Will they leave the rape scene in the anime?

Will they leave the rape scene in the anime?

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I hope not

Remove the rape, you also remove the audience.

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They'll probably do it off screen or show bits and pieces of the girl struggling and being held down but they don't really need to show more than that, do you really need to go full hentai when the main purpose of the rape is to make you hate the goblins even more?
Also if goblin rape is so prevalent among female adventurers and even villagers why don't they all make a point to wear one of these?
They'll still be tortured and eaten by gobbos but at least they won't be raped and turned into breeding stock for them, plus they'll also be spared other kinds of rape too.

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We had this same thread yesterday.

It will probably have it in the BDs only

Why wouldn't they? Rape is the best thing there.

No, the culling of goblins is the best thing

>do you really need to go full hentai
Yes. YES~!!!!

No, the rape is the best thing.

They should have even more rape scenes than any other adaptation. In the early threads, the rape was what got all the attention. Without rape, it might never catch on.

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What page was it exactly?

Shit dude it's like a fair amount of pages of the first chapter. just read it.

I want to see the cute Paladin girl get stripped and raped.

Any info on how many eps/cour?

all of them

They seemed to tone down the raping in the manga. I remember a few chapters ago seeing a rape but none of the goods were showing.

yeah hope they do
you watch this anime for blood of goblin death
so gore + the rape.

if they censor the blood of goblin and remove the rape ?? this show got nothing else.

the manga all about this

Oh come on now, how else are we supposed to reproduce?

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I remembered being in the first of this here on Sup Forums. Almost all eople was shitting on it, calling it an edge fest and the like. Now you all are praising it. What happened?

try sticking a knife into your throat
here let me help you

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cg is going to win this, amirite guise?


We all saw how great GS was, the rest is history

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is hard to tell, is more easy that GS dies and no girl wins.

>Also if goblin rape is so prevalent among female adventurers and even villagers why don't they all make a point to wear one of these?
Most adventurers think they're hot shit and that gobbo's are literally babies first curbstomp in terms of difficulty. Being killed by them probably doesn't cross most newbie adventurers' minds until it's too late.

Can show it with shadows
There was rape in PSYCHO-PASS if you fags forgot, it can be done on TV

will make my future daughters wear these

fuck gu... goblins

It became pointless after the paladin/rhea party got gobbed. The point of the first rape was to show that the goblins didn't play by RPG rules, point of the second was to show how even experienced teams can fail to goblins without proper prep (like helmets).

Why do goblins kill and eat their female captures after raping them?

Shouldn't they be hoarding them for years and years?

No. If they do anything at all they'll show a big ugly goblin licking his lips and then the girls horrified face and they'll cut to a different scene.

the real question is will they leave the boots on

You know I've always been wondering about this while reading goblin slayer.
Why don't they just blow up the holes/mines that goblins live in/choose too breed in, we know that at least GS blows up their nests, when he feels like it, or just preemptively blow up every unused mine/hole.
I mean that's pretty much how people have fought against malaria in rl, just change blowing mines and holes up with draining swamps.

Mangafag here. Was the fighter in priestess' first party a woman?
That fighter as the girl eyebrows and is by far the most andrygynous in the series. Anyone who read the LN know better?

Average goblin is too stupid, they need one of their evolved forms as leader telling them to fucking stop.

>moralfags everywhere

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he does this sometimes. Other times it doesn't work due to the geography of the nest.

Explosives aren't exactly common, or cheap, and you can't verify if you were successful at killing all the goblins. Look at when GS burned the elven fortress: even after being sealed in, some survived and tried to run away. And even letting ONE survive is bad because of the experience gain.


Hey, you stole my youtube thumbnail!
Thanks user.

Guess that would explain it, I still think it would be smarter to destroy the mines as much as possible after killing the goblins. The current method just leaves an empty mine/hole behind for the next goblin group to breed in or whatever else would choose to breed in such places. But I guess I can live with the fact that GS sometimes does it, iirc it was mentioned that he floods or burns their nests sometimes.
Regarding the price of explosives wouldn't it work to set the mine on fire after killing all the goblins/blocking the entrances? If rocks get hot enough they crack also burning the supporting structures could help to destroy a nest.

/a self insert with GS autism

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Shouldn't Goblin Slayer be pretty high level, killing advanced monsters like the champion, lord, and ogre?

Yes. Read the manga.

