Hunter x Hunter

Good ability?

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I want Pitou and Kalluto on my bed!

>Hisoka jams Shizuku's vacuum and it explodes taking her with it

Supposedly Hisoka

came in with a family

Why are Troupekeks so scared? I'm sure that at least one will be able to run away.

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Knov completely shits on it

>Hisoka shows up next chapter and there's no hiatus message
What will these threads turn into?

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i'd be surprised if less than 3 survive.

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I'm getting more nervous the closer we're getting to spoiler day.

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If you unironically believe Hisoka doesn't intend to die this arc, you might be delusional. He set himself up in a situation where he's deadlocked on a boat with all the spiders, it'd be absurd if he didn't lose to one of them sooner or later on this boat ride. The only way he's living is if Illumi backs him up and betrays the spiders, otherwise he's donezo. He can't just bounce across floors to evade them forever.

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Togashi wants to buy Square Enix so he can force them to churn out DQ games

Franklin, Shizuka, and Nobunaga are going to be the first spiders to bite the dust. Screencap this.
I just want a proper HxH game that follows the story and you can open world adventure and fish and etc like FF on the sidelines.

Hisoka will kill all the Spiders, faggot. He has come prepared this time.

It started with chapter 377.
When a slew of mafioso were introduced to go with the hundred or so characters already in the arc, anons started joking about how soon enough Hisoka would reveal his own Clown Troupe too.
One user joked that a clown car hatsu would let him literally pull them out of his ass.
Then a drawfag made it happen.

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Fear. Anger. Joy. Pure autism

>Come prepared
Not really. He just got a powerup and fucked off somewhere on the ship. It's not like he has a team waiting inside to throw down the spiders as well.

It's a worse version of Knov's. This guy is being bestowed by Morena, so he doesn't really have the talent and skill of Knov, so the restrictions are more than understandable.

>HxH game
That would be so disappointing. There's no way a game can even contain a 10th of the complexity of Nen and Nen battles.

>Knov so broken they had to make him a pussy

It's good since the boat is full of these types of rooms and he can easily escape the boat if he doesn't feel like dealing with all the shit happening in it. He'll probably be the one to allow the troupe to go directly in tier 3 and meet Morena.

>Not really.
That's literally what he said.
>He just got a powerup
He has no power up.
>It's not like he has a team waiting inside to throw down the spiders as well.
I don't think he has a team. But you don't know anything about his plans. They can't even find him in the first place.
HxH games exist.

He has said that he wants to make a card game manga one day. It is more likely that you get a game of that with some HxH cameos.

Does hisoka look normal or is he still disfigured

All the cards are dealt. It is now time to play the game... right?

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No the dealer (Hisoka) isn't here yet


Could Chrollo steal his Hatsu?

I mean, it is technically Morena's. Is it not?

He had it coming after making fun of kids.

Hisoka probably met up with Leorio and got himself fixed up using the resources of the Zodiacs

Modena's hatsu is baptizing and helping you to get an ability, and become a host yourself once you get to lvl100. The ability is his.


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I honestly think Togashi made a huge mistake with this ability

He looks normal because of his trick.
It's not Morena's Hatsu.
Both Morel and Knov did that. And Knov was more considerate even. The true reason he got out was because he was too broken.

It's basically a discount Knov ability.

How so? I think it will be interesting having Morena's murder gang rolling around

Not that user, but you're right. Still, him being mind broken at least makes a lot of sense, even if it was done to balance things out.

I'm pretty sure he beat his dumb record so expect Requiem 2.0 to happen soon once Hisoka kills a spider and gets away unharmed which makes Chrollo angry enough to start a massacre

>Still, him being mind broken at least makes a lot of sense

To further elaborate, compare how Togashi handed Knov to how Araki handed Fugo. His reason for leaving the group is stupid and doesn't make sense.

It wasn't that bad when it was just traveling to pre-set portals. But after introducing scream there were a million "what if Knob was paired up with Meleoron" questions were raised.

Pitou is the best girl and no other female could ever compete.

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Anyone has a link to the viz translation to 377 and 378?

It's not just Nen baptism. Your aura increases with each level and you even get an ability once you reach level 20. If someone reaches level one hundred then they also get the original ability and start the cycle over again. Pouf had a similar ability but he was a Chimera ant so it was somewhat excusable. When HxH began it was said that there were only a few Nen users around but now we have bullshit abilities like this where a person is just handed an ability instead of having to come up with one on their own

I thought he left because he didn't want to get killed by his boss.

For those people who are still undecided if they should support Cammy or not. Consider the following:

>Cammy is noble
>Cammy is gorgeous
>Cammy has Royal Blood
>Cammy is highly educated
>Cammy dresses like a true noble-woman and is well versed in the book of etiquette, book of manners and code of politeness
>Cammy is kind

Now its should be clear who you're supposed to root for.

search the archives

I would settle for even just a simple fighting game with a decent roster.

this is too many damn subplots Togishi.

I'm a scrub. how to i do that/ where is it

Yeah, but it's pretty stupid for him to show such fear all of a sudden.

Togashi is well aware of this. He did it on purpose. Kuwabara had the Jigen To in YYH he knows how OP these kind of abilities are.

>When HxH began it was said that there were only a few Nen users.
Define "a few", you're exaggerating

Togashi stopped taking HxH seriously ages ago. After the election arc he just started fucking around

>he doesn't know about the anti-monarchy faction posing as socialites on the second Deck
Get ready for the coup, user.

>pulls out 5 more decks

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Nice bullshit.

It sounds like the person still has a control over how their ability manifests, based on Cashew's inner monologue.

The ability is for Hisoka to take to french kiss Gon.

