Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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I would like to request Mai Natsume with bouncing breasts, e.g.:

Another suggestion is Mai suggestively eating a popsicle:

Or perhaps Mai with her hair down (like in the bottom of the reference) and brushing it:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

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I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari, please!

To be more exact, I would like to request her as a minigirl wearing this outfit imgur.com/a/Fvh1u
It would be great if you could make her sit on my hand or shoulder too!

Though if you want to draw something else, please go ahead! But please nothing too extreme.

Please and thank you if you pick my request!

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Requesting Natsume in more of her foxgirl maid outfit or drawn in stained glass style, anything else is cool as well.
Foxgirl maid ref: i.imgur.com/1XvaUMS.png

Joint requesting with Himari
- Holding each other's hair like this i.imgur.com/lsr2v5y.jpg
- A duet with Natsume playing the flute and Himari with a violin i.imgur.com/TFdAHnk.jpg
- Himari as UMP40 (left) and Natsume as P226 (right) from Girls Frontline i.imgur.com/qB7HDY4.png

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Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos:

-With an alternate hairstyle (Ponytail or twintails encouraged).
-Wearing Catria's bunny costume (i.imgur.com/BpB4S0C.jpg) but in Cosmos' color scheme.
-Almost anything else cute or lewd is also appreciated. Make sure to ask beforehand.

And hope weekend goes excellent!

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Requesting Himari enjoying early spring times.

Otherwise see imgur.com/a/7ZSJs or:
- In any of these poses or situations imgur.com/a/VR1vV
- With her hair styled to be wavy.
- Working at a school festival stall.
- Himarin in Yuru Camp fashion, or any other fashionable shows'. (Shirobako: imgur.com/a/iJ6qF, New Game, Inu x Boku: imgur.com/a/U14CB, etc. Or other casual fashion: imgur.com/a/Q0urK)
- Being sexy or slightly lewd imgur.com/a/BVTz8
Anything else tasteful is always welcomed; cool, cute, sexy, comfy, whatever.

Extra refs for her and more albums full of ideas at the bottom: imgur.com/a/yw4sK

Joint request with Natsume - Holding each other's hair like this i.imgur.com/lsr2v5y.jpg
- A duet with Natsume playing the flute and Himari with a violin i.imgur.com/TFdAHnk.jpg
- Himari as UMP40 (left) and Natsume as P226 (right) from Girls Frontline i.imgur.com/qB7HDY4.png

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Requesting Oni Reika cosplaying Jati from Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo:

Playing with her hair like this girl:

Wearing the famous Oh In Hye dress:

Other ideas are cool.

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Hope you're all had a nice weekend.

Requesting Hanako as a cute old lady doing cute old lady things, such as knitting s sweater for her grandkids.

Anything else cute you feel like drawing would be wonderful to see as well.
Thanks for considering.

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Requesting my adorable Morgan:

-Sleeping on a big marshmallow cushion
-Reading books under a blossoming sakura tree
-Wearing a competition swimsuit

Or anything else cute/cutelewd is fine as well.

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Requesting anything cute or cutelewd of my Kobori, please.

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Requesting Oora, whatever is fine

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Hi WWD. Hope everyone's week has been going well.

I would like to request Sakuya from Utawarerumono in any of the following:

-Being cute and happy
-Doing a bunny binky or a bunny flop
-Lying in bed and looking at the viewer (something POV if possible)
-Showcasing different emotions or expressions with her ears reflecting them (here's a blank template: i.imgur.com/rqPRhck.jpg)
-Holding a cake and saying "Happy Birthday!"
-Naked apron while preparing a cake
-Naked ribbons
-Lifting her skirt or any upskirt/panty shot
-Wearing lingerie

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend

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Requesting Yuria in any of the following

- walking along the shore of the beach and looking at the sea
- wearing a cat eared hoodie looking flustered and cute imgur.com/a/HlMpY You could have the zipper down revealing a bikini for a more lewd take on it
- laying on her back and wearing paw print socks like danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2370236
- aged up to her late 20s or early 30s, wearing a sparkling blue dress (imgur.com/a/waCZn) with a flirty, enamored expression towards me
- offering a big, warm hug to me

SI ref (I'm fine with Genderbent for either of us) i.imgur.com/lxBROmF.png

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Requesting M16 trying on some new glasses/sunglasses,
or otherwise M16 doing something cute or house-wifey (like cooking or doing laundry, etc.)

