Futoshi, I

Futoshi, I...

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Is she wife material?

She is.

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As long as you aren't fat or overly possessive

burn lol

I want this to happen. Maybe not make her bleed, but a little slap would be deserved.
Breaking promises is WRONG.

sure, but your kids might suspiciously resemble the milkman

Kokoro, I...

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For domestic abuse, yes.

Only if you can get her loins gushing for you, otherwise, well, good luck eh.

Second best mommy this season.

Wife material yes, but not waifu material because she's not attracted to just any trash male like otaku or user.

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she's shit

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Ichigo sure is.

Fuck off, Ichigo is not shit!

Until she finds somebody better than you

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As she should.

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Have a (You).

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gain some height


He doesn't need it.

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not really
she just wants quality semen

Is it though, if the promise is imposed on you?
Futoshi basically used the circumstances they are in to force Kokoro to agree. If she'd have said no, then that would impact their relationship and as a result their ability to pilot negatively. Asking someone to promise something like that to you is very manipulative.

I'd agree if Kokoro was the one who brought up the subject in the first place, but as it stands, Futoshi basically gave her no other option but to answer in the affirmative.

who's the first?

Absolutely not

>NTR shit this blatantly

never dropped a series harder except Panty Stocking

>Is it though, if the promise is imposed on you?
Pure delection, the only thing imposing Kokoro was her own weakness, disagreeing with Futoshi is as valid as Miku lashing out at Zorome whenever he does something she doesn't like.

Are Kokoro defenders also Kayo apologists? Because even though I will never forgive Kayo, I'm going to ride with you on this one.

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honestly is was so fucking hot when she cucked him

i have been fapping to the thought non stop

You say that as if it's a bad thing.

>darling fatty punch
That's a slap

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Reminder that Futoshi has managed to pilot two FranXX where the pystils didn't care much for him, not only pilot them, but pilot them well, meanwhile Mitsuru was a show in mediocrity till Kokoro and him synched well by the end of episode 11. Fatass has always been the third best pilot and will only improve once his episde arc comes up.

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Kokoro defenders don't self insert so thats a plus.
I didn't really care to much about Kayo. Kokoro and her are two different characters.

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>his episde arc comes up.
>he doesn't know.

>all these angry fatfags getting mad at based kokoro
She simply did what any rational woman would do and went with a partner that wasn't obese.

Have a look.

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How many guys will she fuck?

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Kayo pissed me off only a little bit because the last time she saw the MC she was only 11 and because there was that other girl for the MC anyway.

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>that wasn't obese.
Futoshi is bulked up, a fatass can't push away three men of the same size and deck clean punches to the face.

We had a thread yesterday where people posted their height and weight and whether they thought kokoro was in the wrong, and literally everyone below 6' thought kokoro was right and everyone above thought she was wrong

She will have to hunt onto other bases, since the remaining guys are pretty loyal to their girls.

Don't think they are the same.
Kayo loved Satoru but moved on to marry another guy while he was still "there".
Kokoro never love Fatoshi in the first place.

That's nice. Please also remember that Kokoro is fucking soaking for the Milkman and wants to bear his child. Milkman is going to sire many children and grow old together with her and their big family.

It's great that Futoshi is such a great pilot and a nice person towards women. I'm sure the lesbian will be happy that he's kind to her. He's such a nice guy! Way to go!

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MitsuDEX >>> FutoSTR.

delet dis

The fact that a boatload of fat virgins is absolutely boiling inside because Fatoshi got rejected is funny enough to instantly elevate an average show to AOTS

>YFW the comic-relief pair that bickers is the only true pairing on the show.
>YFW they survive at the end while everyone else dies.

Reminder to exercise or you'll end up just like Fatoshi.


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>falling for all the bait

Only Milkman until he dies and she keeps trying to run away from his death by partnering with other men and imagining they're him.

The better pilot survives in the end, Kokoro will raise her deadman's baby as a single mother after he dies of either super serum aids or his lack of skills as a pilot.

the headband + hairstyle combo will never fail to remind me of Cecilia

I think he is pretty much on par with Hiro as combat skills, he literally dominated a new unit with completely different abilities and a problematic parthner like Ikuno.

>triggercuck actually believe this

All strongmen's competitions are full fatmen, you retard, dudes who lift dozens of oil tin barrels are fat lumberjacks.

Ikuno's not that problematic anymore.

So the Milkman will get laid and pass on his genes. Kokoro might die too and Futoshi would volunteer to raise their child when they die if he doesn't die to protect them.

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>Mitsuru is Shinji
>Kokoro is Anti-Shinji

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NTR in the flopps

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The boyfriend dying after impregnating his girlfriend is super romantic. A1 Writing

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Want to know how I know that you're a crossboarder? Now grab your super sized diet Coke and the quarter pounder with cheese and fries and waddle back to where you came from.

I'm 8 feet tall and think Kokoro's in the right. See, I can do it too :^)

>saying cuck makes you a crossboarder now
Wanna know how I know you're from /reddit/?


>saying cuck makes you a crossboarder now
Yep. It's the easiest way to fucking spot you faggots.

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Kokoro cucked the ugly guy for the ikemen like a typical 3DPD. Admit or not Sup Forums represents Futoshi not Mitsuru.

It was hard but in the long run it's good that futoshi was not with her.
He deserves better.

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Some things to note:

1) Mitsuru is gay.
2) Mitsuru will not live for much longer.
3) Ikuno is lesbian.
4) Ikuno will not tolerate a male partner for much longer.
5) When these events are done, Kokoro and Futoshi will have no partners.

You're going to get a 'partner reunion' episode. But first, Kokoro and Futoshi are going to sort out their problems. Kokoro will become less of an acquiescent liar. She will acquire a streak of blunt honesty from Mitsuru. Futoshi will probably become less of a loopy fatass.

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this is fucking perfect

Only a minority of Amerigringos are Futoshi. The rest of the world is autistic eternal grudge carrying Mitsurus.

>1) Mitsuru is gay.

>2) Mitsuru will not live for much longer.

>3) Ikuno is lesbian.

>4) Ikuno will not tolerate a male partner for much longer.
probably wrong

>5) When these events are done, Kokoro and Futoshi will have no partners.

Stop posting

NTRfags get out

I see you're a speedwatcher.

Well, at least now that I've told you these things you won't be surprised when they happen.

You're are the uglier guy. That's the whole point.

She's not one for commitment so no.

Did you honestly think that whole half of the episode that was devoted to showing Mitsuru being sickly and living on temporary medicine from Nana was just for show?

She will cheat on you for the pretty boy while smiling.

What a coincidence.

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His deadly Japanese cold went away, user. By having metaphorical heterosex in the Genista, his immune system was activated.

It was to add weight to the effect kokoro had on him by her being the reason he recovered.

Yes, faggot, bringing memes, terminology etc from other boards to Sup Forums is crossboarding. Now hop on the treadmill, piggy.

But that's not what happened?

Please tell me there weren't people dumb enough to watch that and think it means Kokoro magically healed him with her mindcunt

I'll fix it.

Whats the name of this show again?

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I see cuck said on this board all of the time. Your secret club was never real. Time to grow up, kiddo.

Ntr in the slut zord.

fuck off underage

Cuck meister of giant walking wench.

sasuga nu/a/

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Cheater of the iron hostess.

Lurk more before posting next time.

Unrequited Love in the Robots

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Vitamin D in your robutt.

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