DBS ending was shit

I don't know about you all, but DBS was shit in my honest opinion, the ending felt so wrong, Goku won basicly 2 "transformations" through this arc and yet he fails defeating Jiren somehow? And 17 ends up winning? I think they wanted to go into a different direction by making Goku "losing" in the end, but I think they did it in the wrong way, I still like 17 and I must say that he was one of the best characters in this arc, but still I don't think it should have ended like that, The entire arc was basicly a waste of time because they would obviously waste their wishes on reviving all the other universes that got erased, so obviously the good guys would win, and with that, that means that FUCKING RIBRIANNE IS BACK (also frost) which is one of the worst characters in DB for me overall, The scene cutted down back to earth without any explanation, what happened after and how all the characters are doing, only some montages of characters doing silly & happy stuff, but nothing at all, and Beerus revived Freeza which is one of the worst threats to the fucking universe? What the fuck is your problem? Bardock would be pretty fucking sad at this moment, but the ending scene was kinda nice, seeing Goku & Vegeta preparing to fight and making a reference to the first time they've fighted agaisn't each other was kinda nice, but aside from that, the ending was pretty shit for me, it seems rushed and empty for me, I don't know if the manga will end the same way, but this ending seems like they've ran out of money at the last moment so they rushed the ending out, anyways
How was the ending for you all?
It was really bad to me, it could be so much better but it all went wrong for me.

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All I know is that Kale and Caulifa are training to try to get to SSJ3 with Cabba.

Someone give me one good reason why Cabba won't be able to trick both of them into unending long passionate sex and call it training.

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Female Broly would destroy poor Cabba
It would be the last nut of his life
(Until he gets revived by the Dragon Balls)

Yeah it was awful. Instead of some interesting resolution we just got a status quo return.

We never got a resolution with defeating Beerus.
We never got some grand trust with grande padre.
We never got some big reveal or backstory about the angels in or even the GoDs.

Nope. No lore expansion no nothing. Just the same shit.

>grand trust

Even Dragon Ball X from Joe Capo and the Gohan Blanco shit was far more interesting than this bullshit.

How great would that nut be though?

To the point that not only you would lose two nuts
But the person right on your side also would.

Yeah bro, I hate it cos everyone liked it too.

Pretty shit I would say, saiyans aren't into that anyhow.

They still haven't caught up to the El Sobrino arc tho

(Jokes aside, Dragon Ball X is really awesome.)

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I don't hate it because everyone liked it
If it was like that, I would hate DB entirely too

And DBX is really not bad
It's pretty entertaining.


Because he is Cabba, at best he gets to watch them from afar.

Here's a sneak peek of next episode: El Sobrino and El Ornitorrinco gang up against Gohan

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I feel like Toei and staff did a great job wrapping the series up personally. Waiting for the new episodes weekly I found myself re-watching DBZ. I think the story has progressed well to this point in time with a main theme of Goku befriending his enemies and his personality inspiring other characters to change.17's wish, Freeza's helping hand and even Jiren's reflecting words in the episode show that. I am thinking we will see even more change in Vegeta's character moving forward as there was a scene in 131 where he seemed shocked to see Freeza and Goku working together. This could be due to the fact that it's Freeza, considering their past. But I like to think it ties into an earlier episode of DBS where Whis commented on how strong Goku and Vegeta could be if they fought cooperatively with each other. I am sad it is over but am very excited for the movie in December consider the staff changes that are being made. It's an exciting time to be a fan of DB!

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Next episode: Goku wins 2 new transformations but loses anyways to Gohan Blanco

Your point makes sense, I guess. But Dragon Ball X is definetely the reason why it's a great time.

I had to google that as I had not heard of it. Duracell huh? Haha

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Yeah. It's a fan series where Gohan's the best and Jiren has a huge family of siblings. It's filled to the brim with memes. There's nothing particularly remarkable about the writing or anything, but the interesting part is wondering what Joe will come up with next. Actually most memes in the series, like Gohan Blanco and Ultra Instinct Shaggy, emerged from this very message board. Small world, huh?

PS Also I'm trying to start new memes by spamming El Sobrino and El Ornitorrinco

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>I think they wanted to go into a different direction by making Goku "losing" in the end
But Goku winning a tournament almost never happens.

>Beerus revived Freeza which is one of the worst threats to the fucking universe? What the fuck is your problem?
God of Destruction. Why the fuck should he care? He was the one who told Frieza to destroy planet Vegeta for him in the first place.

>but this ending seems like they've ran out of money at the last moment so they rushed the ending out
More due to scheduling. New show is taking Super's spot, so they need to make sure it ends around the time the winter anime season would end.


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chadhan always wins baby

dbs is the only anime that can be shown in public youtube.com/watch?v=A9xBKizQntU