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Hi wwd. I'd love to request my beautiful Akua:

-Wearing a bunny suit.
-In any of these lewd poses or outfits imgur.com/a/CjZAA
-Offering the viewer a present or flowers of some kind
-Her wearing this bikini and sunglasses with a sarong if possible.
i.imgur.com/wO4o3Rb.png Maybe the same pose, or laying down on a beach-chair relaxing under an umbrella.
-Her and I kissing covered by a large hat or umbrella. i.imgur.com/J8iT41o.jpg

Also joint requesting with Nio. Her and Akua doing each other's hair.

Please and Thank you! Hope you have a nice week

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requesting Chie Sasaki
- with only wearing one of these shirts (maybe with socks and/or gloves): imgur.com/a/uuh19
- doing an angry or disdain face like: imgur.com/a/krDbk the Semiramis outfit is ok too
- anything silly or cute

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Requesting Cynthia from Pokemon, please. Possibly of her wearing a "bath yukata."
Thank you for your consideration.

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Hello wwd.
Requesting Mizore in any of the following:

- Something Easter/Spring related like:

- Making a larger than life snowball.

- Siting on a crescent moon.

As always anything is welcome and thanks for considering!

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Requesting Q.
Anything cute involving her would be greatly appreciated.
Her source is C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.

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Requesting Watashi at the beach with a swimsuit on, or just trying one on in front of a mirror (many examples of good ones here: imgur.com/a/Ocm49).
Alternatively, her wearing a fancy dress where you can tell just by looking at it that there's nothing on under; some examples here: i.imgur.com/n30r2l4.jpg. Having her be embarrassed and saying something like "there's no way I could wear something like this in public, idiot!" would be cute too.
Or, her cosplaying as Gilette from One Piece (i.imgur.com/WbBhyBt.jpg), with a smug look on her face like a devilish ojou-sama.
Or, for something more lewd, her wearing one of those bikinis but with the top off, covering her breasts with her hands in a seductive way (i.imgur.com/Vv0ZXKW.jpg).
Anything else cute is fine too, of course.

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Requesting my beloved wife Yuuna in her Akamine form (so the tan one on the far right of my reference) wearing the Archer install outfit of Kuro from Prisma Illya: i.imgur.com/arTzGxr.jpg

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Requesting my lovely bassist, Akiyama Mio.

Here's a list ideas I'd like to see:

-Mio receiving headpats and being happy
-Wearing a cute pajama, going to bed
-Mio wearing Musashi's outfit from KanColle (ref imgur.com/a/HZC63 )
-Wearing a "Thick Thighs Save Lives" t-shirt and shimapan, Long socks or stocking with skindentation.
Showing off her thighs in a cutelewd way optional if you want, that Mio pic can be used as ref imgur.com/a/sQNkG

Anything else is fine as long as it's cute, or not too lewd. Thanks in advance and have a nice day !

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Requesting Risty in a bunnygirl outfit.

Her in either of these poses: i.imgur.com/expPFND.jpg

Or her wearing this shirt: i.imgur.com/yBynAbZ.png

Or in Mai or Leona's costumes:

Or powering up Dragon Ball Z style.

