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It’s been over a year since the movie and S2 announcement.
What is the hold up?

First for Kongou.

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>no benis

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I can't believe people want to put a penis on that

wheres the penis?

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I want to make American babies with Iowa.

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i want to make baby boats with prinz


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I have no idea who this is but I want to squeeze those lips.

SS series coming soon.

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Everything is bigger in Murica

Why is Ooi so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

I want shimakaze to sit on my face and make grunting noises

post ships that won't be in season 2

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Gotta get the right version.

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There won't be a season 2 after how badly botched the first season was.

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Excuse you

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The only good characters in the game and the cartoon is the big BBs.

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ooi is cute

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wew, thank god for that tiny strip of clothing, for a second here I thought this wouldn't be suitable for a blue board.

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Sup long hoppou.

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The real TTK

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Bring em back

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Nice image spam faggot.


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Which one?

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That's enough for a lil while.

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She has some big guns!

Also my semen in a tissue in the engine room deep in her belly in a non functional shoot off vent.

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Nice pic. Her tits should be bigger

Just imagine she is a yummy 9yo.

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I'm still mad

There are like 5 doujin non-H series which would make top tier anime adaption for KanColle

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Iowa would of been a great lay if she was 9 to 12.

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Still waiting for USS Pueblo.

It's nice being the largest, smartest and best battleship.

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Need more abyssal bbs

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Great white fleet.

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These ladies have you in a room and want to show you a good time. What do?

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S1 got shat on, and the movie did do to well, so its future is likely in limbo right now.
KC isn't doing so well with its spin-off material in general, with most of its tie-in manga and LN projects cancelled.
Not to mention a large amount of its fandom packing up and moving to Fate:GO and to a lesser extent, Azur Lane.

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>with most of its tie-in manga and LN projects cancelled.
Only 2 manga got cancelled, the rest reached their proper ending or are still ongoing.

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The anime and movie both sold very well despite near unanimous criticism. There's this fallacy that being less popular than you were before makes you a dead brand when we're still talking about one of the most popular Japanese franchises at the moment. Being number 2 is not the end; if it were then there are a thousand other series that might as well shut down. When you just had an entirely unofficial fan organized festival that huge crowds turned out from across Japan for, you're still hanging in there.

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As another fellow in upper management, I feel sorry for him. Even though he is just a Jap.

>feeling sorry for the mayor of sasebo after it got an influx of money

Oh, my mistake. I thought it was some publisher or something.

What is Nagatos forte?

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Kadokawa lost all good will with the audience after the Kemono Friends fiasco. They won't dare making anime out of a mobage.

Kitanda will be the MVP of season 2

KanColle isn't a mobage and still pulls shit ton of people to collabs.

No, post Kitanda or Zui Hime

They should make a anime series based on or including second life.

Not me. I'm a bb kinda guy.

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Shit taste

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Which abyssal is the most monstrous on your opinion?

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Watch your mouth.

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Can't wait for season 2.

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A living, moving structure like this couldn't exist even with space age metals as a frame.

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