When will it come back

When will it come back

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just read Black clover it have the same art in the faces anyway

Hopefully never, there's nothing good about it.

Should have ended after they saved Rukia.

This, there's a dozen shonen running already much better than this shitshow.

It's literally done. If it were to come back it would be a spinoff focused on Kazui and Ichika aka the new generation.

Hell Black Clover is better than Bleach. Also, HeroAca makes Black Clover look like shit and even then, HeroAca is just decent.

I think Tupac has a slightly higher chance of coming back than this

Didn't shonen jump have to tell them to wrap it up because it was doing so badly?

How embarrassing

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Black clover is trash. Stop.

I don't deny that.

It was selling poorly compared to its peak, but it was still making plenty of money, enough that it wouldn't make much sense to cancel it over sales alone. I think it was mainly because his shoulder was fucked up.

Play the mobage senpai, it has some of the new manga characters.

What would be the point of bringing it back?

Getting voices for the Quincies, so they can be added to the mobage.

Let this series die. Everyone stopped caring about it for a reason, there's nothing left to say.

And still beats out Bleach

The second volume of the new novel is probably done since it's going on hiatus. This novel series is building up to be pretty big, so expect a lot of answers to questions you had in the manga.

It's dead, Jim.

That's fucking embarrassing, Kubo is pathetic.

Bleach is worse than naruto

bleach is shit but it's art is god tier

Well all Kubo ever wanted was to draw cool shit. He's a fantastic artist but a shit writer. He should partner with a good writer who can't draw worth for shit and make a cool manga.

The fact that the series used to be one of the top popular manga yet now nearly everyone hates it says how bad it is.

One of the main weaknesses of this was that Ichigo is a shitty shonen protag. He doesn't really want anything or has any goals. He stumbled upon his powers and from that point on was just along for Soul Society's Society's wild ride. Also, Soul Society is the single most shitty afterlife I have ever seen. How does the afterlife have shit like poverty, elite families, and fucking death that results in being deleted from the universe? Imagine being a poorfag in the Bleach universe. You die and possibly become Hollow due to tour shitty life and resentments. You get "killes" by a Shinigami and your soul is cleansed of all sins comitted as a Hollow. Then you are engulfed by a white light and you expect to ascend to heaven but NOPE. enjoy being poor. In the fucking afterlife. Potentionally FOREVER.

Beats it in what way? Bleach has 120 million sales worldwide making it one of the top-selling manga of all time. You can talk shit if BC beats that, which we both know it won't. Take several sits.

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It could be the worst series in history and they'd still be pumping it out if it somehow made money in spite of its quality, which Bleach was managing to do. What, do you think the execs just got so offended by Kubo's bullshit that they axed it to spare the readers at their own expense? The manga ended because Kubo's health was so shitty that he was struggling finish chapters, and the anime ended because continuing it would've meant YEARS of filler arcs.

When people forget how horrible it was, just like all the follies of man.

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This was my main gripe with Bleach. The afterlife is fucking shit and never showed signs of improvement.
Also you went to Soul Society if you were good, bad people supossedly went to hell, but considering that SS is already shit I can't imagine how awful hell must be.


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Why didn't he just go on break like Togashi?

Togashi has endless money from being the YYH creator and his wife made sailor moon. He can tell Shonen Jump whatever he wants and they will bow to him.
Kubo doesn’t have that star power yet

Hell was reserved for truly evil people who were evil before becoming Hollow. Bleach Hell is probably extremely shitty.

I think Kubo never really thought out his afterlife system properly. Soul Society felt more like an alternate world than an afterlife. The only hope you had in Soul Society was if you had a lot of Ki (i forgot Bleachs unique word for energy or whatever) so you had the potentional to become a Shinigami.

ALSO you can be born in Soul Society and people can have kids and shit. For a show that was all about the afterlife and how ot worked it was really badly thought out.

>Popularity = quality
Nice dubs tho

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Because Togashi has not only YYH, but HxH under his belt. Do seriously think WSJ would give any other of their mangakas the same treatment they give to Togashi? The guy literally just has to pump out a volume or two max a year because HxH the only running series that rivals/matches the sales of OP.

When kubo's mountain of gold starts to run low

And BC has neither quality, or popularity. At least at the end of the day, Bleachfags can say their preferred series is one of the top-selling manga of all time.

