Hug me user~

Hug me user~

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First answer me this:
Are traps gay?

die fag

Yes but it doesn't matter. If you find them cute, then what's the issue? I don't get people's insecurity about this.

Get away from me you pig!


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Is this wave of trap hate a sign of all the normalfags on Sup Forums? Trap threads used to be pretty chill 2-3 years ago.

Ew no way fag

Just the Sup Forumslution that every board has to deal with thanks to Reddit, goobergate and trump were mistakes

Sup Forums used to fucking love traps, I remember the days of Watarase Jun and Bridget. "Everyone's gay for Bridget"
I just people have just gotten more insecure lately and been trying to fit in with hating the recent abundance of traps being popular

2-3 years ago obnoxious trapfags and ironic weebs weren't spamming their meme traps on every board in Sup Forums

came here to post this.

Just think*

Attention to any trap posters using anime and gay ERP as a Trojan horse for autogynephilia:

Stop cruising for attention and using Sup Forums as a basis for gooning your permanently flaccid cock. You are 10 times worse than furries. You lost to sissy hypno and s-stuttering. You fucked up. You are infertile. Your life will end at 30. Half of the political spectrum wants to kill you. Guys will leave you for a biological woman because you can't have kids.

Nobody wants to read ERP. Nobody thinks girl (male), feminine penis, s-s-stuttering, or any of your shitty memes are funny. Nobody wants to be reminded you exist.

You are AIDS and your culture is predatory. A nontrivial number of you freaks are moral lepers who get off on convincing seventeen year old weebs that if they don't take HRT they will spend the rest of their lives alone. Transitioning is not a solution to social isolation and pornography addiction, the five or ten years of free attention and affection before your looks fade don't make up for everything that comes after that.

Make a tumblr and peddle your trash

Increased awareness of transgenderism. Traps became associated with a lifestyle/front in the culture war rather than merely being porn.

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>Are traps gay?
I don't know, you'd have to ask them.

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Agreed it's more Sup Forums and leddit then people being insecure. Sup Forums used to embrace all kinds of fetishes.


Nice chart you got there, completely ignoring women. At least include an asterisk and say "Reverse the results if you are female"

If the trap is actively seeking cock, trap is gay and you are gay for liking traps.

or fuck off


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Trap posters are really annoying in a way that's basically unparallelled by anybody other than fart fetishists. People have been having dumb arguments over for over a decade. That isn't a treasured legacy, it's braindead cancer. Both trapfags and the alt right are annoying trash.

Also I would bet you an arm that traps are popular on reddit, just because traps are popular among dumb memespouters and ironic weebs.

What's annoying is people fervently insisting men that like anime traps must be gay despite them clearly being aimed at the straight male audience. You can argue the case that they are bi but don't act on it or something if you wanted but gay? No.

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Why do you think I care? No intelligent person still gets upset about this. It was played out ages ago.

You! You killed Apocrypha! You helped Sieg and ruined everything!

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My mistake, posting in the thread instead of filtering shows you don't care about it

You misunderstand. I don't care whether or not traps are gay, I'm only saying they're cancer.

Listen here newfag
The original trap threads began on Sup Forums as TRAP THREADS to TROLL (old) newfags
They were cut up pics of shemales and the like, not showing the genitals, then later after anons had fapped or asked for more or details etc, they would reveal the benis. And then the oldfags that new had hearty keks and the newfags were DISGUSTED at their mistake. Thus learning and not being such newshit in the future.
Over time degenerates and fags began to appear knowingly to jerk off.
This is where the Bridget age began.

Nah, I will stay right here, on the right side of history.

I want to rub my dick on Astolfo's abs and biceps.

I would happily embrace you Astolfo

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fuck off faggot

Enough of this shit.

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I love astolfo!

my gf

It’s not gay unless balls are touching.

Come here I'll hug you.

No hug. But I will take a brofist.

It's platonic, right?

fist we hug then we snug.

>Getting drunk with Astolfo
>Being so wasted you have sex with HIM
>waking up next morning next to him naked
>feeling regret but convincing yourself is not gay
>until you feel your butt hurt and your breath smelling like his dick

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>>until you feel your butt hurt and your breath smelling like his dick
lies and slander astolfo is 100% bottom.

how do you know what his dick smells like?

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Meant for

Just because he looks and dresses like a girl doesn't mean he doesn't like slinging the D. It's 2018, don't be assuming shit.

This chart is missing traps

Fucking THIS. Anything else is for gays.

Sometimes he wants to have fun to

since the only dick that you could've possible suck in this scenario is Astolfo's then yeah smells like his

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I noticed something odd, people who have actually sex often can still admit other dudes are attractive but not be gay.

If you know what dick smells like, even your own, you are the super gay

I've been found out.

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>he doesn`t like to cum on his hand and drik the semen
What a fagget

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Yeah you guys that want to be the trap are very obvious to everyone else that wants to fug the trap.