Alternatively, something like this with her: i.imgur.com/aBlqN1F.png

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Kindly requesting Colette and myself similar to this danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2394126
Alternatively, her enjoying or exiting a shower/bath

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For early Easter reasons, requesting my lovely Anna dressed as Sheath from Project X Zone 2. Sheath Refs: i.imgur.com/SGFac7K.png i.imgur.com/zGRdo1c.png

Second idea: Dressed as Medb in a sexy/lewd pose. Medb ref: imgur.com/a/lRaSd

Third idea: Her as a Felynn/Kit Cat lewdly trapping her prey. Refs: i.imgur.com/uWzAxrE.png i.imgur.com/OR8Q0CG.jpg

Anything unrelated cute or reasonably lewd is fine.

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Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters doing Terry Bogard's Power geyser or Rock Howard's victory pose with the wings.

Power Geyser: i.imgur.com/a3T1kty.gif
Victory: i.imgur.com/XXxU8aW

Alternatively, requesting Mimi doing exercise with weights or some kind of sparring/shadowboxing/punching while wearing this!


Thanks if you pick this up!

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ritsu with middle school uniform (black sailor uniform) because i odnt know what thes hit is this.

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Requesting Zero scratching her back with her metal arm.
For something more complicated, requesting her showering in a waterfall, in a place like this imgur.com/a/DdOrj
and for something more simple, a pic of her smiling, thanks for reading, and anchor.

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Requesting Stocking in the same position as pic related but smirking/looking smug, please.

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Requesting Taiga wish her arms stretched out, waiting on a hug.
Or just any sort of reassuring gesture, please.

Or Birdyfag's really nice idea of Birdy and Taiga having some sweets and coffee and a cafe in casual clothes, or sparring.
Cafe ref: imgur.com/a/6FnXH
Sparring ref: imgur.com/a/lWKGK

Additional Taiga references: imgur.com/a/bgzt4
Anything would be appreciated.

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Requesting a closeup of Haruhi with some messy hair, or her stealing a bite of the viewer's ice cream.
Otherwise wearing either a bunny suit or a traditional outfit of your choice is always something I'm willing to see, here are some suggestions

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Hello, I have a request.
I would like to see an image of Yuuri, a character from Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, holding open her arms as though she were offering a hug to me the viewer.
Thank you.

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Humbly requesting mon amour, Mitsuru Kirijo.

If possible, I'd like to request her dancing with Fuuka, her attempting to bake some sort of treat like cookies or cupcakes, or her practicing fencing.

Of course, these are just some ideas; I'd be appreciative if she were drawn at all, thank you.

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Requesting Minori shortly after waking up, still sleepy and with bedhead.

Or requesting her wearing this outfit: files.catbox.moe/6vm7sv.jpg

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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requesting my husbando mariya shidou:
-cumming on my face
thank you.

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Requesting Amakusa Shino, please and thank you.
Optionally as a minigirl sitting against a melonpan (regular size), and contentedly taking a nap after taking a bunch of miniwaifu-sized bites out of it, but anything else nice is fine too.

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Requesting my dear Ionasal, please!

+ Looking after SI/an user with a bad toothache. Nurse outfit optional. SI ref here: imgur.com/a/s6wR0
+ Wearing a short off-the-shoulder sweater dress (like imgur.com/a/sUh4c)
+ Cosplaying as Brigitte Lindholm
- With user/SI, sat together both asleep and leaning on each other, like imgur.com/FSYRrFy
- PoV of her sleeping on the viewer's chest
- Lewd: Nude selfie with either one arm covering her chest or convenient hair censorship and a 'Yes' pillow

But as usual, I'd be happy with anything. Thanks in advance!

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Requesting Bianca being cool. Yes, I know, she's already plenty cool, but I mean exaggerated with black sunglasses, leather jacket, a cocky smile, and two thumbs up. Like The Fonz.

Or wearing this shirt and tight jeans: i.imgur.com/4uJJQyq.jpg

Or in this outfit and trying to be intimidating: i.imgur.com/q56g9CW.jpg Or actually being intimidating. If colored, the teal scarf and fingertips should be green instead to match Bianca's eyes.

Or just a portrait of Bianca giving me a loving smile.