Yeah they're both shit

I will never stop believing that Gin should have killed Aizen and ended the series there.

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Basically the only way to get a decent standard of living there was joining the military, but even then you could end up under someone like Mayuri who will use you as a human bomb or guinea pig.

Gin was basically pic related
>But Marge, that smiling guy hasn't done anything yet. He's gonna do something and you know its gonna be good.
>gets killed by Aizen

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That fucking betrayal was so good and for a brief moment I was hyped beyond belief.

And even then Shinigami have a raw deal. I was mistaken earlier. When a normal spirit or person dies in Soul Society he gets reincarnated. Shinigami are the ones who just fucking vanish. So it's either suffering as a poorfag in the afterlife untill you reincarnate on earth or join the Shinigami army but at the risk of permadeath.

Living in Bleachverse truly is suffering. Not to mention the souls that form shit like menos grande and arrancar together. Talk about a hellish expirience.

Black Clover is way worse than bleach though
What it has for it though is its endearing naivety, it reminds me a bit of Rave, but worse.
The pacing is fucked, the characters are fucked, the growth is either fucked or non-existant
Bleach just became full retard but it was never at this level of non-quality

When was that stated? IIRC the only situations where a soul gets taken out of the cycle are if they're trapped in hell, trapped in a menos, or killed by a quincy.

You're right. They only cease to exist if they are eaten by something like a Hollow or some other special death. Normally they reincarnate.

Aizen was the only good thing about bleach

Kubo too busy sippin juice sleeping on those kubo bucks.

Modern children don't want to give a more grown-up story a try. Bleach is literally the biggest IQ pleb filter in all of shonen jump's history.

This. Bleach ended the way Kubo wanted it to end.

Arima is coming back

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It came back
In light novel form

Kubo will revive Zombie Powder first.

This summer. Don't tell me you forgot already.

jesus christ they cant be serious...

Which character are you hoping to get, ble/a/ch?

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I hope.

>Zombie Powder
Lol what's that?

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A manga about zombies.

Kubo says that his plan for Bleach was originally a 5 year run, but I've never seen an outline of how that would have gone. I figure that the Soul Society, Arrancar, and Fullbring arcs weren't meant to happen; he would have kept it mostly terrestrial until the Quincies returned. I didn't realize until recently that as short as the first arc was, it was still 8 volumes before they went to the Soul Society.


Why did the Vizards have to be such jobbers?

>Black Clover
>Naruto Narrative based manga

Next you are going to tell me that I should watch “Boruto (TM) the Next Generation (TM) from the acclaimed Boruto’s Dad (TM) aka Naruto (TM)

>Everyone gives Mayuri shit for his Quincy experiments and genocide
>Turns out he was right all along
>Mayuri literally became HAPPENING tier
He did nothing wrong

We do see some of the Arrancars show up after the Grand Fisher fight, so he had it planned for some time.

Play Death Awakening: youtube.com/watch?v=vckTH18WKjg

What a ugly abomination of game that is.

>Soul Society
He wanted to deal with them later when the Quincy were going to be a threat

Somebody didn’t read the manga. Arrancar existed back in volume three and we even saw their transformation there


Yeah and whatshisname from the Visoreds was in the title card of the first chapter. But there's a difference between "some people from this group will play a part" and "oh shit, they need me to keep the cash printing machine going, let's spend 5 years having all the cast herds cycle through fights over the course of a week in story"

But he clearly showed off the transformation of a Hollow to Arrancar knowing that the fans would have to be informed as to how the Hollows got to the next level.

The Arrancar arc went for a long time, do to pressure from his editors to milk the Espada's popularity at the time.

Fake Karakura Town War arc is where all the milking really hurt the story.

Look at the Arrancar arc and 90% of the Arrancar feel like there is a purpose plot wise. The 10% being the ex espada.

Afterwords the FKT war just had Arrancar small fry really interjected.

And that process is integral to Ichigo's existence, too. My point remains; I'm pretty sure that in the original outline they were meant to be a handful of villains who came to Earth and wrecked shit similar to the Invasion subarc, possibly in a way that finally got the Soul Society off of Ichigo/Rukia's back, not 30 main baddies and hangers-on to keep the cash machine printing.

At that point he was already deep into cash machine territory, what with the Soul Society arc introducing too many characters.

