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show me your cunt


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>baka shinji just because we had sex doesn't mean I a ruv you >:^O


>you will never walk in on sopping wet Asuka while she's covered by only a loose towel
why live?

>Stupid Shinji! You won't even hold me! >:(

i want to hug and fuck angry/sad Asuka

I want to cum in her!

top kek

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Asuka is cute

why does asuka have horns?

is the manga significantly edgier than the series?

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I've never seen that anime but I already hate that cunt

You can't handle perfection.

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She just looks like someone who is never happy

Not really although Kaworu does kill a kitten.

You'll learn to spot the happiness under the scowls once you observe her enough.

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Why was she just wearing a bra in that scene? What if Shinji came home instead of Misato?

Or she could lose the mental disorder

It's hot cooking at a stove in an un-air-conditioned home.

Asuka is a tease anyway, asserting her body is one of the ways she paints herself as superior and attracts attention.

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That's called being a whore user

She can't. She's not real.

I think whores want sex for pleasure's sake. Asuka just wants to be wanted. The person speaking in this image is Asuka

Anyway, Soryu's first and only kiss is Shinji, and if she's had sex then her first and only time was with Shinji (see youtube.com/watch?v=PcXGgjyV4WA) so there's no grounds to say she's promiscuous.

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whores actually fuck you mongaloid

Whores fuck for money or some kind of favor or good. Sluts fuck for pleasure's sake.

Shave your cunt.

Beat girl

Is love a favor or good?

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*gets BTFO*

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Stop it

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I'd say it's actually less edgy.

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Yeah I'd say a woman who fucks a man for feeling of being loved either during or afterward is a kind of whore. It's important though that they are doing it selfishly though, the man they're fucking doesn't have to be loved in turn as he is receiving sex.

So she fucks a guy and then expects cuddling and listening to her problems but the second he wants to talk about his she won't have it as she already provides him with physical relief.

>but the second he wants to talk about his she won't have it

But she did want to talk about his problems.

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This begs the question of how the fuck she found out when Shinji's mother died on that day

Either they already talked about it off-screen, or she went snooping, asked Misato, etc.

Oh I never said that Asuka was a whore I was just talking generally.

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did you literally just take that screenshot?

You should fix the fact that episode 16 isn't the day after the kiss.


That isn't what begging the question means.
Also why wouldn't she know. He went to her grave. It is not like it is hard to figure out.

Yeah it is, it has more than one meaning

>Also why wouldn't she know. He went to her grave. It is not like it is hard to figure out.

1) Did Asuka know he went?
2) Did he announce to Asuka that he was going to his mother's grave?
3) Did he announce to Asuka the date his mother died?

You should stop wet-blanketing every single Eva discussion with retarded comments like this.

The manga is significantly better than the anime.

bullshit, that's impossible

For anyone who gives a fuck or was there last night, we're continuing a BD stream of episodes 7-12.
Just started episode 7.
Pic related is location.

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If you actually watch the episode you will see that she even talks to Misato before they all leave about how Shinji doesn't want to meet his dad. So she is obviously aware of the situation.
Just because they don't explicitly tell you something doesn't mean it holds some greater meaning.

You better believe it, my man. Just go read it.
Cleans up the story much better, no more chaff, no more thermal expansion, better pacing, better Kaworu characterization and how he relates with Shinji. Shinji is also more believable and less of a pussy, overall.

I would say it has an awful ending and shits on both Kaworu's and Shinji's characters.

She never once mentions Yui, just that he's meeting Gendo.
And her being aware of the situation, uh, isn't that what this entire discussion started over? What is this retard logic?

How does it shit on them? It actually gives them some development. Shinji going gay for Kaworu right off the bat is one of the worst things in the whole show. In the manga? There's dynamics, Shinji starts skeptical, weirded out by Kaworu, and eventually warms up to him. Kaworu is a detached guy that just wants to get along but is fucking awkward and doesn't understand some social concepts, and thus boosts Shinji's contempt for the most time.

>She never once mentions Yui, just that he's meeting Gendo.
If she knows that he is meeting Gendo it is logical to assume she knows the reason for it as well.
>And her being aware of the situation, uh, isn't that what this entire discussion started over? What is this retard logic?
Not really sure what you are refering to here. But my point was just because there isn't a scene were Shinji explicitly tells Asuka:
>I'm going to visit my mothers grave with my father because it is the anniversary of her death
doesn't mean there is some hidden mening to decipher. Most of the scenes in Eva are actually what they seem to be.

In the manga he goes ACTUALLY gay for Kaworu, as in wanting his cock, not just being addicted to someone understanding and sympathizing with him.

Which is lame, Shinji stays a boob lover in the anime.

Yeah because Kaworu had a lot of character to ruin.

I want Shinji to fuck Asuka

>If she knows that he is meeting Gendo it is logical to assume she knows the reason for it as well.
No it isn't, that's a personal detail, especially the fact that it's the anniversary of her death. Someone can passingly mention Shinji will be leaving with his father tomorrow without explaining that Yui died on that day.

