Why are old men in anime / manga so hilariously hideous?

Why are old men in anime / manga so hilariously hideous?

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So everyone of us here can self-insert.

They're there to spoil something pure with their dirty subhuman seed

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Because they actually look Japanese especially when you compare them to the girls.
Look at the girl's body structure, blue eyes, pink skin and tell me she doesn't look white.
Compared to her the guy looks like an anti-Japanese propaganda character from WWII.

Oh boy here we go again

So the reader doesn’t feel inferior while he’s whacking it.

All the would-be-decent gangrape/mindbreak/feminisation etc doujins are ruined by this shit. It needs to stop.

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What's he doing?


to me faceless fat old men are the representation of evil, while me, faceful thin middle aged man is a good guy. but faceless fat old men have anything they want, while i don't leave room. they are my enemies.

I want a "male: not-mobu" tag so bad.

>no sauce

If the man was handsome it wouldn't be rape.


Naruhodo, this makes sense now.

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You know it's true.

because they're supposed to be digusting perverts

Why don't we have more ugly women in doujins?

Source is yandex

Why are harem MC's so hilariously stupid and weak?

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To stop you from self inserting. If he was a cute boy, NTR would lose it's heavy punch

if she'll fuck a hideous monster like that then she'll probably fuck a loser like you

To self-insert.

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He's right though.


I have yet to see someone look like these guys. I don't know how men look in the rest of Japan, but while I lived in Tokyo I never saw someone like that.

i didn't even live in Tokyo and saw many old men like that

I don't know what I did wrong then the years I lived there.

maybe you were looking at little girls, not fat old men

It's more humiliating for the girl to be mindbroken by a fat ugly baldie

Well, I ain't gay, so maybe me looking at women instead of men might have something to do with it. And hanging out with men who actually cared about their social status and looks.


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you're a big guy

Unemployed shut-ins. These creatures don't leave their hideouts during daylight. If at all. Sometimes you meet one in the konbini at 2:30 in the morning.

you fucking trash got a problem with such people?

I actually was.195 cm and like a fucking tower compared to the japanese.

I must have missed these guys' schedule completely.

hit and sunk

Many people say that it is because of self insert and while that might sound like an attractive theory i'd say that it is complete bogus. More likely what makes the ugly bastard so prevalent is the wish to see something beautiful, pure, and innocent completely and utterly soiled.

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pls tell me more im 193 and like big gajin stories

It's the hottest thing.
You normalfag plebeians will never understand, stick to your plebe fetishes like feet, tits, zr etc.

this but unironically

>Why are old men in anime / manga so hilariously hideous?

Most anime/manga is advertised to pedophiles.
Japan a nation of pedos.

I self insert as the sky. Never ever thought of inserting as any character.

you are blue like the sky

I hit my head a lot in the share house I lived in.
When I went to comiket there were these weird fucking attack on titan cosplayers poking me with their home made swords pretending I was a titan.
People stayed away from me from time to time since I was tall.
You are the center of attention in bars and clubs as long as you don't look like a skeleton.

Aa if they weren't in real life

I never liked the idea of self inserting so I just take a bird's eye view and watch the events unfold from afar.

yeah, same, never understood that

I just don’t get it. Why watch porn where the guy makes you wanna vomit looking at him? I can’t self insert as a gross looking motherfucker. Masturbation is an aesthetic experience.

>When I went to comiket there were these weird fucking attack on titan cosplayers poking me with their home made swords pretending I was a titan.

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based yaoi bro

Art emulates reality.


The same reason beautiful women are paired with pigmen, orcs, or black niggers. It's hot when a girl is such a useless sow she clings to the creature with the biggest cock because that's literally all that matters to her, especially when its owner is ugly and stupid like the examples above.

Imitation is too much work.

i prefer masturbation

I always thought of it as appealing to degradation/humiliation fetishes

I'm inserting IN characters, not AS characters, like the rest of you quques.

If art could masturbate reality, I'd have a hentai girl already.

i don't understand

Are there any bara characters who get women?

>not self-inserting as the microorganisms floating on the air

Yaoi fans don't do this, do they?

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It's there to destroy worst fetish fags.

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To create contrast, the heroine is virtuous, angelic and pure, while the antagonist/NTR'er is wicked, monstrous and corrupt. That being said, I'd like to see more h-manga where the NTR'er/rapist is a trap.

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I’m not about that gay shit. I’m just saying on an objective level how can you enjoy seeing something gross?

you just love to masturbate at pretty men, don't you

Tbh indians & british dudes are uglier than niggers to me

I don't self insert

because it's hard to get hard to the "humiliation" and "degradation" factor of rape/mindbreak when the guy looks like a runway model. The point is she is corrupted by the "pleasure" from dick, not that the guy is hotter then her current boyfriend. So fat old men, or ugly rapists are prime factors for people who get hard to this shit.

It's the japanese version of interracial, the point is maximum humiliation.

Japan has a very low obesity rate though

what do you mean? interracial in america is a privilege

>reading really good doujin
>cute grills
>big titties
>oh boy
>enter old man with wide ugly face and dick covered in warts

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>reading really good normal doujin
>pissing out of nowhere

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But the only things worse than incestfags are mindcontrolfags.

>the men in JAV are all average/ugly

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>Reading really good normal doujin
>Anal prolapse out of nowhere

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Totally true. Tentacles are just too clean these days, but dirty ugly bastards still do the trick.

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>reading really good normal doujin
>pissing out of nowhere

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Go back to whatever boards you escaped from.

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>reading really good normal doujin
>trap stick his ponos into vagoo out of nowhere

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>fat old generic faced otaku salary man
for some reason i find it more palatable than watching some buff chad character in the same place

>MC gets turned into a loli

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>I don't read the tags

They worship an idealized form of youth, but accept the cruel reality of age. That's what they really look like when they get older.

>reading really good normal ntr rape doujin
>it's actually vanilla

Because Japs care about the purity of their waifus, so they can't actually get frisky in any way with any of them. The way of skirting that issue is making it so that it all happens "on accident", which requires the MCs to be fucking retarded.

normies all of you

>read the tags
>says nothing weird
>in the middle of the doujin someone takes a mutilated corpse (no arms or legs) out of a bag and starts fucking it
>boner completely dead

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>reading really good doujin
>the trap gets mindbroken out of nowhere

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thats the best part pleb

>Read a really good normal ntr rape shotacon mother stomach deformation hairy armpits orgasm denial x-ray piercing transformation doujin
>It's actually vanilla

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You might as well be a titan compared to them user. That is some prime hilarity though, thank you and the based nip's humor.

This sounds like propaganda attempting to make people unprepared for hypnotic rape when it happens. I'm on to you MCfag. Low res gif related.

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>tagged futanari
>it's actually just a normal genderbender slut story for almost the entire thing
What the fuck Shindo

got link?

>tagged incest threesome
>it's just the girls kissing

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>poking me with their home made swords
You should've told them to poke your ass with their swords, that way you would've felt like a doujin heroine.
Missed opportunity.

>reading really good doujin
>old man comes out of nowhere and pulls out his lumpy dick
>girl licks off huge chunks of smegma

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I wish they would stick with non-human races. Ugly people ruin it for me.