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What is Fubuki looking at?

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>nothing happens man
>shit fights man
>literally carried by the art man

I want more Tatsumaki screen time

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Who cares man,
it´s fun man

She's going to get a lot of screen time in the following 2 arcs. Then she'll get hugged by Saitama, start bleeding everywhere and annoying him, and then fuck off.

Don't worry, she'll get some screentime next chapter. Wonder how much of this dialogue will be kept.

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> child emperor straight insulted Bang in the new chapter

What a little bitch. What happened with what Garou wasn’t deserving at all of excluding him of the operation. Besides, Garou is just one enemy among many others in the war for them, and they think Garou got weakened enough to not be a problem in the war.

Child Emperor, Tatsumaki, Metal Knight and Sweet Mask are all really awful people.

I'm pretty sure they'll meet at the HA base to wait for the others. It doesn't make sense to wait at location.

i'm so fucking looking forward for Bang's entrance to the fight scene

Tatsumaki is ok. She’s rude because she lacks social skills, but doesn’t have bad intentions.

Is Tatsumaki even jealous of her sister's body? I reread the entire webcomic from the beginning of the Garou arc, and I don't think Tats has ever been jealous of Fubu's tats.

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>What happened with what Garou wasn’t deserving at all of excluding him of the operation
Nobody even knows what happened, but he was put in charge and he let him go. Garou is way below Bang in every way, it's clear that he was soft and that's why he could escape, so CE is right in not wanting him as part of his team. You are supposed to trust your teammates, and if you know one of them doesn't want to fight with his entire strength, that could eventually get someone killed.

I don't know about that. She's definitely an idiot, but I think she's also a bad person. Perhaps unknowingly. She's also tsundere, which makes her a bad person to begin with.

Weird question, but what's your favorite volume so far in terms of content?

For me it's definitely 9. It has a lot of Garou and a lot of Fubuki, besides the action in it is great, with not a lot of fluff. To top it all, the cover is great. This will most likely change with one of the next few volumes, but we have to see.

Except Garou didn't escape on his own, that’s the important part. Bang was soft on Garou, but he wouldn't have let him escape without a freaking dragon appearing.

my peanus weenus of course :DDDD

We knows she drinks «make ya tall» milk. So, most probably.

I think it's more likely a result of Saitama's bullying than anything, like when she got drunk because Saitama offered to get her OJ.

Bang could have killed Garou before that. His emotional ties lead him to lose him, so he demonstrated he put emotions above his duty, and he isn't fit for a mission that involves him.

Bad how? She’s pretty helpful. Her bad experience gives her a fucked up way tonprotect Fubuki, but overall she doesn’t have bad intentions. She’s also very frustrated most of the time. She definitely would need some help or the rest of her life is gonna be sad.

No matter how you slice it, trying to kill the Fubuki group puts her in the wrong.

Garou isn’t even supposed to be among the enemies of the MA. And that’s stupidly harsh and isn’t worth losing an asset of his level.

She clearly had no intention to do it, she was just trying to scare them off.

It was the same in the MA arc, she acts mean, but she’s a softie who helped all the S heroes survive the HQ wrecking.

He was labeled as a Dragon level after that, and they think he's allied with the MA (I'm assuming you meant HA). We have more information, so we know it's not the right call, but with the little information the HA has, plus how big of a threat they are, it really makes sense to be cautious.

How could they trust him? Imagine one of them was fighting Garou to the death, who would Bang side with? What if he turned at the last moment? It's a little bit paranoid, but the HA still has enough firepower with Tatsumaki and several other S class heroes.

I don't know about "no intention". Even if she just wanted to scare them off permanently, she was still trying to force her sister into a life of solitude as well. Saitama knew she was being an unreasonable ass, which is why he stepped in, even though he normally ignores such things.

Knowing what we know about the MA raid, Tats isn't enough fire power to beat the MA, and Bang takes out 2 Dragons by himself.

Well, don’t misunderstand. I said he my post the way she tries to help Fubuki is fucked up. This part definitely isn’t fine, but she’s basing of her own bad experience.