Culing only good because the they're rape happy trash monsters, doesn't really have the same if effect if goblins are just murderers

Maybe there's a reason why he's called GOBLIN Slayer.

Also friendly reminder.

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So how baited will people be for the anime, considering the misleading trailer? Surely the title should make them doubt.

Oh yeah I remember that one user saying that GS will ditched the helmet for good, thank god I didn't believe his lie at all.

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it will be implied rape, not explicit rape

I do not know. But in goblin perspective, he is the goblin.

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He's silver so it's acknowledged that he's high level and that's what surprises people; that someone who is a veteran adventurer would exclusively hunt a beginner-level monster type and do so with very basic gear.

What rape?

Fuck you for ruining this pic

That was the only good part after that it was generic tripe

You mean,
Thank you for clarifying GS's perspective.

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>What rape?

Chapter fucking one.

The actual GS would ignore wasabi and go away, she doesn't fit his vision of a goblin. You are just a rapefag.

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The actual GS would be cautious in the new type of goblins.

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>reads the first chapter out of curiosity

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>Now you all are praising it. What happened?

Endearing autism.

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Just reread this manga. At first I thought GS was Isekai manga.

What is the fucking difference?

its shit, GS sounds like a mary sue

Ain't the same guy jimbo.

Cow Girl is the best.

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Then how you posted the exact same pic without being blocked?

A lot of newbie adventurers are fucking retarded, dont prep and get bent over pretty regularly. You would think the guilds would heavily inform female adventurers to at least wear those belts or make it hard for gobs to get to their bodies to prevent being seed beds.
With the rise of goblins at an alarming rate this means women are regularly failing, getting kidnapped and no one is even attempting to inform anyone.
They are all shocked and broken about it.

Which one?

Have we heard his voice yet? I don't remember hearing him speak in the trailer.

It was a dude.

Why was the other thread deleted?

audio drama

I cropped that one from earlier thread.

That requires intense amounts of heat and some areas are too moist/made of processed stone to pull it off properly. That and the materials required becomes expensive since gob workd doesnt pay well.

Guild Guirl smugness makes my peepee feel funny

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Some faggot repoted it because touhou.

Maybe because the first chapter IS just an edge fest and if you read that chapter alone you'd gather nothing other than

>fantasy world
>adventure guild w/ generic ranking system
>hopeful gang propped up only to be killed and raped for effect
>rape for the sake of rape

Goblin Slayer's charm wasn't brought out until he arrived, which he did not do in the first chapter due to it setting the scene moreso than developing GS. If you only read the first chapter and nothing else, it's shit.

Goblin Slayer's autism became a very amusing and endearing source of entertainment for us all.

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>mfw all of High Elf Archer's tits went to her hips and ass
Small tits + wide hips + big ass is patrician taste and you cannot argue this.

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He can't fly so no.


maybe they are warned but think
>pfft as if I would ever get gobbed

Goblin Slayer's highly purified autism is what happened

So the mod didn't even check the thread to see what was going on and didn't recognize the goblin slayer part?

After a certain point you have to wonder why its not mandated, or if they are doing/letting them do it on purpose. I mean guild chick pretty much self admitted they're tossing newbies at gobs to die and get raped.
Love the series but the structure is straight up weird.

The core premise is that everyone has the notion that only fucking losers and non-combatants get gobbed, so there's this weird cognitive dissonance where the increase of gobbing is not seen as the goblins being a threat so much as those people just fucking suck ass and pretty much deserved it for losing to such a low level mob enemy.

GG has the best ass.

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When will Lancer learn he has Sorceress?

I want to rape the elf

Oh, I bet you do.

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Does he though?

Goblin Slayer showed up
Instead of acting like a cringey edgelord, a meme, or an aloof overpowered MC he just acted like an autistic, seasoned and mature veteran
The fact that he almost never takes the helmet off is the best part

>They'll still be tortured and eaten by gobbos but at least they won't be raped

Yeah, tortured and eaten, sounds preferable. Also I'm pretty sure the goblins would just tear it off.

More like, next volume when?

>sounds preferable
I mean id assume the women would rathet die than end up broken husks terrified of the outside after the miniscule possibility of rescue from being beaten, cut, bitten, raped, giving birth to gobs and being force fed god knows what.

Why does this autist have so many potential girlfriends anyways? I can somehow understand the childhood friend and priestess, but why do the other sluts want his dick so badly?

i dont think so,they censored that in berserk,they will censor goblin slayer