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This new girl is pretty cute

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*hugs you*

>Japanese education

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This bit was so adorable

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Precure 1-hour draw: #437

Time for my favourite girl. Isn't she cool? The theme for today is Midorikawa Nao/Cure March. I love her with pure intentions, unlike the degenerate anons that dwell in this thread.

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>fire shutters on a bed

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I like how [user] puts effort on his typesetting

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God I wish that was me

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I want to fuck a hamster

I'd do lewd things to Nao.

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Homare seems to be doing well now. What's left in her story?

Très bien ?

- how to train up to a competitive level with only small-town resources
- first competition as senior
- the "is this really what I want?" episode

It feels weird that in the story with so much ikemens there is no one for pink to lust over.

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The boys all have better designs than the girls.

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Bad user.

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What's his fucking problem?

best green

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precure is saved

First Hana is scolded for trying to encourage Homare, and now this.
Can't a cheerleader do her job anymore?

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I'm in love with this pink

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But she did it later and that helped HMR.
It's obviously warning for japanese children that you can't just keep shouting "gambare" at someone and expect them to be magically happy and do good from that. And plot point it that Hana's talent is cheering and encoudaging people in the right way. But this probably will backfire later when she finds herself surrounded by prodigies and starts feeling worthless herself.

I hope they fix it later. Hana is a good girl, she deserves a god boy.

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I really want him to become precure.

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>fall movie
>"Hey kids! Can you wave your miracle lights and cheer us on?"
>half of the audience has a nervous breakdown

Hana does a horrible job at cheering, but her feelings are so transparent that it still works, in a different way but works.

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>Right there, at her darkest hour, there won't be anyone to cheer for Hana
I can see it

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>Precure Camp △ soon
>Precure Susume soon

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I thought Hug-tan was about to take a shit there.

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>Hana does a horrible job at cheering
That's just not true

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I think he could be ma cherie

That smart dog is holding his own leash.

Will Hamster and Frenchie fug?

Mogumogu is too smart. I bet he's the leader of Criasu

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Is anyone else disappointed by the lack of yuri?

Do I have to wait for evil chick to turn and connect with one of the girls?

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Stop trying to make Mahou look bad falseflagger

Pajama Hana is very cute.

Sexy demon

Only Doki, Kira, and HC has Yuri

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Saaya isn't gay enough for you?

>Is anyone else disappointed by the lack of yuri?
Yup, you should fuck off since no one else cares.

Precure is SAFE

>HC has Yuri
I see what you concocted

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Kira doesn't even count as yuri since Akira is literally a man.

Why is Megu Han so adorable! She really is like Hime irl

Harry wasn't in his hamster form at all this episode, was he? Full-on ikemen.

Toei wants that sweet slice of fujo audience

He's trying to save face after his meltdown.

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He wants that pretty boy all for himself

Man dressed as a man.

as it should be

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That's true. He even gave out some solid advice.

When you grind a cake too hard, the friction can sometimes cause ignition.
I'm a scientist, it's all in the books user

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Sweet Dreams!!

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Buy a better laptop user

Nothing to fure fure about

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Iona is stacked now

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>minna o yasu-mi

I suppose you're pretty proud of yourself for that one.

That's the size I got when I ended up hitting ctrl+s instead of shift+s for screenshots. I'm not going to bother to screencap it again.

Yeah! I just thought of it earlier today. Must be a sign that my Japanese comprehension is increasing.

Pinks are the cutest when they're melancholic

Final Boss

Would you read this magazine?

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Do I have to buy it or can I lend?

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What was up with the GoPri's legs?

I guess movie-exclusive super forms are gradually becoming less of a thing.

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Princesses should have nice legs

Isn't angel peach and whatever melody's was the same thing from the series.

I wouldn't say that, Kira had them

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He probably meant pink exclusive.

Dang, you're right.


Twinkle's charm point

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Which precure has the lewdest pits?

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Aoi looks pregnant

Melody's was less elaborate when she and the others got it in the finale.

Well it was a kawano episode.