This kills the homo

This kills the homo

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Good, fags deserve to suffer

You deserve to suffer, hes too pure for this


I didn't sign up for this NTR shit fuck.

Be honest, you didn’t sign for a gay end either,

There were people who really thought this was going to become gay? Because even gay guy knew he already lost.


I'm only in this for the mentaiko character lookalike

I dont think anyone expected black hair to be gay. But it still hurts for blondie

>I'm only in this for the mentaiko character lookalike
Who? I love Mentaiko and I don't think any of the characters resemble his artstyle.

Is blondie actually gay, or is it just people confusing their fanon for canon?

Futaba's such a fucking nothing cardboard cutout though.


Blondie is literally bi, but go off.

lol hetfags

How is the dyke going to take this?

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Well the Dyke already knows that her target sees MC as a man and is sexually attracted to him, so there's that.

Basically this.

Can't beat Abe.

The last 5 or so chapters have all sucked. The straight characters are boring. These are facts.

Blondie and lesbian would have been a good couple since she's sporty/busty/has dark hair. Too bad she isn't bi. Hopefully those two can move on, and find new love interests.