>She sees your dick

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>Leave the Nazarick girls to me

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Solution only has eyes for fetuses.

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4th for Momonga and merry band of edgy faggots getting absolutely BFTO

Which Nazarick NPCs can survive the Infinite Slip combo?


She's a slime so why would size be important for her?


Nothing can survive the powr of Slip. Not even Ainz can survive. Nazarick will fall.

More meat obviously.


her true form is a slime monstrosity. She's not interested in dicks, let alone human tiny dicks.

Someone call for an exterminator?

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A reminder that Solution did everything right

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Honestly EE is fucking lame, I don't see what people see in her. They must be fucking blind.

I kekd hard at this cringy series.

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Yes, please your country-destroying power to exterminate my DT.

Cuck plz go and stay go.

Iunno, the other vampire options we have are kinda shit. EE has bigger boobs than Shalltear, and she's probably doing better in the ass department too. It's not the WN, so we don't even have Arche or Brain to choose from, it's just vampire brides, who, despite being better than chair, have no personality. All in all EE is the obvious choice, she's cute as fuck, especially when she starts swooning over Momon.

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That's a record breaker for the highest amount of shit taste crammed into a single paragraph.

No, that cuck needs to give me source.

I want to make Solution happy.

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VB have plenty of personality.
There are under a dozen of Overlord doujinshi, are you mentally disabled? You can find it under 2 minutes on

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Nothing wrong with being un dead.

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If even being a manlet Ainz succeed in life there is hope for me too

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>succeed in life
>nolifer mmo addict turned undead
The irony.


Ulbert is a fool for not developing this spell. Who cares about an item to summon a horde of demons when you can make everyone fall infinitely?

[Nail to the Sky]

How inclined would Shalltear and Albedo be to play out cuking fetishes if Ainz ordered it?

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We /tg/ now?

When did we not?

Finally, a weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

Please tell me Albedo will wear her armor again at some point.

Wait are there actually people who think she was doing wrong? In the grand scheme and to an outside view how could anyone think that?
Everything she did was in character and was to be expected.

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I like Solution very much.

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There are plenty of shitty people with terrible work ethics out there. They consider going over superior head to report his misgivings "snitching". Some even consider doing the same for their colleagues, people on the same career level as them, to be "ratting out" too.
It's particularly prominent where I live and have deep roots in education system and society. You would be considered a "rat" and bullied and condemned if you directly reported to superior\teacher before talking to the person himself first.

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Would you?

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her face is annoying

don't stick your dick into crazy

bug is fine tho

Slobber my face all over her tiny cute feet and spend hours licking and sucking her tiny toes? Certainly.

So I'm reading through the LN (currently on Volume 6) and got a bit confused on pic related
Is it really Shalltear?
>blonde hair
If so, what happened to her? Did I speed read or will it be explained later?

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This is you.

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i don't think there'll be anything left if you stick it into the bug

God I wish that were me

>what happened to her?

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what's wrong with her foot?

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Her armor's sexy as fuck.

>nothing left
No loss there.

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She stepped so hard on her puppy it broke.

*uses [Nail Clipper]*


Yes and that's what is wrong with anime designs.

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I want Nabe to call me a worm

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Good point.

I'd like to run an Overlord campaign sometime to be honest.

wow so rude, you'll starve her

You have to know at least 3rd tear magic to deserve that.

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How would Nabe react to Ainz ordering her to get on her knees and suck a humie's dick?

You faggot do it on purpose or you're just authentically dumb?

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Why didn't he take her up on her offer for the fake marriage? I thought Raeven was an ambitious man.

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In a doujinshi Ainz once told Nabe to not shot down all other adventurer's requests for socialization. She ended up being sandwiched between the two.

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He did after he calmly assessed the proposition. They'd move forward with it if not the war with SKAOG.

How could the pop skellybones in the graveyard tell Ainz is undead, but high tier vampiress Keeno can't?

the fuck you on about

That doujin has fucking awful anatomy, like really what the fuck.
This is the shit i get for the season 2 premier?
Fucking H-artists and their fetish fuckkery.

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Post unagi chair.

the fuck is that. Shallworm?

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What's wrong with that chair?

Delet this shit

The chair became a table.


long loli is long

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Art look nice. Especially EE.

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just die

>Nabe will never spit in your mouh, slap you, and force you to lick her boots
Why even live?

EE is cute as hell. I haven't read the LN yet but im really excited to learn about her

Post characters you want to cuddle with.

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I've wanted to wife EE since her introduction

I wanna deepthroat her.while her head is disconnected.

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>I wanna deepthroat her
She will need a gender change item then.

The fuck? Lizards in Roble Kingdom? Enri confirmed to bring demi-human alliance to save Ainz?

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Disgusting. EE was right, nobody would want to be served by this monster.

Cute bug(sexual)

Of course, those all are, like, rewards. Why would she reward such a lowly insect as you?

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>human = bug

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Because she would be able to crush me whenever she wants.

>ainz dying
>medios losing to blue rose again
>countries betraying him
>momon saving the day
Vol 13 doesn't bode well for nazarick.

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Jokes on you, long lolis are my fetish.