Are you looking forward to any of their upcoming productions?
Liz and the Blue Bird or perhaps the new VEG movie?

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I'm looking forward to everything except more Free.

Most excited for Liz.

Free and the archery anime. Kyoani are the masters of storytelling and appealing to intellectual tastes!

No. They abandoned us otaku.

>caring about an irrelevant normalfag studio

Anything as long as it's not homoshit like Free.

Looking forward to them breaking off from the LNshit and fujoshit and making good slice of life manga adaptations again.

Kyoani hasn't made anything good since Hyouka, which was more than half a decade ago.

>Kyoani ignoring their core audience of landwhales
They tried that Maid Dragon and it flopped sadly. They'll only make Mexican soap operas and Fujoshit from now on because they're independent and need the sales to survive.

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>what are Hibike and VEG

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Maidragon wasn't a flop per se (IIRC it got a lot of money from Chinese streams), it was just massively fucking swamped out by Kemono Friends.

Maidragon and Tamako Market are superior to both of those melodramatic shitshows

This, moe makes the core of anime. CGDCT is equivalent to literature, shonen is the paper back shit of anime.

>IIRC it got a lot of money from Chinese streams
Bullshit. Maidragon got paid upfront and that was it.
You're thinking VEG which is pay to view, it's absurd how much they love it over there.

>using the irrelevant sidegirl for the Free rep

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>westerners calling themselves otaku

>Not liking cuteboys
Fuck off then, faggot


Free boys are fucking ugly.

You need to kill yourself my man.


Not gonna lie. I don't need a pv or anything, just the name of their next production so I can regonize it when it airs. That's enough for me and what I'm looking forward to.

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