What was he thinking at this moment?

What was he thinking at this moment?

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I haven't watched this but why does this frame look so good? A year ago, when I saw screencaps from this show they were repulsive, the ugliest anime I've seen


There was still some bad art moments but the animation team largely stepped it up for this last arc

>but why does this frame look so good
Jiren is Handsome

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last episode

Jiren has inspired me to get /fit/

>Son Goku-san, Frasier-san and Jounanago... indeed I recognize your strength. I can finally feel it now, reverberating in my chest... that POWER.. of Nakama...

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They had one of their best directors and best storyboarders on this one.

they fixed the schedule and got better animators onboard

What's the name of the song playing during the Toppo speech?

They save the budget for the important fights, the normal episode looks like trash.

Something along the lines of "this is fun"

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>"What amazin' guys! Wakuwaku!"

So this is the power of friendship huh... not bad

Does anyone else unironically like jiren?


Thanks my dude

Boi pucci

You mean this last episode

I ended up liking him by the end after he got a couple of PTSD episodes and Frieza shit talked him to death.

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I hate him as much as I hate the rest of this terrible show. What a waste of time this has been

I hate the circumstances he was written in. The character himself was serviceable but things like his inactivity or attacking the spectators was stupid and unnecessary.

Is it just me or did goku look better when he was fighting Jiren with Frieza? Like he looked pretty swole compared to earlier in the show, none of that skinny shit. Reminded me of when he first went super

His character arc wasn't that well written, but I absolutely love his fighting style. It's brutal and elegant at the same time. So yeah, I do like him, though I wish Super did a better job with his personality and motivations.

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>fighting style

Everyone have the same fighting style in DB since Goku vs Piccolo

I hated him until these last two episodes, where he revealed himself to be consumed by insecurity, loneliness, and desperation. Freeza literally almost making him burst into tears was the highlight of this.




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I liked him back when it was believed he would be an equivalent to Superman, I was disappointed when it turns out he was just another "Friendship is meaningless, strength is all that matters, I must become stronger for the sake of getting stronger" villain. But given the note the show ended on it seems like he might become more heroic. So I guess I'm open to him.

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This guy knows what's up.

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This song is my favorite thing to come out of Super. Everything else was like tepid soup but this song was hot stuff.

who did it better?

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It was interesting to see how many people at the beginning of the arc thought this was Toriyama's take on the Goku vs Superman matchup.

Turns out it was Goku vs Sasuke.

*record scratch*
*freeze frame*
"Yeah thats me...now I bet you're wondering how I got into this mess""

USA = always shit taste

I liked it when Toppo was like
>Hey Jiren you can't be calling me a bitch for losing my conviction and then lose your own conviction you little bitch.
And then Jiren got over his inferiority complex.

It's just bit different, but one can notice that he fucking loves his lariats and generally doesn't even bother with stances, and if he grabs you you he starts whipping you againt the door and walls like Hulk did with Loki.

Limit x Break Survivor is pretty great once it gets going.


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I warmed up to him by 130
>insecure fucker
>had realised he had the power of friendship in 131

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"And Jiren's hero name will be Big Eye'd Baldy"

tossed salad and scrambled eggs they're calling again

Too perfect.


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Why didn't freeza get his ass kicked so hard he reverted back to his first form?

>Implying anyone at Toei remembers that Freeza has forms.

Remember friezas other "forms" are him limiting his power, and his "final" is actually his true body

>Now I know this is a bit gauche Niles, but you can just call this... Golden Frasier.

>At long last, I am at the pinnacle of radio psychiatry! Seems I was correct to pursue further education

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He's become my favourite character in the show

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Who's this semen loli

>Freezer and Kakarot are fighting together... it should have been me with Kakarotto...

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>Because he has friends!

Get a load of this salty Mexican

i phisicaly incapable of hating anything that can be this smug

He is the strongest.
Strong is beautiful.

