What was the point of this scene? Like...

What was the point of this scene? Like, I get that they largely got over their difference at this point but this whole scene felt kinda unnecessary.

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what was unnecessary about it?

Why was it unnecessary? If you come to like these two characters seeing them show affection to each other and saving the day should make you feel good. If you didn't like the two characters then obviously you wouldn't get anything out of it but if you didn't like Akko or Diana why would you watch the show all the way to the end?

To appease the fat Otakus

that would be introducing andrew

He was Shoujo bait

Maybe unnecessary was the wrong word to us, but it definitely felt unearned. Diana and Akko "reconciled" not even a day prior and like right afterwards they get the big action setpiece together while everyone else literally falls on the wayside.

The whole "rivalry" was pretty one-sided the whole time. Diana was a bitch to Akko for no reason other than she was famous and Akko wasn't. Akko stuck her neck out multiple times to help Diana and Diana still acted like a cunt to her. Only in the last 10 minutes of the last episode did it seem like DIana might have changed her opinion, but for the entire show it seemed like it never mattered what Akko did, Diana still didn't like her so I don't know why we're supposed to believe this time it was for real.

user, did you not pay attention to their talk at the cafe? Diana was jealous of Akko being able to spout off like she could and be so gunho without a care in the world especially with her being the rod's chosen. They're friends now but not like bff or anything, it's a simple yet complicated situation.

simply Imaishi didn't feel like it was right for Akko to be solo shooting after the ep23 stuff so she was put into the final shiny arc
I personally wouldn't have minded a redo of something like the EP shiny ballista scene instead with red team proper but I personally still like how it ended up

I remember it, but it felt insincere. Before, Diana had treated every instance of Akko bailing her out as just some favor she needed to repay. It seemed like going out to find her was a repayment for Akko dragging Diana back when she went back home. Akko seemed depressed about the Shiny Chariot stuff so Diana said some generic nice things to calm her down and bring her back to school. Maybe Akko believes it was sincere. Maybe it wasn't all fake. I just find it hard to put any faith in Diana after she was such a dick the whole show.
I don't necessarily disagree with you. They don't hate each other (although I don't think they ever did really) but they're not BFFs. I don't think either of them will change much, and will continue to bump heads throughout their schooling.

I still think he did it to make up for the lack of a proper Ryuko/Satsuki finale. Diana even looked like Satsuki in the pan up shot.

I think they'll bump heads a bit more since now Diana will actually take Akko seriously. And Diana's awkwarness during that scene made me feel it was more genuine because Diana has absolutely no experience actually talking to someone like this as she's never been in a position she had to expose a part of herself to cheer someone up.

Did she? I dare you to make a comparison image.

>Diana was a bitch to Akko for no reason other than she was famous and Akko wasn't.
It's like some people didn't even watch the show.

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>since now Diana will actually take Akko seriously.
I dunno, at the end of the series I just don't feel like Akko has really changed much. She didn't have to do anything special to awaken those words, they just kinda came to her right when she needed them. She never really improved her magic all that much, although I will admit she began to show actual dedication to studying. Still, she's leagues behind pretty much every other witch there. Now that she doesn't have the distraction of the shiny rod to slow her down will she turn things around? Will Diana and Ursula help her more? Maybe. One of the biggest problems Diana had with Akko was that she wasn't serious enough about magic and never seemed to get better. If Akko keeps fucking around and not improving enough I think Diana is going to get fed up and start bitching at her again.
But, Akko definitely deserves some straight talk. Everyone else finds her antics amusing while Diana is kind of the only one who straight up tells her to get her shit together. Being told off also seems to be the only thing that really motivates her to try harder.

Or look at the second post to see how and why these two are friends now. Diana's relationship with Akko is friendship just an awkward one. Remember, Akko didn't invite Diana to her prior attempts at flying because she didn't want to look stupid in front of her and Diana upon finally being invited once Akko was certain she had it down, sneaked into the kitchen past curfew to make snacks herself the night before and provided the tables and chairs you see in the epilogue. They are friends and rivals.

Oh, Akko will definitely improve just look at how good she got at transforming herself even if the transformations are cartoony, it's still impressive Akko got to the point she could do it without vocally saying the incantation, that wasn't the rod's power there, it was focused on turning the missiles parts into creatures.

eh, dubious to assume that the rod was specifically only focusing on turning the missiles into other shit, no reason the rod wasnt also empowering her wordless transformations

I'm not really sure what you're trying to say in your reply to me, but I wasn't trying to imply that Diana's boost in importance in the last episode wasn't sudden and somewhat offputting, I'm just saying that it's ridiculous to think that Akko did nothing to invite Diana's ire. That's just silly.

What's also silly is thinking that Diana would sneak into the kitchen past curfew to make those picnic sandwiches for everyone. You don't (and most likely, Diana especially wouldn't) prepare food like that the night before. You get up early and do that sort of thing the morning of, ya dink.

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What a good (girl)friend


My monitor has a buttload of cracks in it but does Jasminka have fangs?

Get a new monitor, Anonymous.

they share the same dream

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Monitor replacement may cost too much compared to a new computer, this is a touch screen one,or was, I can't use the screen more and there's these weird spots everywhere and my courser flicks when moved and is terminally etched into the middle for some reason. Shit's fucked.

This scene actually wasn't in the original scenario or the script.

>Scenario for final episode is very, very, very bare-bones. We don't know by how much, but we know that a lot of things were added by Imaishi in the storyboard.
>Many things, such as Akko deciding to call themselves the Nine New Witches, were added. However, Imaishi's focus was enhancing Diana's role because he felt it was needed after episode 23. In fact, it's mentioned that Diana's depiction in the original scenario/script was thin. Imaishi fleshed it out.
>Even then, however, Akko used the Shiny Arc alone in the final battle; Diana was only standing by her side. Until Producer Tsutsumi approached Imaishi and asked: "You should probably make Diana do something." And Imaishi was "sure, why not, they're gonna use the Shiny Rod together."

Ant that's what he drew in the storyboard.

Imaishi's storyboard.

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Is it safe to say Akko is fucking crazy?

Yup, that's much better, so the smile between them was always there but this time, Diana actually assists, People probably would have been livid if she was just standing there like Satsuki was just standing on the ground

>Yoshinari couldn't even storyboard the big moment in his own series
What a little bitch.

In the end, I'm glad Imaishi did it. That great scene of the sparkles going all around the world was also his idea.

Is it true that Akko's VA got the part mainly because of how well she could yell "Shiny arc"? It just hit me Diana actually did that part of it,too even through to use it you don't have to say that part. What a dweeb

Yes, but remember that they were all first cast for an OVA that they didn't know was going to turn into a franchise.

I remember my absolute HYPE when I saw Trigger girl high fiving Akko at the very end of Luluco
and here I am now, still autistically wanting more and more little witches

What the FUCK went wrong?

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Yes, because dual protag finishers are oh so fucking pointless, you never see them anywhere else. Oh wait...

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The point is: to make me all happy and warm inside. So, fuck you.

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I think a lot of people here doesnt understand that anime Diana is vastly different personality wise than ova Cunt Diana.

You're right, but even OVA Diana wasn't that bad.