Now you are just bringing information that the HA doesn't know.

Besides Tatsumaki could deal with all of the MA members individually, she just got ganked. But that's beyond the point, it's all circumstantial, and wouldn't be why they made the decision.

Once Tatsumaki woke up, she could have taken care easily of fuhrer ugly and Gums like she did with multi cell sperm. She definitely have plenty enough firepower for the whole MA, but Psykos fucked things up.

Though there was a problem of timming. Before she woke up, they probably couldn’t have handled the situation as Mask would have been paralyzed by Fuhrer Ugly.


Yes, but that just proves that CE was wrong in hindsight. Bang probably had the best track record of any of the heroes (other than Saitama) in the MA raid. Taking out Fuhrer Ugly AND Gums, as well as helping to take out Rover. Him and Pig God are the only ones who managed to defeat a Dragon in the entire raid.

Well, yeah. But that's not a real argument against his actions, they really make sense in their own context. And that's what we are talking about.

Technically ZM did defeat a Dragon, he neutralized HE so God took his powers. And Pig God only defeated a weakened ENW.

Even Multi cell sperm was most probably already stronger than Fuhrer Ugly and Gums,though Bang indeed did better than the rest, but I woudn’t say he did better than Tatsumaki at all.

Tats probably had the worst record
>Buried most of the S-class heroes
>Didn't even defeat Psykos, just revealed her
>Got BTFO repeatedly
>Destroyed Saitama's house

>Buried most of the S-class heroes
I mean, she saved them.

>Phoenix Man dreaming of becoming monster king in his cute little nest.

Oh fug, we might actually get to see him get all cocky before Child Emperor slaughters him.

In the end, conceit won over IQ

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She saved most S class by separating them from their opponents retard.

She also instantly took care of evil water and black sperm (until he went golden),something that the rest were totally unable to do. She had much more importance than Bang in the arc. Underestimating Psykos was her fatal error.

You might as well say Saitama had the worst reccord since he killed no one.

I really hope his fight is completely different in the manga. It makes no sense that he'd attack head on, the MA knows about the top heroes' abilities. I hope something like him taking CE's backpack happens, and then his backpack attacking him, or something like that.

Tatsu had the best showing though, she proved she was on a completely different level from all the people there other than monster Garou. If she hadn't been so cocky and Psykos didn't have a special trick specifically for her Tatsumaki could have taken out every single Monster in the association by herself. Even when weakened she tanked their attacks pretty well and showed she was incredibly strong even without most of her power.

I really can't predict what ONE is trying to do with him here. His appearances in the redraw so far seemd to indicate he was going to fill a role different from just being a comedy jobber to S-class, but this chapter showing him having delusions of grandeur is comin right back to grunt behavior in line with the webcomic version.

I really can't tell if he's going to put up a fight or just job for the gag.

>seemd to indicate he was going to fill a role different from just being a comedy jobber to S-class
I think that them having motivations and arcs will make their loss much more satisfying. It won't be just comedy of course, but it'll be a first step of the confrontation between the two associations. Easily defating developed characters will be much more satisfying, and it'll properly show their level.

It's the same with Do-S and Gale/Hellfire.

Who would win in a fight, Tats vs Boros?

Is this the worst volume cover? There's just nothing special to it, I think Murata could've done something a lot more interesting with a PPP cover, all the other PPP art in the volume is much better.

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Boros. I think Tatsu could put up a bit of a fight but she would lose. She managed to hold Monster Garou in place for a bit, while she was injured. She could probably do more at full strength.

Damn he can't keep getting away with this.

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There is a possibility she’s hiding things, but from what we know of her so far, Boros wins. His trump cards are too much.

A sock puppet with it's mouth open

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I mean that could just be her general dislike of her diminutive status

I bought the first two volumes, will be arriving tomorrow. First Manga I ever spent money on

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brainlet detected

Literally made for breeding.

It should have been more overtly homosexual, like his character. But that might not have sold well.


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should i just start reading manga where anime left off? or does anime gets second season?