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I like him. He's not a villain, just a really troubled and lonely hero.

it's one of the angels you fucking retard

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I warmed up to him in the last few episodes. Before then I thought he was the most boring piece of garbage ever conceived and hated his backstory, but his meltdown kinda showed he was more than a "MUH ANGST, MUH STRENGTH" meathead.

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Yes.....I love jiren

How did Jiren attain his power with no warriors in his entire universe capable of coming even close to his power?

The only reason the U7 people got so strong is because they were forced to. Goku had to fight a fucking GoD to reach his level and Jiren still BTFO him and everyone else


It's getting annoying how a character can't be written as a hypocrite without people clamoring that the writers are being inconsistant


>I wonder if they'll add me to a reworked GT

Considering the general quality of Super's writing in this arc, I think it's a fair assumption.

Well, Goku doesn't get violently raped by his new friends at the end.

You cannot tell me that there are no unique fighting styles since original Dragon Ball. Super alone has Hit, Magetta, and others.

That was hilarious, the deranged way he smiled remembered me of the uruks that go crazy in shadow of war.

Jiren is the strongest and coolest, user.

perfect amount of /fit/, too much /r9k/

This is gold.

Frieza is good at shit talking.


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Honestly, nothing makes me happier that you've wasted all this time watching the show only to hate it.

>first form
we did he revert to his first form? I only saw final and final-recolor

When you're straining to poop and you feel a ton move at once and exit in one go

>"Friendship is meaningless, strength is all that matters, I must become stronger for the sake of getting stronger"
Honestly. This made no sense, complete contradictory even in the anime itself. I have a feeling part of why dbs was cancelled was just this. They changed his character last minute just so the kids wouldn't get confused and know who to cheer for.
One minute he's shit talking Vegeta for his unpure, arrogant, and self-righteous way of fighting then they decide to make Jiren JUST that: youtu.be/zsOx8y7J9-E

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I also get the feeling that they changed Jiren partway through because they were worried the audience may be confused who they were supposed to be rooting for. That might even be extended to other members of the Pride Troopers, remember when the cyborg guy was introduced and it was said that he "conquered" many planets? It's a real shame too because that ambiguity on who was the real good guy was why I liked him. My favorite line from him doesn't even make much sense now; why does he not like assassins? Because relying on stealth and surprise attacks is a sign of weakness? Because this one made a friend in Goku? Because he's motivated by money rather than past trauma?

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but latinos love Jiren. Being swole and autistic is good.

The original Jiren, being the pure hearted hero he was, would never like any such assassin; they're basically murderers with class. An "assassin's pride" is nonsense in the eyes of Jiren because being murderers that kill without notice is dishonoring and pathetic in and of itself; there's no pride in assassination.

Toppo was the best U11 character.

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>that feel when goku gets skinnier every year

Is their world communist or what?

>Being swole and autistic is good.

That's literally everyone in the series.

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What the fuck Frieza is good guy now?

>goku wants to fight Jiren again
>goku can't use Ultra Instinct anymore
>barely put up a fight without it

Truly the strongest mortal in the multiverse.

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He can, it's just he needs to push himself into it, he can't transform on his own.

>that feel when you will never see heavyweight goki again
>he'll turn into a skelleton before the franchaise ends

Me personally, was Dyspo, in the anime at least. The only one that stayed true to his word, true to his justice. Till the very end and told Frieza to go fuck himself.

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This is what the world's savior should look like

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Unironically the funniest thing I've ever seen

Yiff in hell.

someone post the best cus memes

t. seething lizardcuck

Toppo is such a fucking bro.

>5 minutes, Niles. I will destroy this patient's self-esteem issues in 5 minutes!
>Frasier, it's been two seasons.
>Well, yes, but when I said 5 minutes, you have to take the space-time curve into effect
>Zip it will ya?
>Yes dad

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He said it himself, they transform to conserve power, not to become stronger.
So when you first see him in DBZ, it was actually his last stage transformation.

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