Dragon Ball Super

>Saviour of the Multiverse
>Got his fucking Cruise
>Inflicted the more damage on Jiren
Say what you want but you can't deny Android 17 is at the very least SSG Tier

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Digimon is considerably better written:
In Tamers you have characters like Jian who is a child that beat another into the hospital with martial arts. Considering he is actually a good and intelligent character he feels terrible about it, faults himself and pretty much becomes a pacifist.
At least until the plot starts, monsters invade the world and shit gets fucked up and his partner monster wants to stop and fight the invading ones to stop them from fucking shit up.
He stops his partner monster, tries to reason with the arguably intelligent invaders, restraining them, throwing them back into their own world.
His friends don't bail him out and he convinces them to avoid them and the monsters get stronger and cause more damage. Bbegrudgingly lets his partner monster fight after realizing that he is one of the handful of people who can fight back and more or less is forced to kill the monsters.

Then there is a further step, where the city they live in is basically about to get devastated by a rampaging megapig and it gets to him that his friends, family and everyone else could get hurt and he urges his partner on to beat the shit out of it.

The final end is they're engaging some pheonix god who was more or less responsible for sending the invading monsters and his sister is in direct danger, he tries to keep shit under control.
He realizes that his partner monster was hurt pretty bad because he wouldn't engage himself and that trying to abstain from fighting, when there isn't any reasonable way out was going to end up being responsible for what happened to them.
Regretting that shit and deciding to step in himself, there is a transformation sequence where he merges with his monster partner, ends up being a massive mech decked out in guns, rocketlaunchers and proceeds to use martial arts to beat the shit out of said pheonix, indicating that he still is holding back.
That is a proper character arc.

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So wait did 17 win?
What was his wish? Are all the other universes erased?

>Saiyan Genes for SSG
>Frieza Genes for Golden
>Namekian Genes for self destruction regeneration zenkais
Say what you want but you can't deny Cell is at the very least Angel Tier

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It was pretty obvious that he was outmatched in the final fight man, he was left behind because he wouldn't be able to push out Jiren.
As for Jiren, it took a double-sacrifice attack to take him out and he was weakened as fuck, can't really call him a jobber. He also got some nice characterization.

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>Say what you want but you can't deny Android 17 is at the very least SSG Tier

He's SSB-tier at minimum. Only cunts can still deny it.

This arc has no meaning at all.

What really happened was whether the hero of Frieza and U7 was the main character or not. Has your audience changed? Prospects like Mr.Satam and Bulma are still fighting with some of the Frieza and returning for about an hour.
How exactly did you take into consideration the results of TOP?
Everything is the same except the last four, and the two rarely changed! The geometry is very proud except that there is still a change like the SBKK which has been forgotten inconspicuously. Wukong is just Goku. There is a change that we can not use because we know what time he knows. 17 And Frieza actually had some development, 17 became self-employed, Frieza basically recruited Wukong. However, the reason for this development is stupid!
People in Zeno know that the winner wants to cancel another universe. If not, they are all gone! Why does not Zeno hold a regular regular game? In fact, if the winner is not someone like Jiren, he will never lose.
I lost the rest of my thoughts.

>It was pretty obvious that he was outmatched in the final fight man, he was left behind because he wouldn't be able to push out Jiren.
He was left behind because he performed multiple suicide attacks and was in worse shape than Goku, by the latter's own accolade..

Reminder that the teleportation effect during the "erasure" of the universes defeated in the ToP was no concidence. NONE of them were erased to begin with. The respective GoD and fighters were simply teleported to the GoD's native planet, however the scenes were only shown in the last episode to pass off as if the loser universes were in fact revived by 17's wish.
TL;DR It was all a ruse by EGP's keikaku to revive universes 13 to 18, which had actually been erased and contain nasty villains.

>least SSG Tier
you can't just BOOM and become SSG tier. Not without of help of shitty writing. Infinite stamina meme doesn't mean shit, he needed to train with Beerus at least, but all he did was protecting some island from bandits

Post everybody in the ToP who was SSB-tier.

>What was his wish?
A fucking cruise

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>because he wouldn't be able to push out Jiren.
17's attacks did more than Goku and Freeza did until their final combination. 17 sent Jiren flying to the other side of the stadium. There' a reason why Jiren knocked both Freeza and Goku down then charged directly at 17.

That thing is way too big for that fuckign robot


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i wonder how many of you would be upset if Gohan or Piccolo were as strong as 17

Jiren, Toppo, Dyspo
Goku, Vegeta, Freeza, Godhan, 17, 18
Hit, the two namekians
Koichiarator, Anilaza, Maji Kayo
Ribrianne and the three magical boys, the other two magical girls could be too.

17 was never a heavy hitter , base Toppo decimated him. He's high SS3 tier at best, he is perfect for battle royals because of his abilities but in straight 1v1 duels he would lack.
And that's what's good about his character. Although him coming back from his explosion was retarded.


