Darling in the Franxx

Can we all just admit that Kokoro is the best girl now?

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Kokoro is best grill for breaking your kokoro

Aside from 02, and Miku, and Ikuno. Maybe.



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Oh god that disgust stare is so sexy

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Sure, she's just behind 02, Miku, Nana, Ichigo and Ikuno and a large pile of shit.


I want to marry her and help raise her children.

I picture Kokoro being one of those hot girls who smell bad.

02 > Miku > Nana = Ichigo > Ikuno > Kokoro

Hiro > Zorome > Goro > Mitsuru > Fatoshi

Hir02 = ZoroMiku > Ichigoro > MitsuKoko

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that's not how you spell 'worst'

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She is second best girl because she set up Futoshi x Ikuno.
Dick the dyke! Overzealous fatty love will break Ikuno's icey cold dyke exterior and give as the best doujinshi.

God, imagine the sex

Looks good.

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I would have dropped futoshi too, frankly
He's absolutely pathetic
>straight male here

She isn't trustworthy ...


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Oh, I'm imagining all right. Grabbing her by waist, pulling her in for a kiss. Her state of disbelief turns me on. The thought of her being stolen never crossed her mind before. I stole her from him. Yes, stole. Netorare. When he went for a ride, I took her to the side. Netorare.

My hands grope her breasts and she begins to moans. Sweet milk. Her hair smells of sweet milk. Ahh, such a lovely scent. She tells me to stop but I can't- no, won't. I won't stop. She's mine now. All mine. From head to toe. The thought of stealing a delicate beauty like her sends blood to my member. I push her onto the bed. Undress her, then myself. I go in for the milk. Blood, there is blood. I see. She was a virgin. Fuck, for some reason I've gotten harder. No, I know the reason. Doing it in missionary position feels like being on a mission. How poetic. How pussy is soft and warm. How I'd love to stay like this forever. I fuck her harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

She wraps her legs around me. It's like she read my mind. She wants the milk. She wants to be a mommy. She wants cummies in her tummy. How could I deny her request? How could anyone deny a request like that with the face she's making? She hugs me. And whispers, "it's not a safe day, you know." Like that matters at this point. All I want to do is fill her up. Fill her up with my milk. And so I do.

We lay on the bed together. Hold hands together. We both let go, then snuggle together

He really is pathetic

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*She Smells of Sour milk

Kokoro is worst girl.

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Why is it flopping lads? It's not fair!

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This is hotter imagining Fatoshi watching from the bushes angry but hard

How many children they will have?

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>thinking nips would like an NTR episode

I wonder who could be behind this post.

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This episode was so good, I think I've rewatched it like 5 or 6 times already.
It got action, drama, fun and sad moments.

Nips have bad taste more news at twelve

NTR in the flopps

kokoro doesn't bathe
Admit it

thats what they get for NTR shit

What lewd things would you do with Hayamin? Would you let her sit on your face while she gently femdoms you?

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Because it's a rehash of a rehash of a rehash?

Doujin when?

>People thinking Milkman is going to have sex with anything or anyone
He just wants muh Hiro to notice him, and probably not even in a gay way, his internal butthurt is the only thing he's struggling with at all times, everything is totally secondary, including Kokoro. Just because she got him to act out of character to save her life from stampede mode doesn't mean he's going to dick that ditzy bitch. I was kinda of hoping they'd both just get killed off so we could focus on Ichigo/Goro/002/Hiro and background off Futoshi/Ikuno.

She bathes in my milk.

What does Kokoro's breath smell like?

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Miku is not sexy meh



I literally picked up the show thanks to this

Milkman's tiny dick wouldn't be compatible with Kokoro's huge vagina.

Seriously though, do you like it? Or would you rather have the fat faggot win?

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Nips are too busy watching Overlord and Death March.

They are unironically my favorite couple now.
doesn't exist anymore, its over.



Turns out NTR was an obscure fetish of a few in numbers but very vocal crowd. Who could have guessed?

>Why is it flopping lads? It's not fair!
We had 4-5 episodes of pretty much filler. That killed any hype there was for this show.

Episode 11 was the best one in a while.
If they keep things up they may save this show.

Switch Hiro and Goro and you’re basically right

How tf has it taken people this long to realize?

Of course I do.

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Oh so now you care about sales.

it went even lower after this episode

Yes. Unironically best couple.

>If they keep things up they may save this show.

otaku arent going buy NTRshit

I will

They are the best couple. They compliment eachother well.
Zoro-Miku are in close second place though.

good luck making up those sells

Fat people shouldn't get happy endings. So yes, I like it.

>most otaku are fat
>most BDs are bought by otaku
>episode had netorare featuring a fatty
Really churns my butter

how low can it go?


You can't even afford it you fat cuck.

So can males take the bottom position on the pilot system?

not enough kokorofranxx threads

no lower than kokoro

>franxxfriends are having fun all day and then 1 bitter VEGfags came with their muh sales post

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Did I say you could come out of your cuck cage to use the computer?

Of course I do. Why the FUCK would I want Futoshi to win? His personality begins with "I'm fat" and ends with "I love Kokoro". There is nothing else to him.

This is also the only relationship here that isn't all over each other. Kokoro is a bit more fixated on Milkman, but it was still built up slowly. Ichigo just liked Hiro from the beginning, 02 liked Hiro from the beginning, Futoshi liked liked Kokoro from the begining. It's too imposing.

Seeing them interact a few times did wonders. They spent time together and Kokoro, despite being submissive, took the initiative. She won him over. It was great. I'd hardly say it's Netorare, it's more Netori. Milkman is "protagonist" that needed to win. The girl liked him, she got together with him.

Who cares if it sells? We're getting 24 episodes anyway so just enjoy the ride.

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No wonder everyone hates VEGfags

She is only lowering to suck Mitsuru's dick, and considering he is a manlet it's not that much.

Is VEG selling well now?

They really are the worst. They just come here to shitpost for no reason unprovoked.

you should get mad at yourself for liking NTR shit

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>13 more episodes of Milkman
My milk is ready.

NTRing a fat crybaby manchild is the right thing to do

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>and considering he is a manlet it's not that much.

Wouldn't she actually go lower than normal in that case?

Who thought this was a good idea?

being a lying slut will always be the wrong thing to do

My wife Luculia is so cute!

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Mitsuru with the fringe down is 200% hotter
>n-no homo

Mommy tier: Kokoro, Nana


GF Tier: Oni, Ikuno

Daughteru tier: Ichigo, Miku

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I fully expect Kokoro to strap Mitsuru down in an attempt to extract his semen for baby making.

>"We're not leaving this room until I have a baby inside me Mitsuru-kun"

>identical dresses

What did she mean by this?

user, nips loathe NTR. It flopped a bit Milkman cucked MC, now you hit em with a 3d level thot like Kokoro it's obviously gonna flop. People forget Kannagi, or the fact that VN's that feature NTR doom their companies.

we could always put the extra discs in the pit with the E.T. atari cartridges

That is incredibly cute.

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Fuck off Fat.

>muh juvenile diabetes
>muh premature heart disease