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Just read the whole manga. It wont take long and it looks amazing.

read the og webcomic

where i can read the recent chapter with good translation

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in that order always

anime will gets a second season but no one knows when
read the webcomic from the very start, it's pretty great. The manga doesn't have anything more than the anime before boros (except the visuals) so it's up to you

For those waiting for more progress on the futa doujin, here is a little futa set instead, with a different scenario than the doujin.

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Just read the whole manga. The manga isn't dialogue heavy so it is a pretty easy read.

Just look at the back cover, it's already very gay.

gib gib gib moar

What did you do to me, now I want Tats to crush my balls.

We are getting Volume 16 preview next week. Wanna see a bit of the bonus content

Does Boros and monster Garou have balls?

CE feels there is a traitor in the HA, and that could be Drive Knight if he is disgused as G5.

And destroyed Saitamas clothes too.

That and the Sonic one were the worst.

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the abysmal fucking state of these translations.

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Take that back

Why would anyone waste their time creating and publishing such awful fucking translations? This doesn't benefit anyone

>literally tries to fucking kill someone
>haha shes drunk get it its cute because shes small and drunk
when does saitama throw her into the sun

> tries to kill someone that she knows won’t die from it

>Wants to test if he really won't die*

She already knew he wouldn’t. It’s Saitama who asked.

Shicchi suggested that Garou's not in a good condition to fight in the raid (which was wrong to assume), so they could have still brought Bang because he's definitely worth much more than a bunch of freaking A classes. Their primary target is MA right now, an entire fucking organization. They have no idea that Garou is going to overwhelm players on both sides.

But Child Emperor is simply being overly suspicious because of something MK said to him. Scratch Bang, his reasoning against letting Genos join is straight up paranoia.

ok so where are the scans?

And Sitch is opposed to not taking them, he's arguing with Sekingar about it, but he isn't leading the raid so he can't do anything. The decision is a bit paranoid, but it's understandable after discovering there's a huge association of monsters they'd never seen before.

I don't think the reasoning against Genos was wrong. He came out of nowhere and went straight up to the S class, and they barely know about his origins. Especially when MK had just told him to be careful about a close enemy, and MK is much more trustworthy than Genos from the HA's point of view.

I wish people like you would stop asking and find it themselves, would avoid a lot of these "where is it?" posts in every thread even though people keep giving the links to the chapter.

as far as i know only a shit scan with a shit tl exists at the moment

mangastream doesn't have it yet, does anyone know an alternative?

>Once Tatsumaki woke up, she could have taken care easily of fuhrer ugly and Gums like she did with multi cell sperm. She definitely have plenty enough firepower for the whole MA, but Psykos fucked things up.
Tats made the same mistake she made with the demon fan. If she had simply made sure Psychos was down for the count before moving on to the rest, the MA would have been fucked. Garou still would have been Garou though.


They have no reason not to trust Genos and exclude him from such a huge operation when they're already short on members though. They have S classes who're literally refusing to participate. Genos may be relatively new but he's never done anything remotely suspicious and has always been following orders. Child Emperor seems to be fixated on MK's advice because he was clearly feeling confused about what to do himself and MK was his mentor. Hence the biased paranoia.

>when they're already short on members though
They aren't though. They've already got several S classes ready to go, and more are coming. This is already a huge operation, why does every single S class need to go this time? They definitely thought about the pros and cons and the cons of bringing them outweighted the pros.

Of course you can say that they need all the help they can get due to what we know from the webcomic, but why would they think they really need literally all the help they can get?

What happened to your nsfw Tumblr?

They're clearly concerned with the fact that they're lacking S classes for the mission and Sekingal, as fishy as he is, told them not to underestimate MA and managed to calm Tats' tits, when she wanted to just go in.

We're witnessing the same problem that HA had in the webcomic basically. They made some reckless decisions (benching S classes, bringing in A-Cs), didn't plan or cooperate at all and banked too much on Tats. Despite having more information on how big this monster association is.

Here's hoping for Gyoro Gyoro in v18 cover.


>Still no good translations

This is it guys. OPM is dead.

It's a long, text heavy chapter. Give it time.