The Adult Empire Strikes Back is the best Shin-Chan movie. Buri Buri Kingdom is a close second though

The Adult Empire Strikes Back is the best Shin-Chan movie. Buri Buri Kingdom is a close second though.

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Adult Empire is obviously the best but I haven't seen Buri Buri Kingdom.
So I'd give second place to Robo Dad.

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Tamatama Daitsuiseki > those

Is Action Kamen vs... any good?

Never forget

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ANN doesn't pays its interns

Somebody sub movie 4 and 6.

Nah it's one of ANNs founding members that hates Shin Chans art

Adult Empire Strikes Back is certainly the best of the most serious Shin Chan films, because it finally found a way to canalize Hara's themes without inserting a tacked in extravaganza like the Godzilla Onsen movie or the Jungle one and without going through the deep end like Warring States; but Buri Buri Kingdom is Mitsuru Hongo's weakest by fucking far, it really doesn't hold a single candle to Henderland, Unkokusai or Haigure Mao outside of the action scenes by Masahiro Ando, and they are clearly bested by Buta no Hizume Daisakusen.

My favourite Shin Chan movie would either be the first, the fourth or the sixth, outside of Adult Empire. 1-6 was the series' period of grace though, all of them are great.

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Mah nigga

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Would you mind waiting a lot for dubtitles from the spanish localization? Because I'm on it.

Yes I'll wait forever. I really tried getting into the Spanish dub but sadly those voices just don't do it for me the Japanese voices are too likable.

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Sub Henderland please.

I happily grew up with them so they don't bother me at all outside of Misae clearly being more aimed at the original creator's intent than the japanese voice actress, who sounds waaaay too young and cute for the ammount of shit she gets for her age.

Don't worry, 4 and 6 are amongst the best films in the series. 5 is fantastic too, like and noted.

This is an odd complaint, since the editorial aim may as well have changed a lot from 2001 to whenever Aku no Hana aired (2013-2014?). However, most of the animation in Adults Strike Back is fucking superb even without the traditional Masaaki Yuasa sequence (the bus persecution, the nostalgic town, the kids hiding in part of the street, the tower sequence!), so I don't know why would you put an F to it either way.

Checked the source and the image at is very misleading, since it's complaining about the series. However, the review is still a fucking freakshow.

>Unlike most shows, Shin-chan is its English dub. In part that's because it doesn't include a Japanese track. And in part it's because the show is a hideous affront to the art of animation. Its characters look like roadkill and its animation makes Hanna-Barbera look like Studio Ghibli.

>You can only watch the show for its badinage. And the only badinage there is, is in English. But that's not the whole reason that Funimation's dub dominates the show.

I haven't watched the show in english because it's not my mother language but this is really fucking stupid. Shin Chan was the home to many great animators with its explosive material and its taste for inventive visual thinking. The review goes on to talk about how great the fucking dub is, of all things,and it's patently obvious the writer doesn't know and doesn't care to watch the original thing on english or on a more respectable localization, like catalan or castilian spanish. Very very disgusting shit.

Here's the real thing

speaking of dubs, ghost stories is the most overrated dub.

Someone is uploading random part episodes in Japanese with subtitles on Youtube. Just updated again today, pretty comfy watching.

Though I wish we could get someone like the Maruko guy who started from the beginning and is subbing in order. There was someone who was doing it but he quit at episode 10.

Thanks for sharing!

which of these are done by yuasa?

The English dub is okay but it's because a lot of the humor make sense with subs do they used they're own jokes. I need to watch the show subbed because eventually the dub gets tiresome.

Foo, I don't know for sure, the youtube uploader is not putting any credits to the episodes, and Yuasa seldom directed anything in the show itself (outside of some Buriburizaemon episode), keeping himself as an animator and "ideas guy". The TV broadcasts cut off in the credits too, it seems, so actually pinning down the work is much harder than doing it in the films, where his work is crystal clear (if not for some Yuichiro Sueyoshi admixture here and there in the 13th film for example).

The dub is honestly an insult to the show. It emphasizes one aspect of Shin-chan to the detriment of the rest of the humor and characterizations.

This one has Yuasa

This is the one with the samurai? Remember watching it on broadcast ages ago, so fucking good.

According to ANN this is done by him, which shouldn't be much of a surprise.