Otherwise, anything cute is okay with me. Thank you, and have a great week.

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Requesting Aigis cheering user on in her new cheer-leading outfit from the new Dancing Moon Night game i.imgur.com/OTUK3Ni.png
Dressed in Catria or Kagero's Easter bunnygirl outfits from Fire Emblem Heroes imgur.com/a/WlhKx
Her applying makeup to herself imgur.com/a/hvJU5ng
Cosplaying as Es from Blazblue imgur.com/a/IVH8N
Something like these comics with her and my SI or just some cute interactions her and my SI imgur.com/a/cFWF8 ,but if you have other ideas feel free to draw anything cute or cute lewd you would want to draw with her.

Thank you and have a good weekend.

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Yo DrawDoods, requesting Misaki with an okay hand winking, Dressed up as Guts from BERSERK, or anything that conveys a bit of sadness.

I appreciate and welcome all drawings of her so anything would be nice!
Just please nothing lewd or gory.

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Humbly requesting something with Rikka.
Anything she might inspire you for would be wonderful (lewd of various degrees included).
This is her personal BGM, in case it offers any inspiration:

For something specific, how about
-wearing a waloli version of her dress
-stirrup leggings

Thank you for reading, and if you decide to pick this up I hope you have fun.

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Requesting Sonoda Yuu in tennis attire, maybe playing tennis and serving up a shot, or anything else you may think is cute
Thank you in advance

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Requesting an OL Rin telling user/the viewer that she's having them work late tonight.

Attached: Rin Eba.png (2588x1600, 3.17M)

Requesting my angel, Ryuuko Mifune

I'd like to request her wearing these cute kitty thighhighs:
I'm fine with any type/variation/color. The rest of her clothing is optional, but you could also pair it with my alternative request if you like:

Alternatively/additionally, I'd love to see my angel wearing an open/partially-zipped hoodie like in one of the example references below. A pink hoodie would be nice if you need a color suggestion. Feel free to make it as lewd or modest as you like:

Any other drawings are welcome and loved

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Guys, holy shit. I think I might actually be able to form a relationship with my Nee-san.

Attached: 1520488697830.jpg (582x581, 135K)

I would like to request my beloved Binkan-chan looking warmly at a wedding ring in her hand.

As alternative, requesting her using nothing but a towel and saying to the viewer something like "The bath is ready user, let's bathe"

Other alternative can be she cosplaying as Franziska Von Karma or Trucy Wright, both from Ace Attorney.

Thanks in advance! Hope everyone have a good start of the week.

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So it was you bitching in the last thread Lolyfag

Requesting Rukia! Thank you.

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Remember, if you're a single mother, nobody would realistically want you.

Requesting my cute wife threatening to kill me.

Or, for a joint request, requesting her and Akua doing each other's hair #

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What in the who now? I was jerking off. Idindu nuffi

I'm still experimenting around but I hope you like it.

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Requesting my wife, Kyouko Machi, summoning or riding on the back of the Reanimated Forest Skeleton, from Don't Starve.
Anything else that's tasteful and cute is wholeheartedly A-ok with me as well.

Skeleton reference: i.imgur.com/NO1Qy6G.jpg

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Requesting Syuko like imgur.com/a/Jk5Fg

Just posing cutely in her bikini is fine too

Or dancing alongside Tessou in Morgianas dancer outfit imgur.com/a/yMK2G

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Happy Sunday everyone!
I'd like to request Johan dressed like a prince, crown and all! If you want a reference, you can use the prince of the Obluda story: imgur.com/a/hK7rE
If you're up for it, I'd love anything with SI! Here's the reference: imgur.com/a/SoJ6r
Anything else is greatly appreciated, too. Please and thank you! By the way, I forgot to mention in my other posts: Today is our 6 year anniversary! So anything related to that would be very very sweet.

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I'm liking it

Requesting Doctor Mao.

