Germans and left again. The Germans continued to pay almost nothing, and in 1932 France completely cancelled the entire German WW1 debt. Remember that the Germans invaded France in 1914, then proceeded to illegally steal factories and illegally flood mines, illegally causing colossal damage to the French economy.

Finally, the roots of the inflation begin with the fact that the Imperial German government had an extraordinarily difficult time funding the mobilization and continuation of war. The German government was forced to float nine war loans in a four year period and each was more under-subscribed than the last (for context, the British floated three and the French four).

Which school is she gonna lead in the end?

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>thread after thread with anons acting like it's frag
it could still kill though

>Blame Serbia, who accepted most of the Austro-Hungarian demands
>Not Germany, who was actively goading Austria-Hungary into war

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Will cute girls singing marching songs ever get old?

2) In addition to the self-inflicted inflationary pressure from the atrocious management of war funding, Rudolf Havenstein, who was president of the Reichsbank from 1908 to 1923, deliberately conspired with other facets of the German government to sabotage their currency. He had very little interest in curbing inflation and believed, along with many others, that by destroying the economy, the government would be able to force the Allied powers to reconsider the scope of reparations. Given the fact that the Germans were obviously not even going to pretend to make a good faith effort, the French and Belgians occupied the Rhur. The occupation and the death of Havenstein, along with the now protracted suffering of the German people, helped spur the German government to make serious efforts to fix the economy, the currency, and pay reparations. Havenstein's replacement, Hjalmar Schacht, was one of the most competent central bankers of the interwar period and his restoration of the Mark contributed to the completion of the Dawes and Young Plans, which in turn made the reparations process much less burdensome.

In the end, the reason the already high inflation became hyperinflation in 1923 was not simply because the French occupied the Ruhr, but because the German government responded by declaring "passive resistance" where they essentially paid workers and businesses in the Ruhr not to work for the French. In order to do this, they printed vast sums of money (they had already been printing vast sums before, but they kicked it into overdrive). This is what really killed the German economy. Just paying the reparations the French asked for would have cost far less than "passive resistance" did, and thus would not have triggered the same economic collapse.


So this is how the Russians felt when Pravda sung Katyusha.
This is terrible. I love it.

From what the Russian's said though that singing was good

>its a 'to be continued' episode

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>threads turned into Sup Forumsshit at the exact moment the average mutt wakes up
really makes me think

Italians are gonna be #1 just wait

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What did she mean by this?

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Yeah, I'm not even French and I could tell that the pronunciation was way off.

Can anyone even defeat Miho at this point?

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Watch her OVA. She transferred to other HS so she can be their rival.

>history in gup threads is 'Sup Forumsshit'
fuck off retard

>never get taken alive by deliquents

Nonna's was fine, Katyusha's on the other hand was pure ear rape.

Holy fuck, how tough is Miho's head?

>historical discussion is Sup Forumsshit

I honestly can't wait for an episode where KMM finally butchers the panzerlied or erika

>he knows nothing of /ak/ threads

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This is the best gif in the universe.

>No Char 2C CGI
Why even live?

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>you will never be an Anzio student

It hurts.

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That's the best of all, I felt like I was watching the original GuP, liked it way more than the movie.

>Nonna's was fine
Sasuga Sumipe

Is there any hope for the Japs or are they going to get obliterated like last time?

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Where she also had the shovel in the OVA?

what is pepperoni dreaming about

Nishi and Fukuda seem to be doubting the whole totsugeki thing, I think they will develop enough to not do it.

It's not Sup Forums you dumbshit. Everyone knows about frog problems.

I just would like frogs versus frogs.

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>Girls Gone Wild: Drunk Jailbait Sluts edition

I thought it was better

Playing it safe and omitting the lyrics was the best course of action for Panzerlied. Gave us this fantastic scene:

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Pizza with anchovies

I'm expecting Zamasu on the next episode. At least as a cameo on how BC Free started cooperating.

Maho could.

I keep thinking Andou is bopping her head to the music at the beginning.

>Frog IDF

If Ourai had under deck yakuza imagine what is going on under Anzio.

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Violent drunk orgies?

>That one on the far left

Well hello, sex on legs

I was grinning like a retard through the entire thing. It was great. So many years and they still make good content.

That's not really a matter of head strength, but rather spine strength. Miho needs to have unimaginably strong core muscles to lift a person from a bowing posture.

>that little "Mahos Mahos"
Every time.

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Would KMM have resistance movements hidden away? What about commies on Saunders?

Me wearing the pot.

When the hell are they going to play this song?

sleep tight doggo

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Not shooting the archduke would probably just delayed the war by a few years, All the pieces for a world war were already in place. Ironically the Franz Ferdinand was actually sympathetic to the serbs.

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>Maho singing it
>"Erika ist mein treues Sch├Ątzelein"
>Erika making incoherent noises of pure joy

a dildo in war times.

That's probably for the best. Pasta is good but they all seem rather poorly educated.

Saunders probably has some Anzio transfer students down there.
Lead by a girl named Corleone.

Girls Un Idols

>but they all seem rather poorly educated.
A perfect fit for the average user.

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>all seem rather poorly educated
Teaching dumb Anzio kids would've been a nice job.

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Rude. Pastas may seem like a lazy bunch of retards but they can make shit like Ferrari. I'm sure Anzio students do alright.

Working on the ship's underbelly is certainly not for anyone with vertigo.

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I see the Saunders kids doing this, not Anzio

>nobody ever turns up to class
>great food
>poverty-chic lifestyle
>on a big boat
Sounds like a comfy job alright.

>Yukari will be sold to Disney

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Look, I ain't denying the pizzas contributions to the world and arts but it's honestly been a while and their last major historical accomplishment....

Alright, slept too long and missed like the last 2 threads. Were there any corrections people posted?

You've clearly never been to a Mediterranean country.

Would that mean that the Saunders underbelly would be Anzio transfer student mafia?

Not to mention all the wine I can drink(with or without the Anzio kids).

That's not just reserved for the delinquents below deck in Anzio.

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Sub corrections?
I noticed a type. Once written as Ocne. Don't remember time.