Why do we love JC so much?

Why do we love JC so much?

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Pretty sure that's OL.

I also love JC.

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That's a JD

i would do anything to have a three way with aoba and nene

JQ > JW > JR > JT > JP > JS > JD > JF > JG > JH

Why do they love dicks so much?

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Does Umiko's voice turn high-pitched and girly during sex?

What does that stand for?

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Jamming Cocks

No, it is husky and breathless

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JoshiChuu, which means middle school girl
JK is JoshiKou (highschool) and JS is JoshiShou (elementary school)

Stupid sexy, cute, and smol JC.

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I want to fuck a JC JD OL

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Not a JC

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Looks like a JC, walks like a JC, talks like a JC. It's a JC.

But she's an adult! A mature, working woman!

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The sexiest.

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Why'd you have to go and ruin it, faggot?

i want to destroy aobas butt

Why? She looks like a middle schooler for fucks sake

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I want Akarin to sit on my face.

I think it's a girl game developer thing.
Look at these high schoolers. They look like JS.

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They're so sexy.

FLAT and LONG loli tummies were made to be bapped

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Rub loli tummy.

this is a high school girl

A long tummy makes a girl look like an old hag. Do not want.

Was just about to ask, thanks user

what's with the eye relief on that scope? She's holding right up against her face...

>answers his own question

I want to give a JC my staff

And then bap

Then what do you call this?

an elementary school girl and best non non biyori girl
the other is an author with piss-tier drawing skills

Shit, sorry about that. Here's that picture without the fuckup in the middle.

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>I'm behind you
>Nothin personnel kid

A sexual deviant who should be given the dick by a gang of old men to set her on the right path

You're a disgusting, sick person to think such a thing, even about a fictional girl.
Is there a sadpanda link for that?