Attached: Asakura Mao - Doc.jpg (2196x1452, 828K)

Requesting Pyrrha Alexandra please

being cute and cool and clutzy about it

preferably the first style on the left

Attached: reference4t3 (2)2.jpg (2098x1670, 626K)

Requesting Sawyer being smug, like this:

Or draw something else nice/pretty/cute/hot.
I'm fine with lewder things, just ask me if you have an idea but you're uncertain. I also really like chibis and stylizations of the likes of Panty & Stocking or Nichijou.

References: i.imgur.com/e0lSeeB.jpg

Have a good weekend!

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Here from the other thre/a/d

An interesting combination

Attached: biteme.jpg (714x505, 250K)

Requesting Carol Olston dressed as a magic fencer like anastasia in this reference gbf.wiki/images/a/ac/Anastasia_A.png

Attached: carol ref2.png (1665x1097, 1.76M)

Excellent, a very big thanks to you kind user. Nice to see you drawing again If you are who I think you are but if not good to see you drawing in general anyway.

Requesting Stocking.
Clothes refs: imgur.com/a/i4NGp/layout/grid
I'd like to see her in her bunny suit (i.imgur.com/GAzUcM0.jpg), stealing Easter candy from either the Easter Bunny himself or the children he's delivered it to.

Attached: Anarchy Stocking ref (resized).png (1500x1500, 3.48M)

Apologies for the late reply, drawfriend! You did an amazing job on this!

She looks super cute here with her pose and expression, and I really like the outfit choice you went with as well. As much as I'm a fan of her standard PE uniform, I might like your interpretation even more! Exposed midriff is always a plus in my book!

Thank you so very much for drawing her, have a good upcoming week!

Attached: 1522017409508.png (1052x2292, 308K)

Requesting a racer husbando imgur.com/a/mvm6k Or if you're up to draw SI stuff, him giving user a piggyback ride. For inspiration: imgur.com/a/ZOFyR Thank you so much!

Attached: image.jpg (2140x2104, 1.15M)

Requesting Chaton dressed in professional business attire.

Attached: chaton ref.jpg (1605x1440, 555K)

Requesting Aqua doing something cute or silly. Anything would be great, but for this week I'd really love to see her getting patted on the head and looking happy. I forgot to say it earlier, but I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Attached: aqua-collage.png (2145x1226, 2.61M)

Hello again, WWD. I hope your weekend has been enjoyable.

I would like to request my cute bird, Shoebill, with the alternate hairstyles in the chart on the right of my reference.

Thank you in advance, if you decide to draw her.

Attached: my cute bird.jpg (2301x980, 618K)

Requesting Hibiki playing a piano.

Attached: hibiki.jpg (3750x4000, 2.82M)

Requesting Youko gagged with duct tape in this outfit please, she doesn't have to be tied up or have her fan otherwise.

Attached: all black.png (648x1565, 1.03M)

Another if you are still here

Attached: sinonjpoluniform2.png (1010x1717, 444K)

Requesting my dearest Solle, please and thank you!

If stuck for ideas:
Sexy bunny costume with fishnets and heels for Easter.
Exiting out of a pool pushing the hair out of his face.
Outdoor activities, ie; camping , fishing, gardening.
Anything is fine really especially anything cute or even lewd.

Attached: 84926C5B-BFCD-436B-97DA-15B96AC7351E.jpg (1102x1226, 518K)

7. maybe 1 more

this is cute.

Attached: hanakoi.png (1136x1485, 484K)


Attached: Akihisa_yoshiiref3.jpg (3350x2300, 920K)

Aikatsu Stars ends next week, so I'd like to request Kobeni wearing the S4 uniform and doing a peace sign towards the viewer while grinning.
>S4 Uniform: i.imgur.com/WMM76XL.jpg

Attached: Kobeni Yonomori - ReferenceTemp.jpg (2793x1748, 3.21M)

Good stuff ch2o, that right there is a cute cop.

