One Piece

Post Charlotte smiles you failed to protect

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My husbandos are hotter than yours.

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I wonder what Urouge is up to.

All of them.

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Reminder Bobbin is just sleeping.

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I agree with Sanji

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>tfw couldn't save his smile
W-Who /oven/ here ;_;

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Get well soon ;_;

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But Luffy protected Katakuri's cute smile

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This Oda better make it up to them someday.

He wasn't a Charlotte but still

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He's about to make the only Sweet Commander yet to job, job to a bunch of fish and an entire island full of Charlottes jobbing offscreen to the 4 Memesmokes.

>Oven and Smoothie powers would be perfect against the Sun Pirates
>they will fail

No, he's not. Pekoms will go wild for a moment and they are just going to coup de burst away (with Caesar's gas).

>It's a ''I'm gonna get mad about things that didn't happen yet'' episode

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Someday user. Someday.
Someday the Charlottes will fight a powerful enemy for Luffy's sake.

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>chapter 900 will be about BM orgasming with the cake, like a Shokugeki no Soma full chapter
Would you like It?


>Oven and Smoothie powers would be perfect against the Sun Pirates
How? Water beats fire/heat, and Smoothie doesn't absorb liquids with her powers, just extracts them.

Did you forget about the part where Oven boiled the ocean in a matter of seconds?

If you think Smoothie is gonna do something you're clinically retarded and delusional and you need to seek help.

Oven can boil the water but he will be busy with the Germa 66 and Pekoms.

Yes. The Cake has had 20+ chapters of buildup. We had better get a ton of focus on it.

Will Wadatsumi just pick up the Thousand Sunny and throw it as far away as possible?

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oven can boil parts of the ocean in mere seconds, remember? problem is the vinsmokes are most probably keeping him busy

>and Smoothie doesn't absorb liquids with her powers

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I forgot about that. You're right.

Still doesn't explain Smoothie's powers being useful.

That's a good guess.

>the Luna shipper got banned twice today
>0 Sanji hate posts
Really makes you think

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Goddamnit I ( )
really am a Speed D. Reader

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the resident charlottefags have been extremely aggressive in the past couple weeks. i mean, i don't blame but still

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I still don't get Katakuri's personality, sounds like Oda didnt know how to putting him outside. Still BMPs jobbing against 4 Germas sounds really bad

Now that you mention it that does sound pretty likely.
They could probably escape just fine even without that but that's a shorter and flashy way to go and wrap up the "SH must escape" part of the arc so we can hurry up and focus on the future of the BMPs already.

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

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*don't blame them

I like this idea but I like them using Caesar gas to escape too, all while calling him scum of course

I unironically don't understand why you guys keep with the faggotry and coupledream. If you want those, go read girls manga or a faggots' manga

Smoothie would snipe him before he even gets the chance

ESL please.
If you type as well as you understand a chinese mangoo for children translated into english, then you can answer your own questions. Pic related might help too.

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Where's the user that insisted Luffy was going to the reverie with the Vinsmokes, by the way?

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Press S to spit on Katakuri's ugly Pelican eel grave

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Why is Big Mom eating the cake being built up so much? Won't she just eat it and pass out? Everyone will just continue chasing each other until they get caught or they escape. In what way will chapter 900 be a significant turning point in this arc?

>They could probably escape just fine even without that
Really? They have been trying to do that for 11 hours and it doesn't seem to work.

I'm glad that Flampe will be breastfeeded mochi to survive, she deserves it

I thought it was pretty shitty how he was pretty much killed by that mass attack as if he was one of the faceless characters.

>Still BMPs jobbing against 4 Germas sounds really bad
I don't mind this. One Piece has almost always run on Musou logic, where only Major fighters matter, and mooks/soldiers make no real difference. The only important Charlotte that Germa has been fighting so far is Oven, who was taken out by Ichiji, the strongest one.

user perospero literally spells it out for the reader in the latest chapter

She's probably going to die from eating the cake

>Won't she just eat it and pass out?
We don't know what will happen, only what the characters think will happen. That's what makes it such a significant build up, teamed with the fact that it was such an impossibly difficult thing to do under the circumstances and is one of the key parts of saving the Straw Hat crew from being destroyed in WCI.

I'm here. Apparently I was wrong. So... Reverie isn't an arc (which was my first guess but people are convinced me).

>"It's time to eat Flambe"

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Yeah but all of his scenarios assumed it was poisoned, which it wasn't. Scenario 3 is basically "nothing happens" and it's the most likely thing to occur.

Why would this happen

Pudding poisoned it

I suppose you're right. Even though I don't see how anything significant will happen, I still want to know what happens.

>Why would this happen
Poison or the cake is so good she dies. I would like her to lose control and start to eat everything, that flashback has to be for something besides knowing about Caramel

Oven has not been taken out. At all. He's still perfectly fine. Germa 66 aren't going to win against this army. Not possible, there's too many named/designed BMP.