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Nigga just saved the multiverse. It's the least they could give him

Nobody would be upset about Piccolo

What happened here?

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>the two namekians
Nice try gohanfag, keep crying

Goku, Freeza, Vegeta, 17, Jiren, Toppo, Dyspo, Hit, Kefla, Anilaza, Gohan (on the fence with him but he had a good showing against Dyspo and Koichiarator)

The only ones I can remember off the bat

He is 17 tier strong though.
Only when doing the makankosappo, but it actually is a thing so yeah. He did get through two namekians which were about even against Gohan, and he did give them both the dose in one fell swoop. His training alongside the Pan babysitter dayjob actually paid off.

Everyone is exactly the tier the writers want him to be. There is literally zero conssistency in DBS.

Reminder that this furry ruin the Tournament of Power for wanting the universes to stay alive.

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>takes a cruise
>on his phone the whole time
>doesnt even talk to his family

I don't even know why everybody is so mad. 17 being at the end makes perfect sense because he has infinite stamina. "It didn't go the way I thought it would so it's shit" I see this a lot on Sup Forums

Leaked image from the new movie

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>jiren being flung around like a fucking ragdoll in a source game
every time

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>Nobody from U4

Chad as fuck

>didn't even get a line in the last episode
So much for the great assassin Hitto

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>17 was never a heavy hitter , base Toppo decimated him
Toppo used his full power because 17 was such a pain in the ass, and even then he never showed he could defeat 17, only push him out of the ring. 17's barrier was unbreakable by Toppo, but 17 has shown to produce explosives capable of shattering his own shields.

Toppo to begin with is someone Goku needed to use KK to beat by his own admission. Fuck off with this fighting smart shit. Being an efficient fighter doesn't mean you also have to be trash in terms of power. 17 is fortunate to have both.

The namekians only had super regeneration hacks. Power wise they were getting 2v1'd by Gohan.

So how long before they release a ToP game?

Well, I blame the massive disappointment the malditos insectos turned out to be.

What if they made a planet of Cells and then they all merged into one?

Go back and rewatch the Gohan and 17 vs Toppo fight. Toppo could neutralize 17's shields in his base form and later shatter them in GoD mode.
Toppo was more than enough for 17 considering he'd need the help of Gohan, then Frieza, then Vegeta to fight him.

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post smug jiren

>No Kale or Caluifa

lol u mad bro

>Sup Forums arguing about who is the heaviest hitter and who deserves to be at the end despite it being beaten over your heads that U7 has only won through team work

And that isn't even just against Jiren, that's the majority of the fights in the ToP. Had Jiren not sat on his ass and worked with his team mates they would have won

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Kale is low SSG level at best.

Fuck you. He's Jiren-tier at minimum. Could have solo'd everyone if he wasn't holding back.

What if Goku never used the dragon balls to resurrect his brother because he's a fucking manlet? He's used to the idea of being the tallest guy around and got intimidated

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The others all did more or less physical damage to Jiren

But 17 was the only person who was able to hurt Jiren's feelings

They both got btfo by SSG, why would you think they are ssb tier

based metal greymon

Its doesn't matter anyway, because the characters are shit and the whole plot is just an excuse to have drawn out and ultimately pointless fights

Powerlevels and shitty waifus is all DBS has, so it is what is going to be discussed


That's garbage and you know it, Jiren disposed of 17 easily in 127.
If it weren't for Blanco U7 would lose, he probably brought down Jiren's power by at least 95%. And I'm not mentioning the psychological damage because by the end Jiren had regained his confidence.

What are you talking about, Frieza, Vegeta, and Goku all did emotional damage to Jiren.

>But 17 was the only person who was able to hurt Jiren's feelings

I think Freeza did a better job of that.

And his back. Really, he was the first to rip a hole in his suit, that alone broke Jiren's spirit

But Tien, Yamcha, and Piccolo are taller than him

Who gives a shit about Gohan. Gohan was slowing 17 down seeing as the android pefromed BETTER after he separated.

Why don't you watch the actual fight between Toppo and 17. 17's energy bullets, infinite stamina and barrier put Toppo in a position where he was forced to use full power. How the fuck does this make sense if his opponent wasn't SSB-tier? And SSJ3 tier according to you. Do you even understand the difference between the two The difference between SSG and SSB is fucking blitz and one-shot tier massive, not speaking of lower forms. SSB Goku was putting a better fight against SSJ Kefla than SSG Goku who got trashed by Base Kefla.

17 on the other hand was able to hold off Max power Toppo's energy beam, was able to tank attacks from Jiren, who was aiming at Goku and Vegeta. And his barriers have survived against Anilaza who had more power than multiple SSBs.

SSBs in ToP are also far stronger than baseline ones in RoF

I repeat. Fuck off.

>What was his wish?
What do you think?
>Are all the other universes erased?

