Yuru Camp

I have a feeling there's a good chance of a s2. I mean, it's not like it would be that hard to wait for more source material and make an OVA in the meantime

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There's not enough materials. 2-4 OVAs in a span of 2 years sounds doable though

Because no anime in the history of ever has created new material when the source material ran out.

Finished the show today. Oh so /comfy/

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In comparison to other SoL, how well did Yuru Camp do?

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You want 6 hours of anime original?
That never goes well

How hard can it be?
On second thought, maybe it's for the best if they didn't after all

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n-nadeshiko what are you doing? s-stop it, n-n-nadeshiko, you know we can't d-do this

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After last thread died, I thought I had given a proper closure to this show, but the I started listening to the OP, ED and their orchestr/a/, 8-bit versions, and nope, not ready to move on yet, I need more comfy.

Is she the darkest character in a CGDCT?
>Christmas cake, unmarried
>unhappy at work
>only fun and enjoyment she knows is found in bottles
>even her sister just accepts it, likely has seen enough to know it's no use trying to help her

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She'd be fun to hang with

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>unhappy at work
>only fun and enjoyment she knows is found in bottles
>even her sister just accepts it, likely has seen enough to know it's no use trying to help her

Literally most adults nowdays

Finally someone I can self insert properly.


This makes me wonder just how much did the artists had to go camping themselves for this anime.

I'd insert myself properly into her, if you catch my drift.

She gets drunk to passing out when she's supposed to be a club supervisor, what if one of the girls got hurt on the trip and needed to be driven to the hospital?

Probably not good for any other show but it's easy for Yuru Camp.

>Rin goes on solo trips.
>Others do their thing with the club.
>Rin goes with the others once in a while.
You could probably get away with it for Yuru Camp coming out with OC straight off the bat.

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So, between this , the Takagi-san SMR and megumeme, are we living the Rie Takahashi era?

They call Big Boss for help.

No kidding, half of the retards I work with only look forward to the end of the day so they can go home and drink until they lose consciousness.

Distractions ease the pain

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I wish I could bring myself to become a NEET so that I don't have to go through this.

Or, you know, get a job that you like.
>jobs are things that you hate tho!!!111
If you have interests then odds are pretty fucking good that you'll be better than 99% of the shitters that are doing it for a living.

In a perfect world I think most of us would

Not THIS time fucko

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She's probably had boyfriend in her college years.

Then shit happens... Now she is a used good that no one wants.

I'd want her

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Well, you could easily find similar Trixie at your local bars.

I want to feed her and drink with her.


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There are two options, either you're one of the 10 guys on this planet that actually does what loves and not does what he loves for 5 minutes and has to do something incredibly uninteresting the rest of the time or, and honestly this is the only option that applies to you since you're on Sup Forums right now, you never had a job.

Imagine the stench of booze inside sensei's tent when they went to sleep, poor Oogaki having to put up with it.

why do you degenerates that don't truly appreciate the series always lewd and yuri girls that are clearly nothing more than friends?

Is this why she became an alcoholic?

Or he's underage

It makes me wonder how much they went 'camping' for 'research'.

"Sorry, I can't go to the inlaws with you this weekend, honey. Gotta go camping!"
*Fucks Inoue from accounting all weekend*

manga translation never ever

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First i didn't lewd anything you stupid fuck all i said is that they are a cute couple

And if you have a problem with lesbians just stay mad kid, you can't do nothing about it

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t. faggot

Yen Press is putting out a volume every 2 months. I suppose that's why the scanlators stopped.

do you even know what lewd means?

You're going to trigger him again.

Yeah, turns out she liked it.

Silly Rin doesn't know that you just zip two sleeping bags together.

She likes sensei's stench 'there'.

He used the degenerates meme, it's clear that he doesn't have a fully working brain.

The choice is obvious

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I'm at that weird point where I can't see the yurus as a girlfriend because I'm too old but not a daughter either because I'm too young.

I want to nakadashi Rin mama

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No source material = nothing to promote = no anime.

>too old
Are you 50 years old?

Buchou!, who is the best Yuru Camper?

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maybe little sisters to take care of?

All of them, Nadeshiko.

>nadeshiko died on the way back to her home planet

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Just marathon the first episode, background is nice, but the characters haven't grown on me yet.

How the fuck do you marathon one episode?

>No source material
Volume 6 came out two weeks ago, and it's not like Afro's dead. I don't know where people keep getting this idea that the anime adapted all there is and all there'll ever be.

>Just marathon the first episode
Every time.

>and it's not like Afro's dead
Don't jinx it!

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>you will never have a cute dork imouto like rin

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Marathoned the OP, the song is nice but none of the characters are interesting

Marathoned the ED, the song is too comfy and I am going to die so I can't watch it anymore.

I hope you won't forget about camping, user.

>summers almost here

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sensei snuck her booze in the tent so she could take advantage of her

I've spent to much money of gear to forget

God I fucking hate summer

>buy 600 dollars worth of camping equipment
>set it up in room
>comfy 68 degree camping all year round
Sure is /camp/fy in here.

>put on some Yuru Camp on the TV
>set up the portable camp stove to cook some bacon
>asphyxiate on carbon monoxide gas

>not getting an electric hotplate instead
Step it up.

>wake up in yuru heaven

The heat and bugs can fuck right off.

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>marathon the first episode
what is that even suppose to mean

It's a meme.

oh yes this could work


And with that Nadeshiko claims another victim.

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Is Drunk-tan a miracle of the universe?

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Toba sensei is going to die of alcohol poisoning one night and the girls are going to wake up to find her cold corpse outside.


They shoudl've shown her more

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Let's settle this once and for all. Who channels the superior oba-chan, Yui or Nadeshiko?

"Let me tell you something Rin-chan

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How nice she and her best friend are camping with her grandpa

this is very interesting

I see your hand and raise you

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oh my

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Miss Chug knows how to camp.

Half a pig, fire and a nice two-four.

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Oh yes.

If a Yuru Camp movie happened what do you think it would be about? I'd like them to go camping near Area 51, I think Rin is interested in a lot of paranormal stuff so that would definitely be interesting.

How do I win Chug's heart?

>If a Yuru Camp movie happened what do you think it would be about?
Cross country road trip

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