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Why was she so stupid?

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Because she's obsessed with Mitty. I really hope she pays for putting Riko in danger though.

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Muh mitty

Its all part of her master plan to outjew Valuetown.
Give it 3 more chapters and she'll be the new princess.

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This series is just a platform for Hideyuki Kurata’s to express his sick child fetishes.

Bondrewd did nothing wrong

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Reg's already gone and fucked all the smart out of her by now.

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Let me ~Imagine~ in peace.

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It is difficult, if not impossible, to do any less wrong than this man. This is a fact.

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>ywn fuck Nanachi until she becomes dumb

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He trusted Prushka and that bitch betrayed him in a critical moment

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What would sex with Nanachi be like?

The NAAAAAs will be heard from Idofront to Orth.

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Ask this guy

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How can Riko get Nanachi back while still continuing her adventures in the Abyss?
Please show your work.

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What do you think was the reason for Srajo the Surreptitious to head on his last dive? Why did he decide to go when he did?

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You mean Sausage or Nintensoy?

Maybe he's old and was tired of life

>Hopes for the Compilation OVA
More stuff in layer 3, better animation during critical scenes(such as Lyza and Ozen), Riko's puffy nipples on full display, 20% more Nnna~'s
Just a compilation OVA.

that was Wakuna

Riko wants Chi AND Mitty, but Chi already freed the rug in exchange for herself. It's just hanging around as far as I can tell.
If she realizes she only needs the bun, she can half the price. Give one eye and tell Reg to pick up an eye patch from the marketplace.

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An eye and a leg for full pirate mode, her arm with MUH SCAR value, or she'll haggle and outjew Belafu

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Speaking of Srajo I was thinking, what if he had no body, like under his clothes there was nothing at all?

Maybe both are old
Not everyone can swap bodies for newer ones or have pins that give you strength and keeps you looking young

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What sort of relationship did they have?

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Are we just going to ignore the fact that, as a stillborn, Riko's soul already cycled into the abyss and something else was planted in her body via the artifact?


Dropped his wallet

Yeah, because being stillborn and having a cycled soul at the moment of her rebirth, Riko has always been Riko.

Do you think there could be more white whistles if Bondrewd didn't turn the best white whistles crossing Idolfront into praying hands?

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We have it from Bondrewd himself that a *real* white whistle couldn't be stopped by Idofront.

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You what? He turned Black Whistles into Praying Hands, not White Whistles.

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Probably but bonedaddy is just too good at what he does

Yeah that's what I meant to write, sorry

Pure love in the streets.
Pure freak in the sheets.

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That thing needs to be colored already

>after Riko and co Bon realized that making kids into White Whistles are funnier than turning them into cartridges
>raises next generation of lolis in pairs
>orchestrates situations, where one of the lolis must trgically die and become stone
>Idofront is funny place again

Science is fun

>It's a [Riko's Theme] episode

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LOL user, you really think nanachi is a girl?


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>The gender of Nanachi is unknown.
When Nanachi was a human being, there was a gender, but it has not been revealed.
Imagine it
That tweet is from last year, so I don't know if the author has said anything more on the subject, but he's never stated whether Nanachi is a boy or girl.

So what will Veko's role be in the future?

The removal of the balancing system and starting the purge in the Value Village as revenge for keeping her locked up.

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I want to fuck this rabbit.

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I don't see her intentionally fucking up the village, she's too pure for that, also she no longer hates the village, just Belafu.

You've only known her for 10 minutes. She's had a few hundred years to stew and plot.

>Recommend MiA anime to sister on Friday
>This morning get a text from her saying she's on episode 11 and already loves Nanachi
>Suddenly remember she had to have her pet cat of 10 years euthanized 2 months ago
Oh fuck.

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It's okay user.

>SFX: imouto crying noises

I think you are the only one who still see her as a possible threat

He isn't, I don't trust the slime bitch either.

And those 10 minutes showed me someone who is not a threat

Alright, Riko. But you'll remember this conversation when this bites you in the ass, given you haven't traded it by then.

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The last time he mentions something of Nanachi gender was in a live drawing, I think it was this one, but good luck finding at what moment in that video, but basically, he simply said “Nanachi is a Nanachi”, in this live drawing he also confirmed that Zoaholic was not destroyed

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Well that's one way to make Regu go nuclear

Reg is MY Shota. MINE, no if's, and's, or butts

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you'd have to be fucking retarded to think the Zoaholic was destroyed

>A reanimated hunk of flesh whose only definable aspiration is a suicidal urge to delve straight down into the earth
>A robot with fake emotions and a fake memory who can't protect anything
>A deeply depressed bun burdened with survivors guilt due to not only the death of her best friend but the dozens of innocents she tortured and experimented upon
You're protagonists, everyone.

Mentally stable people dont delve. We know this.

What's difference between fake and real emotions?

Can't denied that, but until this live drawing, it was a hot topic here

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What is butt guys endgame?

what would being around two rugs be like?

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Giving your daughter a cute pet!
Going places with your daughter!
Buying your daughter a nintendo cartridge!

Prolapse Riko.
I wouldn't be surprised if originally Tsukushi wanted to have Riko's intestines pop out her butthole, with the toilet fixing her up, only for his editors to axe it.

I wouldn't be surprised if the toilet tentacle raped her originally, but they told him that wasn't ok.

I'm shocked if he doesn't get a crowd funded official doujin at some point, its so obvious he wants to sex up his loli and shota.

Sometimes he gets carried away

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>Sometimes he gets carried away
To put it lightly, yeah.

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Does rape count as "damaging someones values"?

Only if they're a virgin.

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Nothing goes off the threat list until confirmed dead, even rugsack clone managed to put nanachi~in in danger.

>Nearly get tentacle raped
>Her main concern is that she lost her delving helmet
Riko is too pure.

>A robot with fake emotions

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This is why I fucking hate manga and animes. They appeal to this male fantasy

Why does this 12-year-old 38-year-old looks as if he was at least 50-year-old?

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Trauma from being molested as a boy.

no gf to make him pretty

Could you beat him?


I'm so happy that his manga has become a success. I hope the royalties from the Anime/OVAs fund many trips to the Philippines.

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God no. The last time he was taking trips the manga was on hiatus for 3-4 months

come on pal be nice, she is literaly a child, all kids are stupid, is amaazing she can survive on her own down there

He needs to eat monkeys soup and molest some children once now and then to get inspired

>every time.

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though i really hope
is right.

Tsukushi is very inconsistent w' his writing. Nanachi was the smartest shortstack in the series. and then she fell for dumbest magic trap #1 hard enough to spend her life in it.