Darling in the Franxx

Can anyone stop him now?

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Zorome and Miku are pure and immune to NTR.

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Best couple. I can't wait for the mutual gritted-teeth confession.

who'd top?

Too bad they are gonna die against the Nines

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>no one likes the dyke
>no one likes the fatty

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In the second cour, Ichigo and Miku will also try out riding with Mitsuru.

Milkman's gonna deliver to all your waifus.


That aside, I want to see more of these guys. The plot really needs to get going.

But there's only 8 of them.

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Cursed image.

02 will betray Hiro and the rest of plantation 13.

Also, their white uniforms are stylish as fuck

Yes, she's legitimately evil, Hiro should hook up with mitsuru

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Sorry dude but Miku doesn't like edgy faggot.

>n-no homo?

miku's breasts aren't that big

Hmm? Miku, care to explain this to me?

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It's just some partnerswapping. And it was her idea.

they will after milkman induces lactation on her

>Ichigo loves Hiro
>02 loves Hiro
>Cockoro will cuck milkman for Hiro
>Milkman is a faggot and loves Hiro
>Goro wants to be Hiro
>Cake wants Hiro cock

Hiro's harem is out of control

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>milkman couldn't handle any of them
What a beta

Quads don't lie. Milkman a faggot

Hiro still wont look at him

>Quads don't lie. Milkman a faggot
Yes, and? Was that meant to be an insult towards the resident male gay character?

No one likes Goro also

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I'll kick you in the ass faggot

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is episode 11, i daresay generated the most franxx shitposting?

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I actually think Kokoro wanting to swap partners again is more likely desu

Darling in the FlopXX

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it was obvious from the start, everyone is just waiting for her to snap and go hatokokoro wakanai

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got eem

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>pisses of /u/, /y/ and fat people all in one episode

Reminder that if you're fat you're less than human and deserve nothing but contempt.

This. I don't know why the story is about how 02 is considered a monster and isolated when she's far more human than Futoshi.

>people actually expected anything less than NTR from A1
Today I will remind them

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Honestly both of them dodged a bullet there and probably are better with each other

god this show is so fucking trash. You have the taste of a 15 yearold if you actually enjoy this even slightly

Spics love it.

user I-

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Hiro when they finally try to pilot the Franxx together.

>I promise to protect XYZ
This is basically the Uber-Death Flag isn't it

What a fucking slut
Fatty is a cuck. Not only is he no longer her partner, he said "loved". Past tense, so he's literally given the fuck up.
And "I'm a genius" edgelord is almost certainly gay for Hiro.
And Purple is pretty much confirmed lesbian because she for no fucking reason said she wished the separation from the boys would last forever and her "I was serious!" comment to Ichigo.
This is becoming a real shitshow.

Can Oni still save it?

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t. argie

First, he needs to land a cake in her oven.
Which is an euphemism for making her pregnant through sexual intercourse.

Here we can see how the male Alpha takes what he wants with no regards for his safety.

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Way off topic but I felt the need to share something.

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I bet you Mitsuru will pound Kokoro like mochi

Ikuno being a dyke is known since the second episode, nigga.


Argentinia or whatever is called is the only non cucked bot, so thats something.

Dude stop hacking our elections.

thankyou, I needed this

Nah, it's actually episode 4 since Sup Forums predicted her to being a lesbian.

Ichigo might end up liking him.
But I hope he finds happiness elsewhere.


I tend to believe Purple girls are good until proven other wise.
I've been proven otherwise now.
I chalked up the separation comment as he being a female edgelord like Mitsuru.

You may not like it, but this is peak OTP performance

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This is too damn cute.

Why is there no Futoshi x Ikuno art?

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>that look in the last panel

Holy fuck, give her the dick.

Who wants to draw fat autist x dyke dude

nice tit


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Seriously, what a fucking terrible person.
>Fatty: Will you promise to be my partner forever?
>Slut: Sure. I promise.
>Adults: Who'd like to switch partner?
>Slut: Let me switch partners.
>Fatty: But you promised!
>SLUT: ....................................................... I'm sorry.

Seriously, fuck her.

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Only this.

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That'd be like Sup Forums x Sup Forums

>why is there no art of the most impopular boy and the most impopular girl

I don't know.

Futoshi's rape vengeance doujin when?

>getting this buttmad from Chinese cartoons

It's a soap opera mate. This shit also gets threads spammed just like DB, let's not pretend these two don't mix.

Pay not attention. Focus on those funny Russian subs. So funny those subs definitely nothing going on in that image.

Smelly dumb tripfag scum

they're cute together though


>SLUT: You can trust in people.
>Edgelord: Are you telling me I should forgive him for it.
>SLUT: I don't know. I'm not the nice gentle girl everyone thinks I am. I don't know how I'D FEEL IF SOMEONE BROKE THEIR PROMISE TO ME.

Hang her.

Hi there!

You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of Sup Forums are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a tripcode when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your tripcode when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a tripcode when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you're making!

It doesn't come out of nowhere, ever since episode 2 or whatever, you can clearly see the tension between Milkman and her. She, along with the dyke, is the only female to not demonstrate any visible or audible attraction to her stamen. It was all Fatoshi riding off the high of getting partnered with the cutest, thiccest girl in the group. Also, how the fuck does he come to comprehend love when everyone else is sperging out over it?

This show won't lead anywhere, will it? I mean, the meaningless sex "symbolism," Hiro is run-of-the-mill MC who cares about feelings and gay shit, but is oblivious, and is a moralfag about fucking everything. He has the weakest character in the series by far. And the last episodes feature a really weak 02. Being aloof doesn't make her interesting, it just makes her boring. She's supposed to be the firecracker, goddamit.

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I like Goro.

Gonna call it now

the 3 girls in the back are the same as 02 or aleast clones

Did you miss the part where the princess declared her marriage to a legit random character introduced TWO EPISODES from the end double ntring both protags?

I'm still pissed off at Kokoro, but damn that's cute.

t. hamplanet

Do you have anything for her anons?

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thanks for a possible drawing idea

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Easy now, Viper.

I have something for you all.