And that begs the question of how she found it out. Did she ask what they would be doing? Did she ask Misato or Shinji?

too late

do it again bomber harris


>Shinji going gay for Kaworu right off the bat is one of the worst things in the whole show
There is a reason this happens. Writing Kaworu to be anything more than a perfect bishounen that sweeps Shinji off his feet misses the point of his character. There is a reason as to why Kaworu wasn't changed in the rebuild when everyone else was because the purpose of his character had already been fulfilled in NGE. And Kaworu is also not supposed to be some weirdo kid. He is not even human.
I meant that they ruin his concept as a character.

>And that begs the question of how she found it out. Did she ask what they would be doing? Did she ask Misato or Shinji?
This is what I meant. There is no question to beg. You could just as well ask how did Shinji know Asuka had a date. Most likely Shinji simply told her, over the dinner table or something. This is not an important part of the narrative in any capacity.

>You could just as well ask how did Shinji know Asuka had a date

No, those aren't the same things.
"I have a date tomorrow" is not the same thing as "The anniversary of my mother's death is tomorrow." These two piece of information have different levels of confidentiality.

I won't bother replying to you any more, because you are being intellectually dishonest in some weird, autistic attempt to shut down all discussion.

>some weird, autistic attempt to shut down all discussion.
probably burger

She really looks like violet here.

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It is you who is being autistically weird over a small detail that has no bearing on the rest of the show.
It is such a mundane thing to bring up, it can't even be called a discussion. Why does it even matter why Asuka knows about it, neither Shinji nor the show seems to care about it.

violet really looks like rei here*

This theory is mostly horseshit, but the only interesting evidence is Asuka moaning during instrumentality (she could be masturbating?).

She is basiclly a Rei-clone after all.

All of it's interesting, especially the line it's named after

Where does he go actually gay for Kaworu in the manga? Not that I have any issue with it, I just find that in the anime there's no development in their relationship. It just happens and it's set and nothing changes. That's my problem.

I think him not even being human is why it makes sense for him to be awkward and unaware of how he's expected to act. And there being some sort of growth only makes his relationship with Shinji a stronger point.

I was never able to take Kaworu seriously in the series, which I watched before reading the manga, btw.

The moaning isn't during instrumentality it is when she is being mind-raped by the angel.

Violet is a much more boring character

Clones tend to be.

It’s way dumber, instead of the masturbation scene. Asuka randomly awakes from her coma screaming like a banshee and choked Shinji.

...Yes, I’m serious that actually happens.

>shittier 02

Kaworu was always meant to be a idealized figure towards Shinji, he’s Shinji’s wish fulfillment fantasy come to life. The whole point of their relationship was to be a commentary on Shinji’s reliance on others and his craving for affection regardless of who it is. Hell even EoE points it out with the hospital scene with Shinji literally coming to a comatose Asuka for help after his failed attempt to kill himself.

I like the Rebuilds

fuck you

fuck you I actually think they are great

I didn't like 3.0 at all, but I think 2.0 is the best thing to come from the franchise.

daily reminder that 3.33 was just a glimps of what would have happend if the impact at the end of 2.22 weren't interrupted. But Kaworu saw that 3.33 was shit, so he climbed down from the heavens to headshot super shinji and rei, thereby stopping the impact and with it all that happened in 3.33.
tl;dr: relax. 4.44 will be the fucking good stuff again. Oh, and fuck all of you too.

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Baloney poney

>Asuka's character gets assraped
>Shinji's faggot-ass goes bargain-bin TTGL at the end
>A fucking cooking subplot

Yeah nice one dude

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I thought all 3 were more or less equal, with 2.22 being ever so slightly better because of Rei's characterization I thought the original series lacked and because it had undamaged Asuka. I expected Mari to be more forced and annoying.

>Asuka's character gets assraped
Then why were you asukacucks sucking it down by the dozen? Rebuild asuka is the most popular asuka ever. The cooking plot? Asuka's idea.

I'm far too lazy to explain this, but I figured out some of what happened in the time gap, and I don't think you're right.

There was a battle in the time gap that would make EoE look like toy soldiers.

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>reading this deep into fanfiction

>if it's not good then why is it popular?

Are you going to tell me Re-Take was good too, retard? I don't care who else likes Rebuild Asuka, she was objectively shit through and through and the NGE version remains the best one.

Then why did Unit-6 (and therefore Karl) merge with Lillith and start an impact of its own?

I am saying that, because it's your fellow asukafags who are falling for it hook line and sinker. Reifags universally reject Rei Q.

They were going fine, a little bumpy with 2, until 3 veered off the road and into a ditch.

Shikinami behaves the same as Soryu, the only difference is her backstory isn't shown.

>other Asukafags also enjoyed Shikinami

Again, I don't care. They can eat all the shit they want. I'll stick to NGE and I'll stick to knowing that the Rebuild version is about as well-written as the average ghetto bathroom wall.

Shikinami behaves far better than Soryu, you negroid. It's why Shikinami is leaps and bounds more popular than Soryu was.
Shikinami is literally Asuka rewritten for the explicit purpose of making normies prefer her over Rei.

is sicrit.

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>Again, I don't care.
You don't have to care, friend. But your peers are the ones buying Shikinami merchandise at rates much higer than Soryu shit was sold, and driving Shikinami higher on character polls than Soryu ever was, therefore ensuring a shekel-hoarding entity like Khara keeps pushing Shikinami for a good long time to come.