This is the comfy franxx thread for best girl

This is the comfy franxx thread for best girl.

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but kokoro already has many threads

Well that's nice.

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I want to drink her honey.

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>best girl
>not Ichigo
Abe can no longer look OP in the eye. He hopes OP can cure himself of his faggy-ass opinions or commit seppuku

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The wait is so long

>best girl

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>anything but shit

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why didnt you post best girl then?

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Fuck off.

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fuck this homophobic show, women CAN ride whatever fucking franxx they want and they dont need no man.

My heart inspo.

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why hello slut. how long until you jump from milkman to a new partner?

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>kokoro meme
>is basically a stacy who plays with emotions
>Miku meme
>somewhere between shit tier ryuko and a cunt
>Ikuno meme
>need I say anything more
>Ichigo meme
>pretty much anyone who unironically likes ichigo will be a necrophilliac after she commits suicide from all the bulli
>Independent, has personality, will not play with your emotions, is straighter than a ruler, the alpha chad of team 13
let me wait for the dumb waifulets to try and refute this

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I want Zero Two to give me the succ.

>go to ANN to see what they think about the ntr
>half the review is bitching about gays

jesus christ, just nuke all of them already

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muh dik

>Ikuno meme
>need I say anything more
Exactly, words can't describe how perfect she is

You're not one to talk 02 considering how easily you agreed jump ship to Mitsuru as well

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Milkman is the new best girl.
Get over it, pathetic fatties.

God could you imagine her forcibly pushing you down and straddling your face and she's so turned on that her pussy juice just starts dripping on you?

>being independent when she lives in an environment where dependency is needed
>muh darling
>putting on a facade is not playing with emotions
>licking other girls is being straighter than a ruler
>girl who cries herself to sleep while looking in the mirror is the alpha chad of team 13

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Good doujin.

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Are you fucking serious?

THere's like two Franxx doujins right now, this shouldn't be hard

She is my inspo.

>cannot stop thinking about sex
>breaks futoshis heart
>betrays him therefore undependable
>still can't match with mitsuru whereas 02 can match with anyone but gives them Oni-AIDS
>gets called assertive when she stutters like 50 times
>doesn't know how to have fun
>is a boring basic bitch

no seriously she is a bitch compared to 02:
>rebellious and naughty
>is independent so not a pushover, and actually has a character
>literally loves you so much she calls you darling
>putting on a facade of edgy nihilsim/existentialism is better and more nuanced, classy and educated than being a whore, and besides she saves her true emotions for her darling
>Girl who cries herself to sleep still manages to play 5d chess games with everyone there, and for all we know, she could be in the middle of one as we speak. She only cries at night because she couldn't get her strong and thicc hiro dicc

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why is it that no-one outside of the animators seem to be able to draw 02 well?

Here is some oc from a novice drawfriend, enjoy anons

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Try drawing some Kokoro humiliating Futoshi or being snuggly with Mitsuru instead.

She's unique and hard to draw right.

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Which one of the animators drew this? This is by far my favorite picture of her.

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It's nice, user.

No I like 002 the best. Kokoro is baby crazy.

Draw Kokoro snuggling with Mitsuru's baby.

>Kokoro is baby crazy.

Hey what's wrong with that.

>Kokoro is baby crazy.
You say that like it's a bad thing.

Nothing wrong with it just not my thing

why are the robot fights in this show so fucking boring? the enemies are generic af and every fight ends in 02 spearing the core

it sucks because I actually enjoy the human/drama side of the show, and I get that the robot fights are really just a vehicle for character development but goddamn it's always such a snoozefest.

I almost wish they would just skip over them and recap what happened when they get back to base

Then how about pregnant 02?

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That is for Darling and Darling alone.

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>go to ANN

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There was that one fight scene where Miku's Wolverine ripoff got the core

Well of coruse. I didn't mean to suggest otherwise.

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The last episode had some awesome mecha action. Stop whining.