>Yeah but all of his scenarios assumed it was poisoned
the cake is poisoned, user. with sanji's cream, that's the "dangerous ingredient that shouldn't be there at all"
i don't get why it's so difficult to understand that

>that flashback has to be for something besides knowing about Caramel
Elbaf set-up. BMP will return there.

>Perfectly fine
He’s standing, user, but I wouldn’t call him perfectly fine. Dude’s bleeding from the nose and mouth.

What if while big mom is passed out from eating the cake, pudding messes with her memory to forget most of the negative things that happened due to the straw hats.

That's a good point. If she starts eating more than just the cake, then that's a significant turning point. I could see that happening.

Nah Vinsmokes will win even though then why would Judge need to ally with BM if he can just make more perfect soldiers

He's fine, it's One Piece.

You're not very bright, are you?
All Charlotte forces are there on Cacao. The Germa took care of the Charlottes on land, and the Sun Pirates + Judge are gonna take care of the Charlottes on the sea. The biggest chunk of the fleet was taken out by Wadatsumi already, they all capsized. There is only Smoothie's fleet left, and it's gonna get taken care off next chapter. Who else is there to outrun after this? Nobody, that's who.

And then the only way to stop her is with a Buster Call

They will escape. Not win.
>This army could even defeat the Pirate KING
>Lose to 4 fighters
Not going to happen.
They din't take care of the Charlotte on land you idiot. And Sun Pirates + Judge aren't going to win on sea either. You guys are literally insane. They are still simply running away. Not defeating them.

>We won't have chapters about Luffy forced to work under Katakuri
I unironically like when Luffy is not with his crew

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>Le buster call meme
The marines aren't gonna pop from thin air user, also the buster calls attackes the place from where is called and Stussy already ran away

Same. I started One Piece with Impel Down, and I never liked the interactions in the crew as much as the one in the Impel Down crew.

Flambe is a little shit sister. Luffy was more of a sibling to Katakuri than her.

That's most chapters nowadays. They barely act together anymore.

Yes but they still don't necessarily interact with people outside the crew on a personal level. KatakuriLuffy, NamiChiffon, and BrookMom were some of the most interesting and fun dynamics I've seen in One Piece in a while.

I want to see best girl Robin again

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I can't help but think these two fuck on a regular basis and are into some hardcore vore shit.

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Maybe because when Luffy is with his crew Oda has to measure who will fight who and women have to fight Nami or Oda forced things not to hurt Robin and Nami too much. Also Luffy can be alone for a while without having to be rescued by his crew. This is why I liked Impel Down so much, everything felt dangerous, alliances were fun, no babysit crew and almost no women to limit everything. Luffy working under Kata would have gave us more moments with the Charlottes
>but Sanji and Pudding
They were incredible boring

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I have made this image so you can understand better. Wadatsumi only defeated 8 ships. All of them were fodders. There's two unamed Charlotte right in front of him. Joconde, Snack and Brownie are still there. Judge only defeated fodders too. There could be even more Charlotte at sea. Sun Pirates + Judge are NEVER going to be enough to win.

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That's probably a 15 on that sail.

By taking care I mean stalling them you fucking moron. Because in case you still haven't noticed winning isn't necessary to escape here. It doesn't matter who wins on Cacao, all that matters is that the Germa are keeping the Charlotte busy. And that's why this whole farce of an escape sequence is gonna be wrapped up by next chapter.


Nah user, you don't get it. All Wadatsumi has done in your pic is jump outside the water. Meaning all he has to do is jump out of the water a second time a little further, fart and wave for a bit, and absolutely everybody I circled in red on pic related in gonna capsize. Possibly more.

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I just realized that the humas we've seen with animal features in this series are the result of somebody fucking a mink generations ago.


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They wont fight you fag. Only fight we'll see is Aladdin vs the Genie because Oda loves Disney.

The farce that consists of trying to make a suspensful story out of "the SH are escaping! Will they be able to escape safely?! Let's see how many powerful characters I can throw at them without any consequences whatsoever!". Oh wow. I'm on the edge of my seat. Big Mom is on the deck. There is a fleet in front of the Sunny. Sanji's knee touched the ground. The SH really are gonna die this time, aren't they.

He'll put them in his mouth and spit them out instead

They have to, it would be so out of character for Jinbei to abandon his old crew to die, im not even joking

Would Pudding have been a good addition to the crew if she was able to join?

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Dumb falseflagger.

yes, and checked

I rather not. Her DF is too broken. Like imagine if she erased all of Kaido's memories.

No, she would have added nothing.

They will all leave at the same time. No one is being left to die.

She could be the Sous Chef and add an extra twist to Sanji horny joke. In all honestly I would've liked it.

How will the run from smoothie?she may missed the sunny but she wont miss wadatsumi if he comes out of the water again, or the germa if she give up on them, then Sanji will be the one wanting to go back and fight

In all honestly, a Sous Chef felt kinda needed after pic related.

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It would be redundant

user, at this point you're better off reading fanfics of the bmp than the actual series if that's what you're seriously thinking

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>Smoothie doing something
>Jinbe's crew showing up just to job and becoming a burden
Nah, not gonna happen.