So why was Yuru Camp not only the most popular and best-selling CGDCT in years...

So why was Yuru Camp not only the most popular and best-selling CGDCT in years, but also the one to break out with normalfags/casual anime fans in the West (given its insane 8.33 MAL rating)? I liked it overall--good OST, nice healing atmosphere, good character designs--but in terms of writing, character chemistry/character dynamics it's not all that special, the animation is kind of cheap at times, and the camping portions come off as overly procedural at times (the educational aspect seeming kind of forced as if it were a childrern's anime and not a late night seinen)--plus it was just campgrounds 5 minutes from civilizatin and not real camping.

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It's been nice knowing you Sup Forums

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I don't know the answer myself. I have thus decided to wait for a few months and try to figure out my feelings for it from a distance.

The absolute state of YuriCampfags

don't make me dump the holes on you

Read the post. I was saying I don't get why it's more popular and well-received than other anime in its genre

Liked the first episode and the designs.
Rest got more boring with each episode and I dropped that shit.

>mal rating
Go back.

I've seen way to many people here say Yuru Camp is AOTS. I mean it's enjoyable but has the depth of an inflatable pool. It's a show where you watch an episode and go "that kinda was nice" then forget about it until next week.

You have to go back.

>but also the one to break out with normalfags/casual anime fans in the West

I want to say because its an anime not about anime, but about a very general hobby. It's also a feel good show, good comedy from characters, and reinforced by the art style, music, and generally well designed characters.

The highschool aspect takes a back seat to the actual camping so its more relatable to a general audience IMO, or at least an older one.

>MAL rating

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Because it actually did what it said it would.
cute girls went camping.
cute girls didnt spend the whole season preparing for a camping trip or the whole thing fucking around in a clubroom not going camping.
in so many of these cgdct they just focus on the girls. thing is barely done.



Because it had yuri.

Whats wrong with MAL ratings?

dropped after the 2nd episode

you have to go back.

cute girls are cute like fun things are fun.

I've never really known the answer to this, either. It seems like it's a place for unintelligent "elitists" to pretend they're smart for "getting it", much like Sup Forums. You'd think they'd love it. Either way, it's most likely a variety of things. A guess would be that it's normalfag central filled with an unsightly amount of retards who rate things wrong according to the people here.

you wouldn't? what a fag.

unfortunately false

The entire point of these shows is just they don't have depth. Not everything has to. They're just fun, comfortable, and relaxing

>Because it actually did what it said it would.
>cute girls went camping.
This. Plus Rin was beautiful and girlfriend material. Usually moeblob shows have girls that are cute, but not enough to fall in love with, but Rin was special.

Lurk more.

I'd add that the reviews people write that are at the top of most shows pages are just godawful.

>OP says MAL rating indicates that the show is popular with normalfags
>thread is full of shitposting anyway
holy fuck the Sup Forums meme is real

>I've never really known the answer to this, either.
Guess that means you need to lurk for two more years

>caring about mal rating at all

What a perfect ending. My heart!

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>look up random anime about girls with big tiddies fighting demons or whatever
>want to know succintly if the tiddies are good and the show is fun
>look up first review on MAL
>"Since the dawn of man, it has been commonly accepted that the amount of one's earthly possessions can be correlated to the speed of one's moral downfall[...]"
for a website filled with normalfags it's also incredibly autistic, anytime I try reading a review there I feel like I'm reading the rantings of a genuine chuuni

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>Caring about MAL
>Crybaby reaction image

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At least for me, I love it because it's one of the few anime to portray introverts correctly and not as some problem needing to be "fixed". Nadeshko is A+ best friend material.