I have a hard time believing Kubo when he says he planned Bleach for five years, because he admitted that he did not plan things out when writing this series.
He admitted that he didn't even know who the villain was going to be at the time of the SS arc, with Aizen not even being his first choice.
Just think about it, Aizen, the big bad of the series was not even planned until he was neck deep in the soul society arc.

It always irked me how Ishida kinda stopped giving a shit about him after their fight, even when knowing that he experimented on his grandpa.

At the same time, we know that there are fundamental parts of the story that had groundwork laid in the very first chapters that still worked even as it became more and more bloated. That's super hard to do unless you're tacking more shit onto a framework, as opposed to making the frame as you go along.

I can believe Aizen was not intended to be a big bad, because I don't believe the Soul Society as a "go there, rescue mission, meet everyone" thing was supposed to happen. Before he wrecked shit, Central 47 was the bad guys; it was bureaucracy run amok that was the villain of Soul Society.

Except that he wasn't right. He essentially killed off everyone that Yhwach wanted to die. He did the enemies dirty work for them, and didn't even figure out the Quincies plan.

I feel like it all worked out in the end though.

Soul Society in general didn't seemed to have been thought out well, and looked to have been written on the fly.
Rukia's description of the place to the bird boy, and her own hellish experience there, doesn't mesh well.

The second volume so far has been such a fucking bore. It probably won't even answer a good majority of non-meme tier questions. The author includes so much useless description. The dialog is odd and doesn't seem to follow a natural flow, characters are talking about one thing then suddenly jump to another out of nowhere. And who the fuck cares about jobber Quincy bitches.

Look just play the world ends with you, its basically bleach with a better plotline.

Noise = Hollows
Reapers are obvious

Why is Ichigo even there? He didn't show his form until the Yhwach fight.

He was also completely wasted in the quincy arc. I mean, his whole deal was being the last quincy and going on about their chivalry and shit, and then we have arc revealing a whole army of the fuckers that are nothing like he imagined. There's so much potential for character interactions and development there, but all he does is sit in a corner looking sad until his "betrayal" that everyone saw coming, which didn't even require joining them in the first place because the thing that makes it work isn't his sternritter power, but yet another gift from his dad.

Chad and Orihime were wasted in their "rescue" arcs too, but they still served SOME purpose in the plot. Chad made Ichigo trust the fullburgers more, Orihime lured the cast into mexico. Ishida's entire subplot was pointless, he could've just gotten the arrow early, stuck with Ichigo, and had the exact same outcome.

Yes. Kubo took his sweet ass time with the Mayuri VS Pernida fight. That fight dragged on forever.

So much Kubo had to bring him back for the final fight so he could out-troll Ywach.

They don't need Bleach, they're much better off focusing all their resource on milking the DB franchise forever.

It's never been explained why Bleach got the rush job that it did, especially with other, less popular manga, being given haitus time when their own writers has health issues, or goes off the deep end.
Possibly do to some politics going on with Jump, or maybe the cancellation of the anime? I don't think even Kubo has said why.

Bleach is serious stuff.

Pretty funny.
Though, I saw crazy shit like this with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mortal Kombat here in the States.

I hope they don't shaft Renji like they shafted his captain before.

>Mayuri tells story of how Quincy families killed each other in his lab
>At the time it sounds like his experiments were horrific
>TYBW happens and we learn that Quincies are so shitty to each other that half of Mayuri's subjects probably killed each other for no reason while he went to the bathroom or something

Mayuri wound up being right about everything. Ishida's group was some micro-splinter cult that didn't know anything.

>Tatsuki is Ichigo's childhood friend, which is basically code for "will likely have an important role" but that went all of fucking nowhere
>Ichigo and Harribel never met even once
>It takes a light novel released after the manga conclude to know if Harribel even gets rescued or not

There's so many missed opportunities with this series it's ridiculous.

How one series can have so much goddamn potential yet piss it all away without a second thought is beyond me.

>Uryu's granddad was actually an isolation experiment
>what happens if a quincy has nothing to kill?
>turns out they'll rip their own heads off

They bent his neck at an unnatural angle?

>tfw we'll never get the timeskip kids as playable characters in Brave Souls.

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Here is hoping never. Nigga deserves it for being such a shit tier author

Yeah I thought Kubo said Bleach had another 100 chapters to go before ending.

Kazui: Bleach Next Generations when?

Yes it has, multiple times. It was his deteriorating health.

never ever


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