Where were you when anime was officially destroyed by fujo?

Where were you when anime was officially destroyed by fujo?

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Thinking about the time anime was destroyed by traps, yurishit and ntr.

>not liking fujoshit
stay philistine desu


It was only a matter of time when this got an anime, it's like the top-selling BL in recent memory.

Oh that's 10 Count? I got it confused with that ballroom bl.

But ten count sucks balls. It's so typical seme uke bullshit

Better than yurishit

If you're a fag or a fujoshit, yes.

The characters are pretty bland, but I liked the whole psychology theme it had. Will watch if it gets a decent staff and cast.

Call me when the #1 most wanted adaptation gets made

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Yagakimi adaption when

I'll never understand why this is so popular.

yaoi madoka when?

is this the Citrus of BL?

The 1st volume was pretty good. Kinda shat the bed after that though.

Women. Don't bother, you'll hurt your head.

I never understand why yaoi is even popular.

Nip girls don't like self-inserting to anime girls, unless they're shoujofags or yumejoshi.

>a BL manga got an adaptation
You people never fail to amuse me.

Same reason yuri is popular. People hate themselves and feel like they don't fit in with their gender role, so they self-insert into the opposite gender.

I mean, I like gay guys being gay with other guys, but I can’t stand yaoi, is like reading bad shojo with girls with no tits.

Same reason yuri is popular. People who like men or women want to see a 'pure' version of them untethered by heterosexual conventions. A man who can embrace another man is cuter than one who won't.

I wonder if they’re gonna censor some scenes and how much the BDs will sell. If I remember correctly this shit used to sell 100-200k per volume.

The whole premise of it is that the psychologist helps his client deal with mysophobia but he does that because he wants his boipussy. So I guess Citrus was worse.

240k per volume, I think.

Anime was destroyed by faggots, trapshit, yurishit, NTR and fujos.

Unironically shounens are one of the few things without modern bullshit. You also have seinens and girls' manga (a few ones)

>unless they're shoujofags or yumejoshi.
So majority of female like the Utapri and Idolish audience?

>no fujo or gay content

Shounen are the main source of fujo pandering.

Meh. At least 10 count is better than the other one that was announced today.

A big portion of idolshit fans are fujos.

This is shit-tier even for yaoi.

A big portion of idolshit fans are also yumejoshi.
What's your point?

Never denied that. What's your point?

even the worst yuri is better than best fujoshit


Go watch DB Super, Pablo



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How many episode will this be? 12?

Anons, can BL ever be saved?

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Its basically 50 shades of gray except its gay. And the bottom guy has mental issues.

In other news, this too got an anime.

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Reminder that your favourite BL with the really cute art style, likeable non-rapey characters, and no stupid forced drama, will NEVER EVER get adapted (unless it does in which case it will be a kuso production with zero budget)

So why exactly is it the worst BL? Redpill me.

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Hey fuck you. At least Yarichin Bitch Club is unapologetically dicks and ass.

If they ever make an OVA of Harada or Zariya's stuff then maybe.

Isn't this just an OAD?

It's like Nakamurashit but with great art.

I'm pretty sure user was talking about Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete Imasu

>a manga I'm not interested in gets an anime? Anime is ruined!

Damn OP, you're such a huge faggot.

Don't most decent BL series last for only like

I have hope for this because it's an OAD rather than TV, so they don't have to fuck around with it. The manga is 2lewd4me but it's strangely refreshing to see an adaptation of anything just brazenly involving loads of gay sex and sluts.

I hope they don't chump out. Ogeretsu's sex scenes are the lewdest shit ever.

Now that this has color, it looks like UtaPri. Except everyone is a gigolo. Maybe thats why this got adapted even though it's unfinished.

Not that one. This user got it right

Is Yuri really retarded or is he just pretending? This is important.


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Why is Ten Count so popular?

Escape Journey with pretending to be deep, when the seme has obsession, depression, psychosis, jealousy issues with rape tendencies and he's dumb as fuck. Too bad this shit is super popular in Japan.

Meh, it was expected considering less popular BL got an anime announcement too.

Just hope 1-2 episode OVA/OADs release style get popular. It could be the next level up from BLCDs.

This. Ogeretsu a shit.

Which other one was announced? You mean the yarichin thing above?
Seven Days adaptation never ever

Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete Imasu

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go back there

Where's it from? I saved it from /cm/ I think so they must have got it from somewhere else.
Well the art looks nice, looking forward to seeing more. 3 yaoi announcements in 1 event is a pretty good haul though I think.

Shirotani: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Kurose : Tomoaki Maeno

Cast should be same as the drama CD. The other 2 new BL anime are also using the same cast as the drama CD other than for Tamura from Yarichin Bitch Club who is going to be voiced by Ono Yuki instead of Okitsu Kazuyuki

Why that retarded smut trash of all things?
I know it's selling like hotcakes in the BL scene but what can they even animate that can be put into tv?

They're probably going to censor it with huge black bars that take up half the screen. I think they did that with Junjou and other BL anime that aired on TV.

Might as well make it a BLCD then

Maeno is the current BL king or Ono Yuki.

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It already has BLCDs, an anime is the next stage of milking.

Yeah, I don't know why they don't animate BL manga without sex in it. Maybe they're not as popular.

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Hidamari ga Kikoeru will fix that

>melodramatic trash with no silver lining
no thanks.
and it already had a live-action film and it just works.

There is literally nothing wrong with NTR.

Please, shounen are full of fujobait.

I misread that as 10 Dance and got happy for a moment. At least the Bitch Club manga is getting animated so I can have something to fap to. I don't know what the fuck this 10 Count shit is but I'm sure it's full of drama.


Did I go 10 years back in time?

dark times have fallen upon us

He's pretending. Dude got the highest scores in the entire school. And there are times in the manga when he doesn't act like a retard.

Not the user but I really need this answered too.

Oh. Well I feel stupid. Thanks!

Gross. Why can’t there be more stuff like Doukyuusei

High school romance BL are a dime a dozen. It's probably the most popular BL genre.

Great artist but shit writer. And her art from her Prince of Tennis doujin days was better too.

I don't have very high standards for BL manga for fapping but this one made me cringe a lot. Couldn't get through much of it.

Hatano Wataru, Satou Takuya, Saito Soma, Masuda Toshiki are BLCD favourites too, the newer-ish ones like Yashiro Taku and Nishiyama Koutarou are popular. too. Doing BLCDs well can help forward a male VA's career.

>10 Count
>not 10 episodes

I prefer trashier stuff, it's already porn so making them like shojoshit is boring.

10 count is shit but at least it's not ugly and shit like Nakamurashit.

why does bl always have terrible designs

The same reason moe anime has terrible designs. Both genders of otaku exaggerate what they like about the opposite sex until it becomes a monstrosity.

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Just a BL.

>Vassalord still hasn't gotten a second OVA or a TV series

Fuck this big non-gay Earth.

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Some anons will complain about any thing.

There would be actual plot and interesting events in Vassalord but no. Goddammit.

If I have to choose between Netflix and fujos on who destroys anime, then I'll take the fujos.

Still sucks.

why you no like devilman crybaby?

It's garbage.

>liking monkey noises
>liking donkey noises

Plus it had the worst Ryo ever.