Cammy let herself be captured, knowing that they wouldn't find Musse's body since her hatsu dissolved it and she ordered her men to burn his belongings.
She knew Bejamin would imprison her, and thats exactly what she wanted. During her night INSIDE Benjamin's room, she must have done something with her nen beast that will cause Benjamin to die.

They're not that strong if compared to the top notch Nen users of the series.

Search vizanon and you'll probably find it quickly.

The only other dedicated Nen baptism Hatsu we've indirectly seen was Pouf's and it caused the Squadron Leaders to have fully fleshed out Hatsu in a few days. Since it's such an underdeveloped avenue of Nen, it's possible all of them are just insane. Which makes sense considering support Hatsu have a tendency to be crazy.

That's true. But is it itself a good ability?

How strong is he?

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This is always a stupid argue. If Togashi really didn't care about HxH then why would he develop his most complicated arc involving well over a hundred new characters? And from that 2016 interview, we know he already has designs for every single Prince's entourage, even if he's not sure if he'll show them all.

It just doesn't make sense to claim he doesn't care when he's spending so much time on plotting, character designs, and nuances.

who are you considering the top nen users? royal guards and netero?

Coming up with an arc with many factions and working subplots 10x denser than any arc before it is "fucking around".

Is this guy a legend or what?

added moon face sub plot
added melody protecting princess subplot
added mafia bosses subplot

its too much, if Togashi can get all these subplots resolved by the end of this arc he a genuis.

Considering that ability, his status as a Zodiac, and his profession in hunting other Hunters, he's pretty strong.

Most of the world's nen users come from the hunter association. Also for most people nen takes a long time to even learn the basics let alone make a Hatsu.

a bit strong but en can counter lost sight and such

Would you give them a double blowjob or try to have them spit roast you?

Pouf is a Chimera Ant though and all Chimera ants are talented

>The coup members are different looking and one or two of them will get a gyro like chapter

It's not fucking fair

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When I started reading about Cammy, I experienced the most beautiful piece of work I've ever seen in manga. To the average reader, it may be just another waifu character. But this masterpiece struck such a strong chord with me, I felt like it was made for me. It was as if Togashi had tesseract like access to my own thoughts and memories. The awe, the wonder, the absolute captivation of my soul was at play. Cammy's character for me was my "Nessun Dorma" opera.

You still can't use your ability and your aura flow is also readable.

Yeah, based on the page in the OP, the person gets to fully pick their ability and restrictions.

Why is it okay for One Piece to have thousands of characters but not for Hunter X Hunter?

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He introduces dozens of characters per chapter. all so he can break some shonen jump record Get his cock out of your mouth user

Having over a hundred edgelords go at it isn't impressive

That is true. Another thing to consider is that Pouf's didn't seem to have a restriction, but Morena's requires you to kill twenty people. Look, it's one of those things that even if you don't like it, Togashi already wrote it.


And then he gives them subplots and character. Look at Luini and Cashew already. They were introduced in bulk, but now they're setting up to be relevant for multiple chapters.

Yeah, introducing three hundred and fifty new named characters that have unique designs, abilities, and affiliations sure is lazy. Especially when they don't instantly die in the same chapter.

All shonens have power creep. Although it's a shame it's better to come to terms with it. I will always remember when Zushi was considered to be an amazing talent

How strong will cammyfag Nen get after the hiatus announcement?

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Pouf uses his mind abilities and you have a few days to develop your own ability which suits you. Palm was no even a fighter and she became a monster. Her ability is fucking strong.

Because One Piece doesn't waste entire chapters in telling you the life about the dude that clean the toilets.

>unique designs
They all wear the same outfit
>unique abilities
More like bullshit abilities
>Unique affiliations
They're mafia. That's not unique at all

Is this your first hiatus? HxH threads die during hiatus, you rarely see them.

>Look at Luini and Cashew already. They were introduced in bulk, but now they're setting up to be relevant for multiple chapters.
They're setting themselves up to be beaten by the spiders. It's a waste of time.

Hunter x Hunter doesn't necessarily have typical power creep, with the exception of Chimera Ants, so much as it has complexity creep. Abilities introduced now typically are more complex and have more restrictions than earlier abilities. This isn't a hard and fast rule, just a general tendency. In terms of overall power level, though, guys like Uvo are still insanely monstrously strong compared to quite a lot of our newest Nen users. In fact, Ben's Boys are explicitly not as skilled in Nen as a pro Hunter.

So, there's some creep, but it's not exactly linear.

>Most of the world's nen users come from the hunter association.
Headcanon. Heavens Arena combatents on the 200th floor are nen users. The Troupe and Shadow Beasts prove you don't need to be a hunter to be a powerful nen user. East Gorteau's elite soldiers killed by Meruem knew how to use nen. Also factor in the people that can use nen without knowing it, the geniuses.

>Also for most people nen takes a long time to even learn the basics let alone make a Hatsu.
Nen apititude varies among people regardless. They still have to work for what they earn and the Hatsu's they develop are only useful in very specific cases.

N-no, Kurapika...!

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>implying we're getting a hiatus next week
You missed the thread in which an user said if he gets a 4, we get 40 chapters this year, and he did get a 4
We're all gonna make it

I think he's talking about Prince affiliations and the like. And small personal touches like Babi not liking Fury despite working for the same guy.

Togashi wasn't lurking that time.

>I will always remember when Zushi was considered to be an amazing talent
You what? As soon as Gon and Killua started training, it was obvious Zushi was nothing compared to them. He was better than an average person, but that doesn't mean anything when story spotlight is in question, that's why we never hear of him again after the Heaven's Arena arc. I do wish he would come back though, with some cool hatsu.

I would disagree with that statement entirely. It's true learning Nen is part of being a Hunter, but being a Hunter is not part of being a Nen user. We've seen random Nen users all over the place.