Remember, visiting brothels is the ethical choice

Remember, visiting brothels is the ethical choice.

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Why are MCs going to whorehouses so prevalent in these things?
Paying for sex is another kind of pathetic and not at all anything to desire
But more importantly:
>Be in medieval fantasy world with primitive understanding of disease and medical advancements non existent.
>Stick your dick inside literal prostitute that has taken dozens of dicks and maybe even done bestiality for some depraved noble's shekels.
Fucking hell, I'd rather the MC stay an asexual virgin, because a dense faggot can make me mad, but a MC that's surrounded by interested girls with healthier lives choosing instead to pay to fuck faceless used up whores overrides this anger with even more anger.

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>>Be in medieval fantasy world with primitive understanding of disease and medical advancements non existent.

Uh...... healing magic?

Whores hear things. You can drill them for information, if nothing else.

To be fair, he's hax enough to cure any disease easily. It does seem stupid to use whores when you've got a Japanese office lady reincarnated as a fantasy medieval European teenager following you around begging for sex though.

>Implying any healer off the street could heal syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes or any other STD that may also come about from a magical world.
Nigga, do you think if there are STD Healers out there they'd gladly heal up a whore without getting payed ridiculously high fees?
That's wishful thinking that there'd be a world without illness simply by the existence of healing magic.
Just because there's magic that cleans your clothes doesn't mean doing laundry isn't still the norm.
I mean, yeah, if the MC is basically God, he doesn't have to worry about dying of excruciating dick rot but come on, if you're gonna write wish fulfillment why would you have whore-mongering in it? especially when it clashes horribly with the MC's bland nice guy personality, I'm amazed he can even go an entire night without trying to "save" one of these whores.
It's not like red light districts and soaplands don't exist already in the real world

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Even without that, he gives them so much easily that he could just let her use one of his spare bodies he used in the past. And not all of them are that young, physically or mentally.

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>why can’t he just be a beta permavirgin like other isekai I can’t self insert this shit

Nah man, I'd prefer for MCs to have a proper love interest or actually pursue one of his harem.
I mean, I wouldn't mind whores much if the MC himself was some huge pervert that fucks any girl given the chance or was some edgy/hardboiled dude, that's to be expected, but bland nice guy protags? Nah.
You think being a beta that fucks prostitutes isn't as sad as "Muh beta permavirgin"?
When's the last time you heard anyone bragging about fucking a whore?

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>implying all these diseases even exist in that magical world

I dunno, man. It's actually kind of refreshing that they're acknowledging "Yes, I want to have sex" and that he has sex with other women. Otherwise, you just get constantly blueballs.

He can heal himself with magic
Magic, you understand that?
Kill yourself fag

Now it needs to start happening with the harem. He is also stopped multiple times by them in the future.

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You don't get it user. Isekai jesus is blueballing his harem. They can't be satisfied by anything less than the son of God.

>t. Arisa

Well I'd rather the woman gets paid for her services. Then you know raped in alley.

If you have sex with a whore but then refuse to pay, is it rape or shoplifting?

This is part of Japanese culture. Going to prostitutes is considered a necessary evil there and just a kind of stress relief for men. They don't even consider it cheating for married men to visit prostitutes.

true intellectuals often frequented brothels: van gogh, kafka. einstein likened wives to prostitutes. op is a fag

Well aside from syphilis most of the really bad STDs weren't around in medieval times, so I'd wager it's pretty safe to plow some peasant whore's fields.

If its forced then its rape. If its consensual its theft or whatever the crime of not paying after a service.