Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

Is she cute or ugly?

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The cutest.

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She's sexy.

Imagine a piglet.
It's kinda like that.

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Paired with her VA, extremely cute

Too goddamn cute.


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delete this.


why is she making that face?

She pissed herself and is embarassed

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Thick eyebrows are the best. They always remind me of these cute little fuzzy caterpillars

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usually i'd like clean shaven, no pubic hair, but in this case a little bush wouldent be bad

I'm binge watching this next week, how far into the manga is the show?
Also, any chance on it ending here?

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she looks like discount mugi. And that's not a bad thing

>freakin' heavy
I thought he was lifting?

him and krillin both call their wives san. I dont get it.

>Also, any chance on it ending here?
I fucking hope so.
Also, since there's little continuity between each story, the anime jumps back and forth a fair bit. They left out most of the pool "arc", for example, only adapted the swimsuit buying story. I'm pretty sure they did at least one story released after the "flashforward" chapter, too.

She is Cute because she can wear bikini unlike virgin Takagi.

Very cute

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In Anime,Mina can wear bikini while Virgin Takagi cannot wear it and wear plain yellow/orange one pieced swimsuit instead.

So does that mean Mina isn't a virgin?

Her Bikini scene proves dat she is a Chadess.

by far the cutest

For the reason that she can wear bikini Unlike WHOM.

Spamming is against Global Rule 10, you know.

But it is true,despite no one acknowledgin it.

If Takagi can wear bikini,I will admit my fault:

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Worst voice in a cast full of annoying voices.

I like her but she is too noisy about stupid shit like when she was drinking Soda.

Will her and Mano’s waterpark EP become aired someday??wit

h Topless Nishitaka boy,too.

What was this expression supposed to convey?

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Maybe next season. I mean, summer JUST ended.

It'sher losing face. You sure don't see it very often.

god shes cute

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shit show, right?

Cuz Waterpark EP with Takagi and Mano was been cut.So Takagi cannot wear bikini while Mina can wear it in Anime edition.

God those little things are the best. Now I also know why I like thick eyebrows, so thanks for that bruh.

i wonder how much semen her eyebrows can soak up

Almost as much as Mugi


she's ugly cute


Pretty good

Cute like a pug with a shy bladder.

She's a cute girl with an ugly as fuck hair.

What's wrong with her hair?

prime kidnapping material

She has a Japanese mullet.

She looks like some hafu wannabe rockstar.

It took me alot of time to make this but.. youtube.com/watch?v=CxmU0xY3LnY

why is her head so big

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Too bad that Waterpark EP with Mano was Cut in Anime.So In anime,Mina can wear bikini,But Takagi Cannot wear bikini.

She's bullied.

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At least Mina can wear bikini,Unlike Takagi in Anime.

I like her voice. It's pretty unique in a sea of generic cutesy girl voices.

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Surely they wouldn't do the bikini shopping one then not do the swimming one. That would just be the literal most retarded thing they could have done, so it has to be in one of the remaining episodes right?

So that she is able to receive more head-pats.

to hold her telepathic mega-brain


She cannot wear bikini in the Anime.why did she got nerfed??

Maybe her feelings hurt.

Sorry user, there's 1 ep left, and it will probably cover at least the flashback ch to the entrance ceremony when they met and the flashfoward chapter as a finale. The pool double date is covered by 3 entire chapters. I can't see how they'd get it in.

Why are these people still employed? That's like making the first Lord of the Rings film and then not doing the other two.

The girls in this are top tier "i need to rub their forehead like a magical oil lamp". Not that its a bad thing.


Then Takagi in Anime cannot wear bikini unlike Chadino Mina.

rub with what

Dick, hands or arms(with hugs), seems to be rude to leg lock or use feet on them to me.

They'll have their foreheads stepped on and learn to like it.

But Hibino Mina can wear bikini in anime unlike virgin Takagi.

I like to think the author's favorite girl is Yukari, there's not way someone will give this much love to a literal background character of a trio of background character

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I could live with consensual head stepping.

cutest when she is pooping.

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How much probable will Takagi-san S2 happen?

She is having problems with peeing because of STDs she had gotten during Enjo-Kousai creampie sessions.

From what?

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Moto Takagi and KoiKoi Yukari both are drawn by other artists. It was publisher's decision to make spin-offs because the magazine had no flagship title and the author just followed the order.

I wanna eat her Poop and poot mah painis inside her Anus.

But why Yukari?

you go to the pool...see this..what do

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They had a contest for the spin-offs. Those two got prizes and serialization.

Attempting to tease and win.

She is ugly but it reverses to her being cute. There is always that ugly girl that you can't help but like.

And Unlike Takagi who cannot wear bikini in Anime,Mina can wear bikini.

It's the moment she realized that he likes her too.

Surprisingly good actually.

V E R Y cute

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They literally don't get more perfect that this.