That's because ultimately, the enemies aren't really focused on trying to kill the Franxx mechas. That's why the fights are actually super easy and not dangerous. Sure, there might be smaller type klaxxosaurs around who try to overwhelm the FranXX mechas through numbers and to gobble up the magma energy inside them, but the big ones who could annihilate the Franxx just wanna eat the city.

You are fucking high if u think that strawberry whore is best girl.

>always having sex on your mind is a bad thing
>not having fat people learn their place
>1 act of justifiable betrayal devoids them of their dependability
>what is quality over quantity
>implying sex, gardening with your husbando, and sewing isn't fun
>being cute, fun, caring, and devilish in the sheets is being a boring basic bitch

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When I read novice I honestly expected her face to be completely off, but you done good user. Solid job.

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There's a few details that artist seem to always forget when they draw her face mostly all the ones with her eyes.

But 02 sempai did it with a thousand stamens. Since all of them died after the third ride, that means that she rode 3000 times each with them oogling at and fondling her butt, like the ultimate slut that she is.

Truly, 02 sempai is a role model for all pistils. She doesn't do that purity shit.

This, I loved the kill scene especially.

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why klaxo though?

What do you mean?


>From the trademark Klaxon, based on Ancient Greek κλάζω (klázō, “make a sharp sound; scream”)

That part makes sense actually. What I don't know is why they went with "saur" instead of just "dragon" or something.

The Japanese name is supposedly a pun on the word for dinosaur or something like that, so they probably tried to do something similar with the English name.

Good thread OP

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Not sure why people only complain about 02 being badly drawn. Hiro also feels incredibly off.

>恐竜 means dinosaur
Oh you're right, I didn't know that actually.

>This is the comfy franxx thread for best girl

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In those panels he does, in other chapters of the manga he's far cuter.

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I'm having a lot of trouble finding out who best guy is
I like all of them, as people and as characters

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Then that's your answer! You're allowed to like more than one.

Those panels aren't good for him, probably because he's making shocked expressions. I think he's pretty on point for most of the manga, though.

Same, I honestly like all of them except fatboy
I can't even rank them desu

It's Goro.

Such a cute oni boy

Kokoro fags should just go and quietly fap to their NTR doujins instead of spamming this board with their degeneracy.

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>not laughing at retarded annfags who think fags should get equal representation in all anime

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The audacity.

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the choice is clear

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> Kokoro a slut
> Genista also literally begging to be bent over and ravaged
Classless girl, classless robot.

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I think this is the first time we got a real glance to see what 02 is usually like when fighting in maiden mode, before Hiro. Completely reckless with no regard for anything other than attacking, she wasn't quite like this in any of the previous fights with him. She must be in a really bad way to fight like this, they really escalated her issues from the previous episode. It feels like they almost have to do something in 12, or 13 at the latest.

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Satan of course.

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You people are beyond help, get out.

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hiro needs to give her the dick

12 has to be a big episode, and 02 is the Zero Tsu is the obvious focus

Darling is the best.

This desu all girl problems can be solved with vitamin D.

kissu, dicku, nameu. there, now zero tsu is back.

>02 and Hiro HEALING next episode
I want it so much.

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I wonder if it's an issue that she needs solved by killing Klaxx (someone suggested it staves off the onset of her oni condition, although I don't see how that'd work), or if she just hates the Klaxx on a personal level and takes out her frustrations on them.

Hir02 healing and also cute child Hir02 flashback moments.
My heart

Smug Oni wants to go out in a blaze of glory but Hiro won't let her. He's starting to be a real drag on their murder-suicide relationship.

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And then at the end of the episode, they hold hands and kiss.

I'm not sure if they'll touch on that flashback yet. I think their immediate issues will 02's insecurities will probably be solved though.

the show needs to get back to the power couple that is 02 and hiro. They haven't gotten dedicated screen time in ages


>muh safe space

Not an argument.

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If the PV doesn't hint at it I don't know what I'm going to do. I need the healing

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