Komi-San 133

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This is your new manga

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Oh Shit

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holy shit, CHADhitomi is up to something

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Will he as alpha as his sakamoto dad?

>here bro, here is your protagonist
we yaoi manga now


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Hitomi reminds me so much of Najimi holy shit.

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hitomi is more alpha than he is. she is a estp empathy lord


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Stop comparing him with Sakamoto, being rude isn't cool which is what Sakamoto is all about.

He already turned his bullies gay for him, like Sakamoto

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And that's all.

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reminder komi is a rapist

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Thanks bro.
Does he speak at all?

>Oh shit I progressed the story too quickly by making Komi speak to a second person
>Better introduce r63 Komi to stall!

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She is pure.

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sadly tadano wont be soon

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>Komi-bro chapter

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Crossdressing Tadano really was quite nice.

Dammit, where's the Korean when we need them most?

Thanks for the dump, OP. Been looking forward to this all weekend.

And suddenly I have found interest in this manga again. I knew this was gonna happen, and it's great.

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Yes, but only when he wants it.

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That takes me back.

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Let's keep thoses hands where we can see 'em, Komi.

So we got Komi's parent's and see how the kids are like them.
Tandano's parents chapter when?

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His mom seems cute, she's worrying about her son being gay.

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>that dude in the background

holy shit

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So we will get chapter 134 as well this week since it doesn't end with "end". Nice. Also, what the fuck is going on? Is he exhausted?

No, that's all. The "Next chapter in issue 19" is there.

Yea, I realized it right after I posted.

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Pretty impressive that the author planned their dynamic from the very beginning

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>what is google images

Call it now Yamai will fall for the for the swag.

What a handsome boy!

You don't know what "dynamic" means. All that can be said based on your pic is that he planned to make the two meet at least.

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Oh shit, we're down to just one character unintroduced.

No we're not.

Ain't it just the girl beside Katai left?

>P5 protagonist

It's his sister.

When was Netsuno's chapter?

>yfw she's also in their class

School sports day. I swear to god, these threads are full of speedreaders

>yfw she's in their class and falls for Hitomi

Is she gonna steal otouto from Komi?'
>cuckqueen Komi

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>what is mangadex

Those are gonna be some weird future family visits on the holidays.

how long ago was that?

nigga they're both Komi. Komi is the family name.

I can't believe Komi's brother is a phantom theif!

It still makes sense

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I meant in this chapter, but OK.

I wouldn't know, it's still not fully loaded on my computer.

So, does Tadano know that he's Komi's brother?

>I don't use Sup Forums x and just copy paste the google image link into the file box

They updates their servers a while ago, it's pretty fast at the moment.

Going by the rule of alpha>beta, Tadano will make Shouko take his family's name, and Hitomi will make otouto change his also

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Not that i remember, he only appeared once in Tadano's school and didn't stay much

The question was more related to this chapter since she knows Komi and he also has the name Komi so I wondered if she made the connection or not.

Why does Tadano's sister have Najimi's personality

God I can't wait for Koreanbro to show up and tell us what Hitomi was saying pestering Shousuke. I'm completely torn between wanting more Komi/Tadano chapters and more of this.


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>she's not just a girl

Finally a little komi-bro chapter appears!

>Double date
>They keep messing each other's talks because they keep using surnames
>They start to use first name to stop the confusion
>Keep treating each other on a first name basis afterwards
That's actually possible user

Is he talking here?


キタ―――(゚∀゚) !
It's happening.

she's such a cutie holly shiet

Get a better computer.

>>I don't use Sup Forums x and just copy paste the google image link into the file box

>First that Tadano boy makes his daughter fall in love with him.
>Now that Tadano girl is getting her hooks into his son.

What's Komi-dad going to do when Tadano-mom and Komi-mom become best friends.

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lurk more

Is everyone in the Tadano family a pushy stalker? Is that how they find mates?

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