Promise me you'll watch the Persona 5 anime, okay user?

Promise me you'll watch the Persona 5 anime, okay user?

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I'll watch it especially for my fiancee Haru.

Never played it so nah

But I already took out the trash,honey.

I watched the commentary-free let's play.
I liked makoto as girl but Yusuke as best boy and best P5.

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Just do it you useless sack of shit

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Well I mean, you can still watch it without playing the game.

I can't wait.

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Ann and Makoto are truly worst girls.

Only if you let me cum on your forehead.

Are there people who actually like Haru?

I will once the dub comes out

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I think you mean best.

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As someone who has been posting in the Sup Forums waifu threads consistently since the game came out, yes. Yes they do. They seem to be louder now than at first though - although everyone seems louder due to the flood of Makotonormies subsiding.

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Sure thing.

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who will be the canon wife in the anime?

Makoto. I'm not a Makotofag, but if it will be anyone (and it might just be no one) it will be her.

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No one. Or Goro.

it's already confirmed to be no one

They already said there won't be any romance in anime. Only nakama power

There has never been a canon wife in a persona anime. Not now and not in the future.

I hope it's as funny as the OG P4 anime

I will but I won't be watching it for you.

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I thought marie was the canon wife in persona 4 golden

>Best girl is not romanceable
Into the trash.

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I sincerely hope Ren realizes his masochist nature.

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and aegis in the p3 anime. who fed me these lies

Besides "beep boop" I don't think Joker has nearly as many funny lines as Yu did.

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You can ignore her completly in golden. Also she's only a dlc in Arena and DAN

P5 had the unfunniest babe hunt I've ever fucking saw. The anime better fix this.

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>My Summer Vacation
>eating crepes with Anne and Makoto
I wish this was in the game.

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Makoto a best, but Haru is alright

How does that zipper work? What?

How will the anime handle the cake?

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By cutting them out completely.

My interests lie elsewhere.

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Nobody. The director said he was focusing on friendship over romance.

Kawakami and Ohya have several scenes that are part of the main plot and can't be cut. And Tae is way too popular to cut completely.

Poor Chihaya is fucked though, especially with her VA being dead.

Joker didn't have as much funny stuff. Yusuke will probably save the anime if anyone does.

Wait I though he was called Akira Kurusu, like in the manga.
I put that name in the game three weeks ago when I started the game.
Oh man that really sucks.

>Fukujun voices a near mute person for a 70+ hour story game
Another thing to hate japan for.

Worth watching for Joker, Ryuji, Yusuke, Kamoshida and Sojiro. Their dubs were outstanding.

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Sojiro's nip voice was too fucking good, same for Yusuke. I can never turn on dubs for this since girl voices always come off bad.

He doesn't have autistic replies but he got lost of savage replies.

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>that VA cast
Holy fuck

Both Sojiro voices were genuinely knock-outs. Rare when you can say that.

I used to hate Yusuke's dub at first but it's grown on me since then. The only dub I'd say is objectively better in every way possible is Kamoshida.

As for the female cast, it just didn't impress me. Haru's dub was just god awful.

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>Anime based on a bastardized smt version made for casuals and waifufags

Just no. What will be next? an anime about fire emblem? lmao

> a 70+ hour story game
I'm clocking in at 100 hours and barely finished the 6th (out of 8) palaces. This game feels too long at times

BASED Kantoku-kun

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>Nobody. The director said he was focusing on friendship over romance.


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I watched this scene way more than I should have.

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I like to think what would happen if FeMC.

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How? Do you just leave the game on while doing other things? I clocked in at about 80 hours for my first playthrough, and I platted that shit on my NG+.

50/50. She either will or not

Female Akechi is a miracle.

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>tfw no way of romancing ryujis mom
>you can't force him to call you daddy in the palaces

I'd butter her pancakes

God I hope so, I really, really do.

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Haru is one of the worst girls in the entire series rivaled only by Fuuka.

Even Marie was better

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>oyakodon with Ryuji and his mom

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t. Mariefag

>Even Marie was better
Don't even jest.

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Please leave. You're pretty much eating feces everyday with that garbage taste.

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Ruyji is the perfect bro for double teaming whores left and right.

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Not bad

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Even if I wanted to watch it for Haru she wont appear in it until much later, so fuck that.

Is it so hard to get another FeMC?

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PC when? Not buying a shitstation 4.

>short hair
Burn that ugly bitch at the stake.

They'd all be non-canonical and sluts user. Here's the town bike of Inaba.

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The anime looks awful. They need to make a show with the ingame engine instead.


I hope you're not implying anything.

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I'm not going to that consolefag infested place.

You will eat Haru's GMO crops.

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You seem to be mentally challenged so I'll help you out this time. This is the thread for persona 5 THE ANIMATION. As long as you have any media player on your PC you'll be most likely the enjoy persona 5 THE ANIMATION on your PC.

This is the criminal slut of Shujin. I hear she fucks the shady gunstore owner and his son calls her mommy.

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I don't watch anime based on video games because the threads are always full of Sup Forums shitters. Looking at you, danganronpa

Sonyfags are already discussing the game in this thread because they played it.


How would a femc for p5 even work? How Shido would accuse her?

Oh jesus, they do? Maybe it has something to do with the anime actually having the exact same story of the game. And you're apparently begging to play it aswell. Maybe you should get out before you get spoilered since you are unable to play it yourself and the anime hasn't aired yet.

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I've seen her kidnapping a kid from the arcade and taking him somewhere. Doesn't this make her a pedophile?

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Kill yourself, sonyfag. You faggots are the worst fanbase.

>Help! Police! She tried to suck my cock!

Criminal Record.

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Manga and anime used different names for P3 and P4 as well. You should have expected this.

What's her name again?

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Same case as P3 and P4, anime and manga choose different names. Anime name always overwrites the manga name in canon.

Are the P3 movies worth watching?

The criminal transfer is always with that old man giving speeches in front of Shibuya station. I bet it's compensated dating.

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i think you mean basic