>17 was never a heavy hitter , base Toppo decimated him

His performance against serious Jiren afterwards says otherwise. He took out attacks from Jiren meant to hurt SSBK Goku and SSBE Vegeta, and he was consistently shown performing in the same ballpark as those two.

Sorry, but 17's higher end feats put him at Kaioken Blue level with no issues.

Yes but they're weak as fuck. Radditz had potential to be stronger than Goku

>But 17 was the only person who was able to hurt Jiren's feelings

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>17's energy bullets, infinite stamina and barrier put Toppo in a position where he was forced to use full power.
With the assistance of Golden Frieza*

>watching Dragonball for the plot

Come on.

This, 17 inflicted Jiren psychological damage

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Toppo's full power is his hakaishin mode though, he had been holding back the entire time before that.
Also, his non hakaishin power output is mediocre, he gto trashed by SSB Goku and did nothing against SSB Vegeta who got out his stranglehold.

You're suppose to turn your brains off when watching super

17's durability is high because he has infinite stamina. That doesn't mean his tier of power is necessarily as high as the guys he fights, just consistent.

>Everyone goes back to their cool universes
>The furries go back to smoldering ashes
Yiff in hell

Stamina and durability are two completely different things.

What are you smoking? Freeza entered that fight after Toppo already began clashing beams with 17, and he couldn't even overpower him properly because Freeza was given enough time to intervene. How the flying fuck does it make sense to you spics that a non-SSB level character would clash beams with a SSBKK-tier fighter and not have his shit pushed immediately. 17 could at least hold it off, and he's got stronger shit like self-destructs and bombs.

Freeza knew how to inflict some real damage to Jiren.

Then again Toppo and Goku pretty much repaired the damage.

They probably enjoy the heat

Le stamina excuse

Nice meme. I'm sure this helped 17 a fucklot when Imperfect Cell stomped the shit out of-

oh wait.

>with a SSBKK-tier fighter
If you are talking about Toppo before he went edgy GoD then see

>can't really call him a jobber
no, he fucking jobbed you idiot

At the end of the day, Z >>>>>>>>>>>>> Super

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Yes, but they are linked. If a fighter in DB runs out of stamina he's fodder and can be beaten by people much weaker than him. This applies to Jiren, it applied to Frieza, and it even applied as far back as saiyan saga Vegeta.

>The 2 namekians
>Maji Kayo
>ribrianne and her autismo cuck harem
>no kale/caulifla
christ, are all gohanfags this stupid?

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big if true

17 isn't that strong, just has the hax barrier

Toppo wasn't SSBKK-tier before going GoD. Goku was able to beat him with Blue in the anime and fought against him with Blue in the manga.

>comparing an OVA to a weekly show

You know it is.

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Toppo's GoD mode is a transformation. I'm referring to Toppo's max power in base. Of course GoD Toppo is much stronger than 17 but he's also far stronger than any SSB could hope to be.

Base Toppo isn't mediocre. He was holding back against Blue Goku. Goku then raised to KK after he saw Toppo's red aura, then told Beerus and co that he wasn't sure he could win. Toppo is SSBKK tier at his strongest even in base.

17 had taken emotional damage up to that point.

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>At the end of the day, water is wet

So I'm confused about that glare technique.

Was Jiren punching really fast or was he literally punching by using his eyes?

He glared out of Hit's time cage
He glared the spirit bomb away
He glared at Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza

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Then why was frost surprised to be back too, shouldn't he have been teleported there earlier?

He didn't even used that fucking barrier as much in the original series.

>no kale/caulifla
What a retard, literally go see Regarding the others:
they were fighting with SSB level Gohan
>maji Kayo
His performance against Dyspo
>ribrianne and her autismo cuck harem
Magical boys' ultimate move was clearly ssb level; Ribrianne fought 17 who is SSB level and 18 defeated her powered up form so she is ssb level as well.
If anything that user missed ; Piccolo's makankosappo with enough charge time is ssb tier as well given that it successfully went through the two u6 namekians.

It's the low budget punch

They are linked but stamina does not play a giant role in how much you can tank. 17 got decimated by Imperfect Cell because the power difference was too large.

Hell, 18 had her fighting ability greatly impaired just because of a broken ankle, then needed 17 to repair it.

Stamina is a poor excuse as there is a limit to how it can effect your stats. It' won't allow you to hit above your weight class.

Vegeta didn't spam final flash either.

Reminder that cutegang won

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Reminder there is NOTHING special about Gohan. They never was.

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Do you know what time is it?
Aye, it’s time to APOLOGIZE

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>they were fighting with SSB level Gohan
But he was able to 2v1 them. They're SSG level at best.
>>maji Kayo
>His performance against Dyspo
He merely trapped Dyspo. He also trapped Goku, but Goku blew him away with SSB's aura.
>>ribrianne and her autismo cuck harem
>Magical boys' ultimate move was clearly ssb level; Ribrianne fought 17 who is SSB level and 18 defeated her powered up form so she is ssb level as well.
This makes sense and I agree with your reasoning.