Tfw dbs generals will finally stop

>tfw dbs generals will finally stop
Truly a blessed feel

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t.has them filtered and clueless

Don't worry, movie soon.

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Franxxfaggots are the new DBSspics, you will regret this.

Just make a DB board like Pokemn

The show got cancelled and the last episode aired yesterday. No new content so hopefully they get moved to

You said that about Naruto too.

>The show got cancelled
It didn't get cancelled, it finished airing for now. The're working on a movie, and possibly a new series in the future.

Can't wait for the bitching about the movie sucking.

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>DitF threads get spammed instead

>manga still going strong

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>manga is terrible and monthly
If it weeks weekly sure, but until then it's glorified promotional material

I want all super spics to leave Sup Forums.

We just need to endure the conveniences of it ending (we had 26 threads at some moment yesterday).

blue eyes white dragon

>dbs generals will finally stop
Half of them is get through my filter, Frankx included

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>tfw boku no piss threads will never leave

What's wrong with Boku no Pico?

Call my cynical but I don't think Sup Forums's mods are tough enough to outlast the dragonball horde and banish them to

Moderation is fucking useless, they're not going anywhere.
Almost 1/3 of the board is DB and FranXX threads, this is what happens when you don't range ban Mexico.

More like nonstop dbs generals until Sup Forums is finally shut down because the new material will keep coming until Toriyama himself can no longer scribble onto napkins