Requesting my lovely swordsman, Crona. A couple of ideas, if you want something specific to work with -

Arms outstretched, offering or asking for a hug.
Combing his hair, brushing his teeth, or doing other similarly mundane, homely stuff.
Any or (if you're feeling extra ambitious!) all of these - i.imgur.com/Wue7YNZ.png

Anything else cute or cool and generally tasteful, even a bit lewd would be appreciated as well. Thanks and have a nice weekend.

Attached: final.jpg (3072x1288, 823K)

Hello WWD, Requesting my beloved Ivis.

-Last weekend I celebrated my beloved birthday by drawing her a birthday gift and making her dinner. So, I would like to request her enjoying the parfait I made for her dessert.
Reference: imgur.com/a/0cloX
-Alternatively, Yuru Camp just ended and would love to see Ivis all cute and comfy like the following: i.imgur.com/8EM5004.jpg

Though anything cute of her is always welcomed too.
Thanks to whoever does this request and hope everyone has a nice weekend!
Other outfits and SI reference: imgur.com/a/4FpVO

Attached: IvisReference12242015.jpg (3700x3000, 3.16M)

Howdy, WWD!

This past week was Mints and my Anniversary! Requesting her pulling SI in for a surprise kiss! (SI ref: imgur.com/X9rY60m)

Anything else nonlewd is cool too! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Attached: Mint Reference.jpg (1942x1456, 908K)

Amazing work as always, bicho.
I really hope one day you can draw mine, I love you're artstyle.

Say who she is and it will happen.

Well, is a he but looks like a girl
He is Chihiro, I already got something tiny but I didn't want to sound greedy

Attached: hibiki.png (1495x844, 979K)

Requesting Mazaki Anzu, from Yu-Gi-Oh!
Previous ref: i.imgur.com/EO659CO.png


- distraught over a decision with a shoulder angel and devil version making their cases.
- performing a Latin dance. Ref: imgur.com/a/q9C3x
- on a dance platform wearing a bodycon outfit while imitating early 1990s Juliana's dancers. Refs: imgur.com/a/ujJxR
- playing basketball in her school uniform. i.imgur.com/aUPn4Dl.png

Any other works are very much appreciated.
Feel free to take creative liberties with my requests.

Attached: Mazaki_AnzuDsoD.jpg (1920x2895, 1010K)

God damn.

Can anyone ask you directly? or would you rather prefer not?

Sing us a song pianoman.

Requesting my precious waifu Hajime Owari doing the same pose as Gisele Bundchen in the right pic.

Hajime is wearing her own outfit, but her shirt is unbuttoned, she's not wearing a bra, and her skirt is low rise on her.

Attached: Hajime Glamor.jpg (1252x450, 156K)

Thank you very much! I'm really grateful you were able to draw her I really like how her tongue is out it's like she just got finished asking "how's this look does it fit me well?" I really like your art style

Attached: IMG_20170604_125610_175.jpg (1024x550, 91K)


Oh, I'm sorry, I actually quoted the wrong post.

Moon man, Moon man, can't you see.

Requesting Gazer wearing a robe and several wizard hats on her eyestalks
Alternatively, I'm always a fan of cute pictures featuring her butt or her fluffy tail.

Further Reference: i.imgur.com/RhE2SM5.jpg

Joint ideas: tailbrushing with Hinagiku, hairbrushing with Natsuki.

Attached: new_ref.jpg (2872x1353, 705K)

I'd like to say, but I'd feel rude to go before the user who asked first.


Requesting my love Yuu finding a powerful grimoire of fire beckoning her to the call of the everlasting and all-consuming flame, or Yuu happily arranging some flowers.

Anything else cute and/or cozy is also warmly welcome!

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I hopped back into the thread to double check and I sure am glad I did! This is wonderful user! It's always good to get two cakes a weekend, let alone two incredible ones at that! I absolutely love your shading and her expression makes me melt. I cannot even put into words how satisfied I am with this! Thank you so much!

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Nice work Kusugu!